Zoey's Remarkable Story

Zoey's entrance into this world on Friday March 2nd,2007, marked the commencement of a miraculous journey- a journey of challenges and obstacles, a journey of beauty, grace, and hope. She made her entrance with an extra 21st chromosome, and so began our family's walk with Down syndrome. One extra chromosome, a multitude of blessings, trials, and lessons. Her frail body arrived with AV Canal Complete and Transient Myeloproliferative Disorder, a transient form of leukemia, necessitating a lengthy stay in Children's Hospital Los Angeles. It was also determined that Zoey had suffered an in-utero stroke.Which today leaves her with an added diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. Despite these initial trials, Zoey flaunted her feisty spirit and persisted on to complete a successful heart repair surgery. In February 2008, Zoey was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, a catastrophic seizure disorder emanating from her stroke site. After various failed therapies and treatments, Zoey's seizures finally were brought, unexpectedly, under control with Topamax, a drug that gave Zoey the upper hand on epilepsy.She is also blessed and lucky to be a candidate for a hemispherectomy if her seizures were ever to return.Strange to call that lucky but it many ways,it is. In October 2008, Zoey was diagnosed with AML M7, Acute Myelogenous Leukemia, and, in true Zoey fashion,she remains in remission after six rounds of chemotherapy. Due to seizure medications and chemotherapy, Zoey remains totally dependent on her trusty g-tube but we know, as always has been the case, in her time, slow and steady, she may one day decide to see what all the fuss about food is. Zoey biggest battle these days, is finding her way through the wreckage left by the stroke. But with the help of her trusty signature wheelchair, we weave our way through this world together. To limit Zoey's existence and achievements to a medical timeline or the confines of a genetic condition would be the ultimate disservice to our little fighter girl and our God. Zoey is a testament of God's faithfulness and timing. Zoey is a beacon of light in a shadowy world of hardship. She is an illustration of perfection in her innocence and resiliency. She is a representation of all that is good. She is a daughter and a sister who has been the guide for her family and their faith on a walk into the unknown. She serves as the captain of a ship on uncertain seas. She is an expert teacher on living each day and each moment in the present. Though her strides thus far have already been numerous, she undoubtedly has much more to share with this world.