Monday, August 3, 2009

SMA Awareness Month ....

"We cannot do great things on this earth. We can only do small things with great love." ~Mother Teresa

As most of you know, or at least those of you who have followed us for very long , we have a special little friend Gwendolyn who lives about 45 minutes from us.We absolutely love this little child and her parents,Bill and Victoria and we are in complete awe of the incredible,selfless and monumental things that they have done to further understanding and awareness for this catastrophic,incurable disease that their beautiful daughter was born with.Well,we have another little guy that we follow also and who's mom,Devon has been such a loving,prayerful supporter of our family.His name is Dakin and he is a doll and he too has SMA.You can click on SMA and learn more and better yet,if you haven't done so in the past,please sign the petition for cure so these children and others like them, have a chance for the bright,happy future,that they so deserve.

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Tina said...

Reading Gwendolyn's story brought tears to my eyes....gosh I have few words right now to express my feelings, but pray that very very soon research does find a treatment which Gwendolyn also gets to see...nothing is impossible and we must believe in that. Bill and Victoria are indeed such incredibly brave wonderful parents, I pray for their entire family and support their fight to bring and end to SMA. It is really unforgivable that a disease that can find a cure through research is not being given the importance it so very much deserves.