Friday, June 20, 2008


A very uneventful day,which was heavenly! As an added bonus to the day,Mark surprised me and took the entire day off. Virtually unheard of around here. I think he's trying to score a few points seeing he has already laid the ground work for July to be an insane month of projects. Translation...... Mark will be M.I.A. for July. I seriously have fore warned my girls that although their Dad is an awesome father and husband,please no matter what, do not marry anyone in the entertainment business, it's a tough go of it. Seriously.Probably the heads up was unnecessary as Caitlin once uttered from the back seat of the car, at the tender age of 9 or so ... "Remember when we didn't know who our Dad was?" Just about broke Mark's heart. The cold hard reality of life in Hollywood. Anyway, the day was relaxing. A few small errands here and there. We hated to venture far as the temperature was around 100 in most areas. Caitlin left work around 5pm and her car temperature gage read 112! Brutal. I managed to escape for a quick pedicure for an hour or so. Very relaxing. We barbecued and then Mark and his boys headed to movie night in the park. It is a really fun event the Park and Rec. sponsors all summer long on Friday nights. Tons of people with blankets and chairs and popcorn and candy. Kids in P.J.'s. Just an all around great time. Last week I took them. This week was Mark's turn. Next week we all go. As per Jake's scheduling! Caitlin is with her boyfriend . Taylor is at work. Jess, well, spoke to her a bit ago and she was at Barnes and Noble.I love that even though she doesn't live here, she has total freedom and she still calls everyday. How lucky am I? So that leaves Zoey and I. She went down around 8 or so. So in reality that actually means .... just me. All alone. Solitude. What ever will I do with myself? Blog a little. Bath perhaps. People magazine definitely.Maybe even a glass of wine. Just some regular stuff. I love regular. Regular is definitely underrated. I crave regular in my life now a days. Tomorrow, more of the same. Regular family stuff. A birthday party here. Grocery shopping there. Throw in some extra errands.Mundane and well, down right regular. Little Miss Zoey continues to rock steady. No seizures in, oh I don't even know, quite awhile though. Gotta love that Topamax. Eating, well we press on. I am trying a few things. I'll let you know how they are working once I give them a fighting chance. Till then I continue to keep her orally stimulated and g- tube feed the rest as needed. She was slightly cranky today. Still working on those teeth I suppose. I say cranky but actually she is so darn laid back if she so much as utters anything other then a coo along with a smile , I call that "a little cranky". She has always and remains to be, the easiest child. Minus the heart thing, blood thing, stroke thing ,seizure thing. Other then those small items, easy as pie! I leave you with the Princess just kicking back with big sister Taylor. Too cute for words.


Reagan Leigh said...

I'm glad to hear that you are finally having a chance to get back to the "normal" life. Hopefully we'll get there too! The vigabatrin came in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for sending it! I hope we don't have to use it, but it's nice to know that we already have it handy just in case. You have been such a great support through all of this, your friendship has been invaluable!! I really can't thank you enough!! So I'll just keep up my prayers for miss Zoey and a nice relaxing summer for you all!
Take care,

Mary said...

I'm so glad to hear Zoey has been seizure free since starting Topamax. That's great news.

Our town has Friday night entertainment during the summers. We've been talking about going since last summer but haven't made it yet.