Sunday, July 20, 2008

Zoey has a new trick!

Things around here have been fairly uneventful. Which is nice,in so many ways. Our day to day lives are packed full of busyness but it is so nice to have uneventful busyness opposed to eventful Zoey busyness, if you know what I mean. Zoey continues to do really well. Each day that she remains seizure free is another day we remind ourselves of how lucky we are, how lucky she is. Each day she remains seizure free is another day that allows her to progress forward. An opportunity to make up for lost time. Each day seems to hold at least one new little thing Zoey masters or tries to master. She is in a constant state of engaging in her surroundings and we are often thankful that our house is so full of activity because it leaves Zoey with never ending stimulation. There certainly won't be a lack of stimulation around here over the next week, for sure. My sister and her family are here visiting from Houston and our home will be over flowing with people coming and going. We are going to be on the go daily so it's a good thing Zoey is a super traveler because travel is the name of the game this week. Mark is even taking the majority of the week off. Should be packed full of fun stuff. Tonight was dinner here. Crazy does not even begin to describe the environment. But crazy in a great way. Memory making crazy. We head to Malibu in the morning for our Monday play date with Jessica and Liam. Only one more of those left and her job is over for the summer. Caitlin works all week so she won't be able to join in on much of the fun. Wish she could. Taylor can do some things during the day if we don't wander far but other than that, she is "In 'N Out" bound almost daily. That girl continues to work her little butt off! Zoey does have a few Dr.'s appointments thrown in this week. Wednesday is a cardiology appointment and we sure are praying to see some improvement, even the slightest bit, with her Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, enlarged muscles of her heart. Please pray for SOME improvement because I so don't want her to have to add another medication to her repertoire. She also has a neurology appointment on Friday. Funny, I use to become so edgy the week leading up to appointments like these but I have been graced by God's peace as of late where these kind of days are concerned and I know that no amount of worry will change the outcomes, so I file it as "Not helpful" and move on. Don't get me wrong, I don't think I will ever get use to the fact that we are regulars at Children's Hospital. Known and recognized by more people than I care to think about. Now, on to Zoey's new trick. Zoey can wave Hi ! She really waves hi! Like crazy in fact. She has been doing it for awhile but we have just been saying, is she, isn't she? But over the last few days it is so a "hi" wave. I have been taking Zoey to a mirror for forever now and when we are there I would say, see the baby, say hi to the baby and wave her arm for her. She would smile but not much else. Then all the sudden, oh my gosh, the child waves at the mirror, waves at her siblings, waved to people at church like mad! She was cracking us and everyone else up. Her little arm was practically going to fall off! We are trying to capture it on video and we will post it as soon as we are able. These are the moments that we savor and cherish and are able to pause, give thanks to God and count ourselves blessed and lucky once again.

*First picture is Zoey, absolutely wiped out after no nap but manged to sit for another photo op with my niece Sophie, my niece Shannon and my nephew Zach. Photo two: Zoey and her Uncle Luke prior to "I have had enough of photo's, please put me to bed, now."


Reagan Leigh said... amazing is that?!?!?! She is just too cute! First kisses, now waves!!! Just too adorable!! She never ceases to amaze me!! I hope you have a great week with your sister. So good to get out and do some fun stuff! I'll send extra prayers your way this week for Zoey's cardiology appt!!
Take care,

Kele said...

Oh Heather, your week sounds busy but you gotta get the wave on video. It sounds too cute!
I am sure your sister and her family are enjoying the break from the Houston HEAT. Some of us are still enduring it so don't rub it in our face too much... LOL!MALIBU!?!?!?! SO JEALOUS! It is freakin' 100 degrees here!
Have a great week and I will send prayers and positive thoughts for Zoey's doctor visits!

Kele said...

Okay, me again. I just keep checking, still no new posts, no video of the wave ;-)! What's up? You and your fam still running all over sunny California and forgetting about your blogging friends?!?! I miss you and Zo, come back as soon as you can!
Sincerely, your new stalker (LOL!) said...

Wow! wht precious children. What a beautiful little baby - so blessed to have her!!!

Mary said...

How sweet! I love watching Leah wave, over and over and over. I can't get enough of it!