About Us

We are just your average,everyday family trying to find our way through this beautiful and yes sometimes unfair, thing called life.

I am Heather, the very proud mom of six amazing children who make me a better person every,single solitary day.I am blessed and lucky to be doing all I ever aspired to do and that is being a mom.

Mark is my  husband of 24 years who works outrageous hours for us all and is the glue who binds us together.He is over worked and absolutely under appreciated and I venture to guess,he has no idea how much we love and appreciate all the sacrifices he makes for the sake of all of us.

Jessica is our oldest.She 25 and is a graduate of Pepperdine University and began nursing school in January 2010. And will be graduating December 17th 2012 and is hooing to land a job in the NICU at Childrens Los Angeles. How cool would that be? Zoey's beginning of life home for 3 years. She is a typical first born:responsible,independent,loyal and is an incredible role model to her 5 younger siblings.She is beautiful inside and out and spreads joy with that radiant smile of hers,wherever she goes. Jessica is also newly engaged to her boyfriend of 6 years, Matt, and they will be getting married July 12, 2013.

Caitlin, is our beautiful 23 year old.She is married to Danny, AKA"dreamboat",and is momma to precious little Charlotte who is a darling little 2 year old who I adore and live to hear her call for her "Mimi". That's me.Together they are building an amazing little family,center around each other and God.Currently they have lived with us as Danny finished up his masters degree in engineering at USC. He graduated May 13th and they live super close so I can get my fill of Charlie and soon. February 2013 another baby girl will be making her appearance. Super excited for them and for me!

Rounding out what we call the "first set",is Taylor who is 21. She is a senior at Pepperdine University in Malibu.A really shabby little school that over looks the Pacific Ocean.We like to tell her how bad we feel for her that she has to "suffer" through her college years living and literally breathing in,the beauty of God's creation.Taylor is blossoming before our eyes as we watch her work towards her ultimate goal of becoming a Special Education teacher.

On to our "second set": Yes,we were crazy and started all over in our golden years.Okay,not exactly golden years but shall we say in our more mature years!Jake is 11 and Joe is 9 and together they keep this house full of life and laughter with their daily antics.I look at them and I could never in a million years imagine what life would have been like if we had stopped at three.Look at these 2 amazing souls we would have missed out on.

Rounding out the crew..... our little warrior girl, Zoey Grace. Zoey was born March 2, 2007 and arrived packaged slightly different than the others... God saw fit to bless her with an extra 21 chromosome, otherwise known as Down syndrome.We often say that she is what we were waiting for all of our lives.She has taught us more about life in her 4 years then we could have ever,ever imagined.In that courageous body of hers, she embodies all that is good and pure and innocent.Zoey defines,courage,forgiveness and perseverance and allows us to live life in ways we never would have experienced if not for her presence in our lives.She is our greatest gift.Hands down. Zoey might have arrived with a multitude of medical issues which has proven to test, mostly her, to limits we never could have imagined but through the sorrow of her fragile beginnings we have been bestowed countless,unimaginable joys.
Join us as we try to navigate this journey. Battling on some days to make sense of the senseless, all the while trying to stay true to our faith and steadfast and strong as a family.