Sunday, November 2, 2008

The man I married ....

Today was day two at home for me.Another day to rejuvenate or at least try to, before I head back,probably tomorrow.Jess is still here.As well as Danny and Caitlin.They head home later tomorrow afternoon.Jess will head out in the morning.Jess is running another marathon,the LA one.Again with Team in Training and again for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.She is a mentor and a trainer this time.It will require a little more work but she is really looking forward to it.Last time she ran with the knowledge that her sister was born with a transient form of Leukemia.This time .... a sister with AML.So unbelievable.Tomorrow is the LA Buddy Walk.Team Little Wonders raised 3950.00.I am so proud of this little team and so sad not to be walking tomorrow.Who would have thought?Tonight Jess and I went down to visit Zoey.We didn't get there until 10:oopm.She was thankfully fast asleep.So peaceful and so beautiful.I walked into the room and found that my husband was more than capable of stepping in and doing an incredible job.Not that I doubted it.First,he had already more than charmed the night nurse.I think she was in love.In fact she basically told me so herself.Next,I head for Zoey and find her looking such like the princess that she is.Mark had made her bed all perfect.Her special blankets looking just so.Her toys placed perfectly around her crib.She looked amazing.Mark even put Vaseline on her lips to keep them moist and soft.I then look at her big white board and he has written Zoey Grace in these darling bubble letters.He had a journal,one that Caitlin had bought for him as well.In it were all the times he changed her diapers.Keeping track and changing them every 1-1/2 hour,without fail because the chemo is so,well,toxic for lack of a better term,you have to make sure that you never let them sit in any kind of moisture because the break down of their skin will happen almost immediately.I could go on and on but suffice it to say,21 years ago I really lucked out.Mark loves that little girl more than anything.One would only have had to glance around the room momentarily and it would have been more than apparent.As for the brave little one.She had a fairly good day.The other day she received her first platelet transfusion and today it was a red blood cell boost.They had to stick her for an IV because they can't use her port for that.The IV stick made her mad, to say the least.The thought is that the the rich blood will perk her up a bit.She is weathering things well.I continue to be amazed by her strength and resiliency.She had lots of smiles for her daddy all day long.I wish every day would be like this but I know to just take it for what it was and today,well,today was a decent day.I really should be taking advantage of the time change here but I am trying to just get something down,however,disconnected it sounds and flows.I am tired.Today I didn't cry .. not once.It bothered me a bit.I wondered if I was becoming a little detached from it all.Forgetting in some moments that we were actually living and walking this road.But I tell you,there is no other person I would rather be traveling this life with than Mark.I am so proud of you Mark.You are an incredible dad and father and I love you more than you could know.Well,I had been planning on taking advantage of the time change but here I am, still up ... barely.Keep those prayers coming.Thank you to all of you who copied and pasted Zoeys button to your sites for people to link to.The more prayers the better we are.The better Zoey is.That wraps it up.I suppose.More to follow tomorrow.Time for me to climb into bed and collapse.I actually have dozed off a few different times even writing this post.Clear sign that I have got to call it a night.Prayers for Miss Zoey continue.She is a wonder this child of mine.She really and truly is.


Evalena's Mom said...

Thanks for your post in what could have been your extra hour of sleep. I pasted Zoey's link to my Facebook account so my friends will see and share, too. Being in the military, I have friends all over the world..and now, so does Zoey. Continued prayers!

Karen Owens said...

We are praying hard for your family. I'll post about Zoey on Gavin's site today and send more prayers your way! Go Zoey!

Monica said...

I will paste Zoey's button on my blog tonight!!! Know that I am praying everyday for you all and I've told family and friends about your story. Your little girl has truly touched my heart and I can't get her off my mind.....
Faithfully praying~

Mary said...

Heather and family,
I apologize for not posting a comment any earlier. Every time I check your blog for updates, I cry. Every time I sit down to comment, no words of wisdom or comfort come to mind. Honestly, I just don't know what to say. My heart aches for Zoey - the battles she has already had to fight and the battles yet to come. It all seems so unfair. Please know that I will continue to keep you all in my prayers.
Love Mary

Kari said...

Zoey is in my prayers!

Shari said...

