Friday, April 25, 2008

The simple things

Zoey has a new trick and we think it's pretty cute! We spend alot of time marveling in her accomplishments. The little strides she makes on the developmental front, be it small to others, are absolutely huge to us. Nothing short of magical. Within the past week Zoey will start to reach for a person that she wants to go to. She reaches her little arm and stretches her little body and let's you know, in her own way, that she wants to come to you or touch you. It is so precious and brings immediate joy to our hearts. It is another way we know ,that Zoey knows, we love her and she us. So last night Zoey woke up after a evening catnap of 15 minutes. Which we will take the 15 as it is more in totality then the previous ENTIRE day. Anyway, she awoke, bleary eyed of course but once she caught a glimpse of Mark, her face lit up and she reached towards him. It really, truly, not to sound sappy, brings you to tears.We managed to capture a moment between a Daddy who adores his little girl and a little girl who absolutely adores her Daddy. It took Mark 21 years and a long hard road to get it but I think he has finally got his "Daddy's Girl". And I couldn't be happier for him!


Kelly said...

absolutely ADORABLE!!!

Pam said...

That is the cutest picture I have ever seen. Isn't it great when they reach that milestone inparticular?

That was one of my favorites.

Zoey is such a sweet pea. Her face just brightens my day.


jotcr2 said...

She is very precious. As bad as our girl got when she was on all the IS meds, we occassionally still felt that she was trying to be happy. Looks like Zoey is too - and even without enough sleep.

Tanya said...

That picture is so precious. I love that Zoey is reaching out for the ones she loves! It's those little things that will help you get through this difficult time.


Mary said...

I can remember when Leah reached for us for the first time. Feel free to cry. I did. I still do.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

She is soooo beautiful!!
You've been tagged here. Enjoy!