Wednesday, August 6, 2008

"Oh,The Places You'll Go!"

We absolutely love books. I use to spend a great deal more time reading independently. Now a days, not so much.Independent doesn't even make it into my vocabulary. I don't seem to have time or rather I don't seem to make the time. My reading lately consists mainly of People Magazine. Mindless,quick ,"unthought" provoking,lose myself in senseless stuff, reading. People Magazine,another vise. Only thing better is, People Magazine along with a Starbuck's hot chocolate chaser. As for the kids and their reading that's another story.All kinds of children's books can be found around here. In fact,if I could, I would so open a children's book store. It's a dream I have. Just a few necessary missing components, the capital and the time! Any how. Our home is packed full of books. Always has been .Even when I had no business buying books because we had not two dimes to rub together,there I was, buying books for the kids.I guess it paid off in the end. My children could all read before they hit kindergarten.They are all fantastic writers. Joe might be an exception because of his speech Apraxia but it still made a difference in his receptive language and once he did begin talking, I know it helped tremendously with the expressive part. And,Joe, my little ADHD boy,well he is good as gold during book time. Today my children have such an appreciation for reading .Some more than others but the older girls will all tell you the same thing ,each separately, if you asked them unbeknownst to the other and that is, one of their fondest childhood memories revolves around reading. We have always had the same bedtime routine for all the kids. Dinner,showers or tubs and wind down time is books. The girls would all head for the shelves of books and I kid you not, an hour and a half or more ,curled up together in Mark's and my king size bed, piles of books and we would read and read and read.Even if we find ourselves out late somewhere,there is always a book or two before shut down. We have seldom ,if ever, missed reading. Even if the girls don't find themselves lost in books today,I know they would tell you, that they could not imagine not having this same routine one day when they have children of their own. We all love to go to book stores and just get lost for hours.My point. Because yes, I actually do have one. Well, first,little Miss Zoey's birthday, she shares it with the beloved Dr. Seuss. Yes, that magical author, illustrator who had an amazing way of weaving magical,unique characters and tales that appealed to the masses and more often then not, found a way to sneak in a life lesson or two. Jake thinks it's pretty cool Zoey shares this day with Dr. Seuss. Even one of our primary nurses from Children's gave Zoey a darling T-shirt that will fit her one day, of the all time favorite ,Cat In the Hat character.And Taylor,just yesterday, arrived home with this equally darling onesie for her little love.We have also been known to call Zoey Cindy Lu Who on occasion ,when she has her little hair on top of her head. Alright,on to my point. I do not read to Zoey the way I did the others. I began reading to the others when they were old enough to sit on my lap. It is not that I never read with her. She loves books . She can turn pages. She sits patiently on your lap.It is almost her favorite thing to do during therapy. We do read Good Night Moon and Time For Bed at night. But not faithfully like I did with the others. I really have to change that up.I have to make a concerted effort to make it just as big a part of her life as I have the other ones. I don't consciously not do it but I don't consciously do do it either. I need to give Zoey that same gift I brought to the others. Maybe especially more so for Zoey.Because as it says in one of our favorite Seuss books: .... "And will you succeed?Yes!You will,indeed!(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)KID YOU'LL MOVE MOUNTAINS!"Well, I guess that's all I've got tonight. Some might say it's plenty. As I finish up I want to thank everyone who called me or commented or emailed me after my post yesterday.Heavy I know. Sorry.It meant the world to me to hear from you. And for all who came and maybe just read, I thank you also. In the words of my friend Tera "man,you got to commit" when you come visit my site. I know my posts are long.They can be way to deep and sometimes downers. I know your time is precious and you have other blogs to fly by to. I hope that occasionally my posts lend something to someones,life. I hope my posts haven't become rambles of a crazy mom. If they have ,then it might be time to rethink this blog thing. Because as much as I say I write for myself or for Zoey , I would like to think it also gives a little to someone else out there occasionally,every once in awhile. So thank you everyone. Really and truly thank you.


csn said...

My Muffin is going to go SO many places.
I love the pictures, I cant wait to see her and everyone the day after tomorrow.
'Goodnight, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite, have sweet dreams all night long, i love you too, i love you.' (The Old Man Story)
Clayton Sarah

Reagan Leigh said...

Look at her grabbing that foot!! Very impressive! She's such a cutiepie in her seussical onesie! And by the way...I don't mind committing! It's worth it!! Have a great day!!

Kristy C. said...

Of course it fits perfectly for Dr.Suess to be connected with your amazing daughter Zoey. After our conversation earlier this week, I spent hours going back to the beginning of your blog until I finished at around 1:30am. I am still taking it all in. are absolutely amazing yourself. The bond between you and your family is something that most people could only hope for in their dreams. I am in awe of Zoey as she can truly inspire a person to grasp for more in life. I can't wait to see you and of course meet her too. Hugs to you and prayers too!

Kele said...

Oh sweet Heather, I know I speak for many when I say, you bring much to the table with your words of wisdom and insight. I look forward to your posts!! So don't 're think' this blog thing without an argument from me!!! LOL
I wish I could say I was better about reading with my children, I think your post is going to light a fire under me.
What wonderful memories indeed!

Anonymous said...


I'm so happy your spirits seem higher on this blog. and yes I know how much the girls and Jake have read over the years... Barnes and Noble here we come! (the Needhams)

Love from "bluebelle" (currently spending much time in Pittsburgh)