Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Did I fool You?

You probably are guessing that the sleep cocktail prescribed by Zoey's doctor was the magic she needed to get that much elusive sleep? Well, you would be guessing....... WRONG!! In fact I could say for certain that I could have logged on and updated this page no less than every 45 minutes last night starting at 9 pm and continuing right up until now, 8:20 am! I have no idea why it had absolutely no effect last night but worked yesterday morning. With Zoey, it is anyone's guess. Two points I must reiterate.First, thank goodness I am high energy and require little sleep to be productive and second, thank goodness I pumped for the 5 months prior to Zoey's surgery AND that she began nursing after surgery because this kid would be one hungry, frustrated little one throughout the night. I think Mark quite likes it, as it renders him helpless, as he lacks the "equipment" to pacify her ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT. No , that is actually unfair to him because he is always willing to take her and try to soothe her. I am thankful for that but I tell him it just is easier for me and easier on her if I just feed her a bit. Good thing I absolutely adore this child and feel blessed to get our little bonding time together. Don't get me wrong , I still would love a few hours of consecutive sleep. Even two would suffice. Well it is not forever. This too shall pass. And I often remind myself of some of the difficult moments in my lifetime and when you are living in those moments you feel as if you will never forget them or the feelings they have evoked, but somehow as time passes, the intensity of those moments dwindle and soon they become a distant memory and are replaced by other, new life changing moments. This moment will just get filed under, difficult, doable  and done. Hopefully sooner then later. 

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Anonymous said...

Heather, my name is Brad and I am Lindsay Kuchenreuther's dad. She shared with us about Zoey and wanted you to know that we are praying for her, you and your family. Thank you for sharing through this site. The Lord does indeed have a special plan for each of us although it is hard to see and understand at times. Your love and commitment to Zoey will bless her and you! Our best to you and all God's blessings!