Saturday, June 14, 2008

Marks Father's Day plaque

To all the Dad's out there ..... May your day be filled with love and laughter and may you be surrounded by God's grace as you gaze at your children and the miracle of all you have created. To my Dad, mere words could never express to him how very blessed and lucky I am to be his daughter.He continues to inspire me each and every day. To my husband, thank you for the gift of my beautiful children. I know it is a few more then you bargained for, but look at their faces, are they not all amazing! To all the Dad's out there who find themselves today, with a heavy heart because they have had to helplessly stand by as their children have had to struggle through this life to find their way. May the Lord be your strength today and for the reminder of your journey with them. And finally,to all of you who find yourselves without your Dad today, may God send you His peace.


Mark said...

Thanks honey. I'm the lucky one to have you. Thanks for being my partner and putting up with me. I'm proud of our family and owe so much of how great our kids are to you. I'm blessed to have you, and have the opportunity today to cherish our children and celebrate all of their wonder. I Love You.


Ivey's Story said...

Nice to meet miss Zoey! We could have met up out in Vegas. I don't do much betting, but love the spa and food out there! And Starbucks is one of my favorite alone places. I have skimmed over Zoey's blog, great just great. Our little girls have a few things in common.