Thursday, April 10, 2008

Invisible Women

Tonight my dear friend Tanya stopped by with an amazing story and book about beautiful Cathedrals. You'll get the connection later. Read on. Her timing was impeccable as I spend some days wondering what the heck I am doing and accomplishing here on the home front.  Not accomplishments such as did the laundry get done or did the house get cleaned stuff.  I mean the bigger stuff.  The" Have I been a good enough mom?" " Is what I have done here really making a difference?", "does anyone even really care?" stuff.  Proud on one hand that I have been blessed to be able to always have been home with my children and be a mom, the only thing I have truly ever aspired to do.  The other hand however is, that I also spend days wondering how much money to put in these children's future "therapy" jars, for I have surely screwed theses kids up with some words or misdeed of the day. Some days are dollar days, others require a twenty spot! I had never read this story before.  Today was the perfect day. It meant the world to me so I pass it on to all you mom's out there.  Dedicate it to you, for so many of you inspire me on a daily basis.  Thank you Tanya, I love you. 
Click on the Invisible Woman link to read the story.  

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