Friday, April 18, 2008

My Friday felt like a Monday

I should have had an inkling the way the day was going to go by the way it started. Fridays across the board for me are never great. They are a culmination of a usually very long week. Most of those close to us know Mark works crazy long days. He drive 100 miles a day, to and from work and that's LA traffic miles. Meaning, it is going to take you longer to get to where your getting to then say,  if you live and worked in rural upstate New York. (random place to choose say some, but that's where we are from originally!) A normal day sees Mark home between 8 or 8:30 pm. So Friday's are one step closer to the weekend to have Mark around as company for me and a respite for the kids from a, how shall I say it,um, a crazy, stressed out Mom! So Friday begins with our 16 year old heading out the door for school and back in as quick as she left. Her announcement, " Dad, either someone stole my car or it's been towed." Oh,my gosh I am thinking, it best be stolen because $200+ dollars is not going to be found on that barren money tree out back. However, as luck would have it,or not, it was in fact sitting in a tow yard 10 miles away. Then came the logistics of getting her to school and getting the car and just taking care of the regular crazy stuff our mornings bring. Of course the tow company didn't open till 11am.  And why should they? Poor guys have been up all night perusing the streets looking for unsuspecting vehicles. Please take note of intended sarcasm. On to attending to Miss Fussy. Zoey had been up numerous times last night. Poor thing, poor mommy. Today was glucose check day that I do at home and as Friday luck would have it yep, you guessed it, positive for sugar. On the phone to the neuro and the pediatrician to figure out what's next. Thank goodness they are both highly accessible. Up to drs. at 10:30 with a continued Miss Fussy. A glucose prick later and we find out her numbers are alright for now but will require closer monitoring. A quick check over and we are sent packing . Home to the usual mommy stuff. Which really I never mind. I am probably one of the few people around who really doesn't mind laundry. Cleaning either but as of late what I wouldn't give for a magic fairy who did it all for me. Anyone know of one?  After constant nursing of Miss Fussy, every hour sometimes, after attending to the necessary household stuff, after lunches, school pick ups and a park outing squeezed in there, it was back up to the Drs. for another Needham clan member. Today our Pediatrician actually said he was thinking of adding a wing just for the Needham's. I would have laughed had it not been 6:30 and the day was far from over. The boys were home with Caitlin and I called to have her stick them in the shower. This is what I walked in the door to...." Mom, Joe just peed in the laundry basket" screamed Jake. Are you kidding me? Joey is, well Joey. Often hard to describe. but today  I saw a description on a friends blog of her son and today it fits Joe to a tee. Joey is..... full of piss and vinegar. Literally. Today, very , very appropriate. Not very nice but very appropriate. Bath, bed and books and the littlest set was in bed. Older ones are busy doing their own thing. One home, two not and Mark home at his regular time, 8:30. To finish the kid portion of the evening I had to" stick" my poor little Miss Fussy when she was sound asleep. Broke my heart but had to be done. She only slept 1 hour today and fell asleep before I had anyone to help me give her her injection. Felt like a perfect end to the way the day happened to begin . Could have been way worse of course. But needless to say I am glad the weekend is here even if they are fleeting. Monday will be here before I know it!

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Pam said...

We are with you on Friday's being bad days!!

I know I shouldn't be laughing and Joey peeing in the laundry basket, but it is so much like my life I just had to.....sorry ;)

I hope Zoey is feeling better. It's so hard when they are fussy.

THANK YOU soooo much for the books and the picture!! I LOVE that picture of her. Rhett has been reading them all morning, and I can't pull him away from the googly eye one!!

Zoey is now proudly displayed on our fridge so that we can remember every day how blessed we are to have such wonderful friends. I also can't help but smile everytime I see that beautiful face.


Pam and Rhett