Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Do not be afraid of tomorrow;for God is already there" author unknown

This post is again a two parter.I started it at about 10pm last night and as I was just finishing up ...... power outage.Yep,plunged into darkness.Entire little community and I have yet to find out today, why.All I know is I am DEFINITELY NOT prepared if we have an earthquake.First off.Our earthquake kit ,or rather garbage can filled with various earthquake items is well,at our other house ,in that garage.Not much good to us here.We found a small flashlight and turned on small book lights for nite lights.Lame but effective.One up side is that it forced me to get to bed at a fairly decent time .Well,I digress.Read on for part one, followed by a quick,quick for me,wrap up of Friday's events.Thanksgiving Day,I mean Taylors Birthday was absolutely delicious.Alright,I guess I must come clean.I didn't exactly eat any of it.The truth is .... I don't like Thanksgiving dinner.So I guess you could say that this was a true labor of love.I could honestly just as soon eat my favorite taco's and be just as satisfied.I know I will most likely get flack for that borderline blasphemy of this particular holiday celebration but pick on me me next month,when I do it all over again.I don't think I can handle the harassment tonight.I am exhausted.Spent the entire day in the kitchen.Prep,cook,clean,up.Solo job.And throw in the care of the little darlings into the mix and well,like I said....exhausted.Taylor did have a great day and that made it all worth while.Besides being completely physically spent, I am emotionally cooked as well.Miss Zoey continues to keep us guessing.She ended up sleeping 14 1/2 hours last night.A record.Even during her days fending off the battle of heart failure vs pulmonary hypertension,she never slept that long.She woke this morning, smiled a bit for us but still was looking off to me.She ate her cereal fairly well and her fever seemed slightly lower though,which were pluses.The hem/onc doctor called first thing.Not our regular one but the one we spoke to last night.He conferred with another specialist and it was agreed we could wait until Monday and head into clinic.No tall red flags waving frantically just a few cautionary ones for now.She did wake up with a strange rash also and while I was preparing for the feast,a light bulb went off.Zoey had her immunizations last week.MMR and chicken pox.I called the pediatrician who is still covering for my regular one and inquired as to whether this could be an explanation.Could she be having a strong reaction to either one?We spend so much time looking for the out of the ordinary when it comes to Zoey,that we often fail to see the possible simple ones right in front of us.Hard to tell was the doctors response.Worth a consideration however.I have kept my eye on the rash.No worse,no better.Baffled is what I am and a bit worried as well.I put her down for a nap at 1pm today and she slept until 5:15pm.Her little body is really fending off something.Or hopefully healing.Her regular pediatrician is back tomorrow so I will be glad for that.I will pop in and see him if I need to or maybe it will be just for a reassurance drop by for me.Who knows.But one thing I do know is that with Zoey ... you never know.She woke up finally. Ate again fairly well.Missed a feed or two today so I may give her a g-tube boost before I collapse into bed myself.I have this little nagging feeling that I can't quite shake.Unsettling really.I found myself doing that deep sighing throughout the day.Not sure of it's origin but knowing for certain I absolutely don't like the feeling ...... Part two.Friday morning found me draped over the kitchen island,mumbling incoherently to Mark something about ,"I can't take it any longer,I am maxed out and in need of serious help."Something to that effect.You get the gist.Mark left and I picked myself up,or rather off, and carried on.Managed to shower,clean,do laundry and bake cookies,as if I hadn't stood in the kitchen long enough yesterday.But these were the peanut butter ones with the Hershey kisses in the middle.Just what the doctor ordered and my own version of self medicating.But you didn't come to hear about the whining of a stressed out mother of six.I am fairly certain you want to hear about the little princess.Zoey seemed to, thankfully, turn a corner this evening.She flashed us some trade mark Zoey smiles and giggled for her daddy as he dangled her upside down.One of her favorite things to do.Her eyes seem still off a bit.Tired mostly but I see her little personality creeping back.The plan is for her to have a blood draw next week and see if some of her counts are recovering.Her rash is pretty much gone so ..... who knows.What I know for certain is logic would say,if things were on the down slide her tiny body would continue in the same direction.I am fairly comfortable with the game plan and have restrained myself from allowing my mind to get to far ahead of the here and now.She is in bed now.I hear her rustling around a bit.Kind of restless.Hopefully she will find a comfy position and settle into another peaceful nights sleep.Mark and the boys are sitting here watching "Nim's Island",very cute movie.I am doing my blog thing.My idea of cheap therapy.Works for me.My tummy is full.Mark was a love and stopped by Snapper Jack's and I got me that taco I was craving.So once again we thank God for His unwavering strength as we passed through another moment of uncertainty.A huge thank you to ALL of you for your comments and prayers.Your emails and phone calls.We are humbled by the out pouring of love and support.It never goes unnoticed and is deeply appreciated.The pictures: The birthday girl and boyfriend and of course Miss Zoey.She is so funny lately.Nine times out of ten,the minute you go to take her picture,she sees the flash and picture number one is the look we capture.Funny girl ...... you make us laugh and we love you so!Number two.... right before bed tonight ..... tired but still .... there is that smile.


Kele said...

Good to talk to U tonight! Love seeing the pics of Z, really thinking of putting that first one on my blog, so stinkin' cute!
H, she is fine... I know it. Let her rest, keep givin' her the lovin' that fam of yours is famous for giving her and know,
P.S. Happy Birthday Taylor (a day late, sorry honey!)
P.S.S. Tell Mark, Pres and Z don't want a pony, WE want a flippin' vacation... beach, margarita's, room service, spa... Can't think of two mommies that deserve it more!!

Tara Marie said...

Miss Zoey is a princess and I'm so glad to read that she seems to be coming back to her personality plus self.

I have to read more below to find out about her blood issues, But I will keep your sweet girl in my positive thoughts and prayers.

I am curious what is in your earthquake garbage can. I think that is a great idea to put it in a can.....

I hope you don't mind, but I'd love to add your blog to my blog I can stop by and visit more often.

Peace and love, Tara Marie

Reagan Leigh said...

Wow that was a marathon of a post!! I'm so glad to hear that Zoey is feeling better. I know you were quite worried about her. I hope you are all able to sleep more soundly now.

Caitlin Sarah said...

Dear Zoey,
You look like a perfect little doll in the last picture. You are by far the prettiest little thing that I have ever seen. I miss you so incredibly much and I wish i could snuggle with you right now.
I miss you my little Muffin, but I will see you very soon.
Don't let Lola be mean to you either. Show her who's boss.
I'm sending you a present in the should get it in a few days. Me and Danny picked it out especially for you.

Love, kisses, squeezes, and more kisses,

Dawson said...

Glad to see her on the mend. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures of her. What an amazing girl!! both of you

Cheri said...

We'll keep praying. But, so glad things seem to be going in the right direction. What cute pictures! Zoey is a little ham bone!

Kele said...

what the heck?!? where's some posts?!?!

Sophie's Story by Elaine said...

Thinking about you and Zoey. Hoping and praying that all is okay.

By the way, I love the pics. Zoey is just too irresistibly cute.

Oh, and I am exhausted just by reading your post. No wonder you are in such great shape.