Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am better now.In large part,thanks to all of you ....

"As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily. The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world."~Terri Guillemets

Alrighty then.Seems that the moment I hit publish,I felt better.Just purging it,made a difference.And then I came to all of your amazing comments and emails and FB messages.Wow.Blown away.Humbled me once more and that gratefulness for this community I belong to and the beauty of blogging,was undeniable.And then I headed to church the next day.The homily after the gospel spoke of the shield we wear.How easy it is to walk this world and when asked how we are,we have the pat, go to answers and usually,it goes something like this:"I am fine.All is good."And usually it is.Except on those days when it isn't.And on those days, when we choose to let down our shield,God does His best work.My heart felt that first hand over the last few days and I thank all of you,who love me,for that.

New day indeed.Zoey greets me daily with her radiant smile and allows me the opportunity to embrace the day for what it is.Good or bad.To cherish my moments with her and live what I preach,which is,this child of mine will be my guide.Always.And to never,ever doubt that.

The week ahead holds family time.My sweet grandbaby Charlotte and her mommy and daddy will be here.We have decided to break away from the traditional Thanksgiving feast around here this year.It is no secret that I dislike the usual foods of choice for the day.I make them.Just don't eat them.So we are busting out a unique meal plan:Mark's famous chicken wings,sweet potato fries,homemade coleslaw and mac and cheese and a plethora of desserts.To say we are excited about it, is an understatement.Now I don't eat the wings,I am one step away from being a vegetarian but the rest of it,oh boy,my plate will be full.

Also breaking tradition,I will be heading out on Black Friday.Crazy I know.Never,in all my years of matrimony and mommyhood have I done it but I have decided to brave it and how it goes will determine if there will be a repeat performance next year.

Christmas cards are done and mostly addressed.This year,our card was a bit more of a challenge with Taylor being in Europe.So I opted on a collage through Shutterfly.Which again was tricky,finding one with enough slots to drop my photos into.Not easy with a family our size and my options on message and color were limited as well.But with Jessica's help,we got it done.Some years I have absolutely loved the end result.Other's not so much and this year,I am right down the middle.Caitlin helped me with a little paragraph diddy I will attach to the back of the cardstock picture and that,that I think turned out great.My girls are always willing to jump in and help their old mom.Especially with computer stuff.Not my forte.So thanks girls.

My obsession with Etsy has allowed me a huge jump on holiday shopping.Jessica will be with Matt and his family in Chicago this year for Christmas,so that has been a catalyst to get moving,seeing I have to ship her gifts there.Well, all except her Santa gifts cuz Santa will do that.In this house, his magical spirit has stayed more than alive,when age has dictated otherwise.I think we have manged to find that perfect balance between the true meaning of the season and Mr.Kringle.If you are looking for a great holiday book about Santa,especially when your kids are asking questions like,"How exactly does Santa get to all those houses in one night?"This is the book for you.We love it.

Also on the agenda,if all of our schedules allow,we are hoping,we will be having a get together with the Rugg family,Ella and her family and,drum roll,baby Claire and her family.We are going to try and get a hold of Sweet Pea's family and Reid and his and see if we just can't bring all that cuteness together into one place.How great would that be?We'll keep you posted ..


Rochelle said...

So glad you are feeling better about life & Miss Z. Love the Thanksgiving tradition, whatever works is awesome!
I am so jealous that you get to meet up with all our bloggy buddies, so much cuteness! Take tons of pics!

Scrappy quilter said...

So good to read you're doing better. Yup I wish I could meet up with some of my blogging friends too...especially you and my little hero. Hugs

Becca said...

I'm SO glad you're feeling better!! Blogging is so cathartic. :-) Have fun on Black Friday! I'll be out on Thanksgiving night, braving the chaos...

Kristin said...

We did Mexican food for Thanksgiving one year - awesome :)

Melissa M said...

mmmm, sweet potato fries!! Just don't tell Darren you are vegetarian. Since we raise beef cattle he's a little suspicious of people that don't eat meat. :)

I am so excited for this weekend and can't wait to meet you and Zoey!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad that things are easing up a bit for you -- at least for right now! I know all those feelings all too well, and I, too, am eternally grateful for my blogger people. YOU are, in turn, a beautiful source of support and inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Heather - Glad to hear you are on the upbeat side of life again. Just a little bump on the road of life....

Yikes!!! - I hope you are not one of the people starting out at 4am on Black Friday. Yes, totally "out of the ordinary" for you. Enjoy your shopping (whatever time you venture out) Is this going to be a girls' (Jess & Caitlin) day out or just the mom?
Mark's cousins (Eliz, Meg & his aunt Lois) do the shopping thing. They are usually going through the ads after Thanksgiving meal. I just look at them and say - Never in a million years! (Must be because I had a part time job in retailing for many years and boy oh boy the stores I could tell) People are amazing - just put up a sign saying sale and watch the show!

Enjoy those wings! Mark next trip
out please make some for me. Yum!!

Take care

stephanie said...

No thanks to me!!! sorry my friend , read your post and started to email you many times. Just never got it done.Please be a believer that it's the thought that counts!!

i am floored by your organizational skills! cards already to go! You kill me!

and your Thanksgiving meal is long overdue! Glad you get to enjoy the bounty this year!

Good luck on black Friday, I'll be all snuggled and warm in bed.... and giftless too, LOL

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I am glad you are feeling better. :) I know that Emily doesn't have the same enhanced chromosomes as all the cuties you mentioned, but we are going to crash the DS picnic on Saturday!! :)

The VW's said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling brighter.....purging all those feelings always helps me too!

Hope your family has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love and Hugs!!!

blogzilly said...

I've been wondering how to respond to you ever since you posted what you did. Hadn't come up with anything worth anything really.

You said a lot of things I've felt and thought, but I figure you know that already. Our circumstances are different. Our circumstances are the same. Your Faith is something that I certainly do envy, always have.

This may seem weird, but I was almost...relieved to read your post. It was so human. So raw. It was kind of...nice? to see that side of how you feel, does that make any sense at all?

Not that I wouldn't give a lot to wish it all away, mind you, but like I said, finding the right words to respond have been tough. I've been trying so hard to stay focused on positive stuff this week even though I have been FEELING so negative it has me in the weirdest mindset I have ever been in. Not sure WHAT I'm feeling! :)

If I were a machine, I'd probably be short-circuiting right about now.

Googsmom said...

Mmmmmmm. Your menu sound deeee~lish. I think i'll just come over LOL :)