I continue to pray for your family. I am so glad that you have such a great man to be married to. What a huge blessing from God. Zoey is a fighter! What a sweetie she is!

Anonymous said...

I have known Mark and Heather for years .....long before God sent Zoey to their family. They have been amazingly supportive and accepting parents with all of their children. There was never a doubt that no matter what challenges or obsticles were in the way, they would deal with it, together. You guys are an inspiration to me. May God keep you strong and bless you as you travel along this rough journey together.

Cleo said...

Zoey Grace is a fighter with a courageous soul and a very brave spirit ~ .
Heather, focus in your love for Zoey. Zoey knows she is loved unconditionally and the force of this infinite love is what keeps her so strong.
The power of your LOVE for Zoey will continue to give you all the STRENGTH to keep going.
It is very important you continue to have FAITH in Zoey, in yourself and in your strengths. Zoey is bigger, stronger and more powerful than this fight.
Trust with all your heart and being that Zoey is going to rise above this challenge, all of you will get through this.
Everything is going to be OK ~
Stay in the now, stay calm, strong and positive. Give all your power and energy to the positive thoughts and emotions, stay as much time as possible in a positive and proactive state of mind.
Sending prayers of strength, healing and peace for Zoey, you and all your family.

AZmomto8 said...

We are a family who found your blog through another one we read. We have three daughters with Down syndrome (8 children total). We are praying for your beautiful Zoey. I am also a cancer survivor, 5 1/2 years, chemo is no fun, but it put me in remission, prayers your sweet Zoey will be in remission (forever) very soon.

I love Joseph Campbells work too, I am glad to see it can give you comfort right now.

Reagan Leigh said...

I'm so glad that Mark has been able to give you a much needed break this weekend. I'm sure you didn't take full advantage of your thoughts are elsewhere...but at least you had a few moments to rest (and shower)!! Please try to take care of yourself this have to do this for yourself so that you are able to take care of little Zoey. Here's to a week full of smiles.

Kirsten Yarnall said...

I heard about your little one through Gavin's site. Our family will keep you in our prayers along with Gavin. She is so very cute!! Please know that you have more prayers coming your way.


Carey said...

What a wonderful husband you have!

I'm wondering are they going to have to poke her everytime she needs a transfusion? I don't like that. Pobrecita, she doesn't need any pokes, that's for sure. Hopefully she won't need anymore transfusions until they're done with chemo ... or are they done with chemo for this round already?

Chelsea had a Hickman, which has two lines, and is never accessed or deaccessed like a port. It's always there. No fun for bathing, but it was nice, cuz they could run stuff like platelets, blood, antibiotics, zofran, benedryl, (need I continue) through the "tubies" at the same time as chemo. Okay, just being curious, and I say, "boo, no more pokes for Zoey!!!!"

Carey said...

Oh, I forgot, what are her counts doing? I can't wait to hear that there are no more BLASTS in her blood!!!

Kate said...

My children & I are praying for Zoey. I've put your button on my site and hope it helps to get more people praying for Zoey, as well.

Milk Mama said...

My prayers for your beautiful daughter!!!

Kele said...

Loving and praying for you guys. I hate when a day goes by and I am unable to get a hold of you... will try again tomorrow.
I have never doubted Mark is the amazing man that you have described! I am in awe of him and how wonderful and devoted he is to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Greatings from the Capital City of South Dakota. I am so thankful to have come upon you sight. I have a wonderful friend who has a daughter with Downs Syndrom and many other stamping friends who I have passed your blog to and you can count on a team from South Dakota to be praying for your precious little Zoey.
Pat from Pierre SD the Capital City

Tammy and Parker said...


How about you and I keep each other company via email starting this Friday when Parker will be in the hospital for 7-10 days.

We can be hospital buddies.

Not as long as you guys. But, hey...a friendly shoulder is a friendly shoulder, ya know?

You guys will get through this. And you will be even stronger after wards.

I promise.

Kyriacou said...

You all are in our prayers and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed again. I look at Zoey's pictures and I do see so much happiness and life - life, life, and more life in that little one whose name literally means "life." What a perfect name for your perfect angel! Love to you all!
Christie, Gary, and kids