Sunday, April 20, 2008

Please, for me.

I seldom post twice a day but I felt compelled to add a link to my 'learn and be inspired' section. So those of you who are visiting please check it out to the right. It is a speech given last year by an incredible high school honors student from Illinois by the name of Soeren Palumbo. It is a speech that needs to be heard and shared. A speech that needs to be really read and digested. And then maybe reread again. It is a speech which can make a difference. I have a new favorite quote that I have been known to slightly over use lately. It's origin, Gandhi. It goes like this, "be the change you wish to see in the world" This is just my little part. Now, I also want to say that the "R" word that the speech is about, is not, and has never been allowed in my house. EVEN before Zoey. So please, for me, take the time and read it. Talk to your children about it. Even your friends. Most of the time people mean no harm by it. It has become habit and flows from tongues easily without thought to the way it can be received. Society has even stepped away from using "retardation" when referring to it in clinical terms." Developmental delayed" has become a more accepted phrase. As for my family, we seldom if ever, hesitate on commenting when we hear someone use it. It's  not easy, trust me. But it does become easier. We don't mean to embarrass, we just are trying to bring awareness. Could you please do the same?


Reagan Leigh said...

That made me cry! (Although, I admit it doesn't take much these days.) Thanks for posting it!

Melissa said...

Thank you for linking to my site, the words by that high school student are so powerful and need to be heard by everyone, everywhere. Your daughter is beautiful.