Monday, April 28, 2008

Quick update,more to follow tomorrow

First, a little business of sorts. Please check out the new link I posted under Learn More and Be Inspired. Tera, mommy to Zoey's friend Reagan, posted a great opportunity for all of us to make a difference . They are gorgeous bracelets, that when purchased, kick back a portion directly to the Epilepsy Foundation. Please take a moment to visit my link to the right and consider doing your part. Mother's Day is right around the corner and they are not only beautiful but become a tangible reminder of what people of all ages , fight daily to live with and overcome. Even babies,like Reagan and Zoey and countless others like them who live with this potentially catastrophic disorder. I thank you, Tera thanks you and Zoey, Reagan and all their friends thank you too! Now, a little update. Not a whole lot of change for Zoey the last few days. Feel free to reference photo number one from below if a visual reminder is needed. As well as today's picture which to me and all who know Zoey, just screams"Mom, I am so very tired of this" She is absolutely exhausted. Her eyes say it all. Her and I are off to Children's at 0 dark 30 for a sedated Echo cardiogram. In light of her results last week her cardiologist decided to ere on the side of caution and take another peek at her septum. Hopefully there will be no further thickening as that would open a whole other can of worms that I would prefer not to have to digest. We are coming down to the wire here and we have been so pleased to not have seen Zoey experience any of the more serious side effects of this potent drug. Let's not start now.  Pray, pray , pray for her. As for us, we continue to march forward like the good soldiers we are. Led by the bravest of all ...... a wee little leader with the strength of a giant!


rae said...

fingers crossed the cardio finds no extra thickening. Sam's heart thickened causing an obstruction after 3 weeks on ACTH and he had to go back on a cocktail of heart meds.... so very upsetting since he had just had open heart surgery and his little ticker was finally working right. Anyway, just like all the other symptoms the thickness in his heart subsided soon after stopping with the ACTH... so even if you get some not so great news just know that it will reverse along with all the other symptoms. Big hugs to you all. rae

Kelly said...

i swear, your sweet Zoey has got to be the best dressed baby I have seen in a long time. Even when she looks like she is feeling terrible, she is sporting an ultra-hip outfit. Praying for good news for you all.