Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Tiny Warrior ....

We have no wireless in Zoey's room so I have to quickly sneak away and use the only computer on the floor when it is available.It's a little after 11:00pm and the computer is finally free.I don't like being away long so I will make this short.She is asleep and she is liable to stay that way but I hate taking the chance of her waking and not being there.Also,I am due to change her diaper at 11:30.We change her every hour and a half as not to leave her long in any wetness at all.These drugs can and often will cause sores and the best precaution you can take is frequent changes and lathering her in Desitin.So far,so good.We set our alarm for the changes and I hope that it has prevented this potentially very uncomfortable side effect.At exactly 2:35 pm Zoey finished her first round of chemo medication.Round 1 still has a way to go but the medication part is complete.Like I had said yesterday,now is the wait and see side of things.Her ANC which measures her immunity capabilities is down to 450 so by tomorrow she will most likely be at zero.If not tomorrow then definitely by the next day.The rest of her numbers are in decline as well and we will see when and if transfusions are on the horizon.Platelets can go down to 10,ooo and she is at 80,before they will transfuse so there is the strong possibility that she will not need that.However,hemoglobin is one she will most likely need and quite frankly a fresh batch will give her some spunk when the time comes.The next two weeks will be interesting and informative and hopefully uneventful.Our fingers remain crossed that we can keep her infection free.Our room is stocked with Lysol wipes and extra hand sanitizer and well,let's say we are doing everything humanly possible to safe guard her.In the end,sometimes no matter what you do,you can't prevent something from slipping by.Let's just pray for nothing but in the event we see something,that it is minor.Our day goes by relatively quickly believe it or not.We play and read and eat and snuggle mostly and she well,she just smiles and waves.I feel like I am in the honeymoon period or something.Waiting for the big "thing" to happen but thus far ... nothing.Everyone else seems to be managing well.I am once again so proud of all of my children.They are resilient and adapt to our ever changing norm sometimes better than I.I head home tomorrow night and I will post a few picture of the princess.As surreal as it is to be here,I am not truly surprise by the grace by which this child is handling this latest battle.I am realistic to know that not every round will be like this and things can and probably will change and not always for the good but for today,once again in this moment,I am able to take it for what it is and not project too far forward.Zoey has once again taught me the lesson of rolling with the punches and as much as those punches have left me breathless, I am able to get back up and stand, preparing the best I can, for another sucker punch, that might very well come my way.I find myself hovering over Zoey a great deal,just praying for her strength and tolerance for what ever may come her way as well.The Needham's are handling this latest, following the example of the youngest member of the clan.Courageous determination is in her genetic make up as well as that extra something,something God decided to bless her with.Her battle continues .... and so do our prayers.


iko said...

Dear Heather:
This comment was left by an aunt of mine in Béla´s blog, where I put Zoey´s picture..
For You:

Dear couragous parents of little Zoey, as I have a little niece who suffered from leukämia, when she was not yet 2 years old, we started a "prayer-circle" round the world for little Stella. Even her indian grandparents in New Sealand, who are not christian, prayed with us. The Lord healed His loved little girl. And now she is 11years old and totaly well. - So I promis that I will tell her and her family to pray with me to the Lord, to give your little lions heart Zoey and her parents all force you need and to give their little treasure healthyness and happiness.

Donna said...

I am a total stranger who happened upon your blog and am drawn to your story. Your daughter is beautiful and adorable and I will pray for her speedy and full recovery. I know you have not been given a choice in all this but your actions are brave and the love for your daughter and family are clear. May your strength continue in the rough days ahead as you see your daughter through this fight. Sounds like she couldn't ask for a better family or more love. Many blessings to you.

Kari said...

Sending prayers for your sweet girl :)

Cammie Heflin said...

Praying for Zoey, so glad she is handling things well.

Larkinsmom said...

Larkin and I continue to hold vigil here in Illinois. I hold my breath everytime I click on your link and breath a sigh of relief to know that you are still standing mama bear. We hold you in love and prayer always.

Dawson said...

God bless you guys. you have been through so much and continue to do so. Zoey is a Warrior plain and simple. What a great blessing it is for God to be able to use your family to change the lives of others. Just look around you and see all the many lives she is touching. Its absolutly incredible. Our lives have been forever changed by your experiences and your great ability to share what your going through. To that I say thank you. Hang in there and know that God is doing wonderful things and is in complete control of your situation. Our prayers remain diligent that Zoey comes through this just as she has every other thing she has ecountered. Stronger and smiling all the way.

Cleo said...


Putting all your intentions of hope and faith in Zoey winning this fight will make it happen.
Trust the higher power within Zoey and you, trust the healing path you are on, it will guide you in the right direction.
Trusting that Zoey’s health will improve is the most powerful thing you can do, it will put all actions forward in her way of a full and prompt recovery.
May Zoey Grace continues to be healthier and stronger day after day ~
Keeping Zoey and you in my positive thoughts and prayers. Sending loving and healing energies your way.

Special Needs Mama said...

Just stopping by to let you know I have been thinking of you lots these days and wishing you peace.

Rachel said...

I learned of sweet Zoey from "Dream Big"...Chelsea's blog. I wanted you to know that I am following your precious girls story and will be praying every single day until Zoey is healed and free from this dreadful disease!

God Bless,


JUST A MOM said...

We love to see pictures of Zoey especially in the baby legs! Thank you for keeping us updated.

Leaving Ukraine in the morning, anxious to get home! I will be in LA next week doing paperwork. Can I stop by for a visit? The 4th floor is my old stomping grounds- 17 years in remission from Hodgkins but I still know the halls in my mind.

Prayers for you. Prayers for Zoey.

Alison and gang

Carey said...

Don't you love hospital sani wipes. When you leave after each round, don't forget to take them home with you! Along with the other supplies that are opened. You wouldn't want them to go to waste, ... lots of stuff they throw away when yo leave (diapers, wipes, hepafix etc.)

I'm so glad she's done with chemo. Soon you won't have to be on such a rigorous diaper changing schedule and that will be nice. Remember, the nurse aides can change her diaper so you can sleep. Don't be afraid to ask. You can ask them to come in every hour, or whatever you want, if they give you any beef, ... then tell them you want a new aide.

Chelsea got 2 blood transfusions and 2 platelet transfusions during round one. Still praying for Zoey here in Kansas!

Reagan Leigh said...

I have no doubt that you are going to do your best to keep everything and everyone in that hospital completely sterile!!! And while you're at it...don't forget to eat something!! We're sending tons of prayers your way!!!

Auhdrur said...

Thinking of you guys. I have been praying non stop for you and that sweet little princess.

I am still in a state of shock for you, and it's taking me all the restraint in the world not to drive down there and give you guys a huge hug.

Oh, and I agree with Carey, take EVERYTHING with you when you leave that is opened, and don't be afraid to ask for help with those changes. You will need the sleep and strength for Zoey on the bad days.

Love you guys.

And again Rhett sends kisses to his sweet girl.

Pam said...

Argh!! Sorry that last comment was me. Hunter has his own blog, and apparently he had been on the computer before me and not signed out yet. Sorry!!


Pam and Rhett

Austin said...


Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for Zoey even up here in Alaska. Miss you all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather, some of my recent comments to you fell into cyberspace, I don't know what I did, and this is not a difficult thing... Anyway, love the leggings and outfit, only Zoey girl can carry that off! Love the smile, warms the heart deeply. Encouraging you to take care of yourself and focus on the positive. I hope today brought more good results. I keep Zoey's smile in my mind's eye, send all of you hugs, prayers and the constancy of my love, Christi Harman

tigerm said...


I'm really sorry that you couldnt make it to the Buddy Walk, but we all made sure to have you there in spirit. =) I have been praying for your family and Zoey; it is amazing how strong that little girls' will is. She is an inspiration.

Much Love,
Molly Ringer

Jackson's Blog said...

Zoey is so precious in her pictures! I am glad she is handling everything well so far! We will continue to pray for "uneventful" and a full recovery! Take care!

you gotta wonder said...

Zoey is in my prayers.

BiLlY, sAm, AnD bOyS!!! said...

good luck with everything! Zoey is so beautiful! i haven't been able to read the whole journey but want you to know i am thinking of your family! wish you all the best for zoey! if you would like to see our blog please email me- slbanks@gmail.com. I found your blog on Rhett's journey.

Mary said...

I know the feelings you described in the first part of you latest blog. We just lost our 10 month-old daughter to a terrible neurological condition. Stay strong and know that you are loved and prayed for daily and hourly. Lean on those who support you. Your daughter is gorgeous and such a tough little fighter. She is certainly drawing on your strength. No child or parent should have to go through what we went through and what you are now going through. Its just not fair. But, you are doing an amazing job of raising to the occasion. I love your writing style, so honest. God Bless you and your family. You are an amazing mother!!!