Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cruising Along ...

And,as I posted to someone just a bit ago ... feeling,dare I say,pretty darn normal.Settling into school.Busy as all get up.Once again raising three little ones and still,hopefully, managing to stay somewhat present and available to the older ones.Trying to balance it all and often feeling more UN-balance,more then anything.Slowly but surely finding my footing and,pausing, amidst the chaos, to acknowledge the beauty of our moments.These days feel,at times,almost unreal.I commented to Mark recently,how life has taken on this almost surreal feel.I try to imagine and recall life before Zoey.And I can't.And that is more then okay.Right here and right now seems to be all that matters.Does life seem to be moving far quicker then my liking?Absolutely.But at least it is moving and we,all of us together,moving right along with it.

This very month, last year,is when life began to spiral out of control and eventually culminate with Zoey's diagnosis of leukemia.I couldn't even imagine back then, projecting where a year from that day, would potentially find us.The possibilities were far too terrifying.But by God's amazing Grace we have our daughter,our sister,our guide,here with us.Zoey is thriving and blossoming before our eyes.I don't want to miss a minute of any it.That was and continues to be, one of the greatest blessings bestowed upon us as we were unmercifully dumped into this world of pediatric cancer:DO NOT MISS ANY OF THESE MOMENTS. So my absence here in the blogworld is merely and quite simply because we are just busy living and cherishing the days.I have tons I could blog about.Tons.Regardless of the beauty and gratitude and perspective we have on living,there still remains to be found, a multitude of issues and conflicts and struggles that go on daily in all of our lives.The key and where the balancing act comes in,is how long we dwell in the heavy or rather the perceived heavy, stuff.I am, a work in progress in that department because I seriously have some extremely heavy extended family "stuff" going on.Complicated and sad beyond most people's comprehension.But once again I choose,out of respect to my tiny daughters journey, to focus and concentrate on the positive and right now I am positive that my immediate family continue on this path of healing.

Not much of a post guys but figured I wouldn't leave some of you hanging much longer.A few pictures.The boys at their jog-a-thon fundraiser at school.Miss Zoey in one of her most favorite places:her front pack.She seriously jumps out of her skin when I pull that pack out.That and our bike rides,she just loves!And then there is our very first blanket delivery.I headed down on short notice this past Sunday.The unit was surprisingly slow and trust me, slow is actually a good thing on the oncology floor.Due to the new protocols in place because of the flu season,I wasn't able to go into rooms.Which was perfectly fine.It just felt amazing to get that first batch dropped off.From what I hear,the blankets were so loved and appreciated.We are planning another delivery in early December and we already have a good start on completed blankets, as this delivery was a small one.Once again a HUGE thank you to everyone who has lent their time,talent and treasure to this project.Would not be possible without you.That's all I got.Love to you all and if you are still coming by and sticking with us for the long haul here at littlewonders,we thank you for that too!


stephanie said...

That's plenty of a post! I love your boys, they're beautiful! Snazzy little carrier for Zoey, NICE!
And those blankets!!! They are so pretty!
Praying for whatever problems you are hinting but not able to talk about. Doesn't matter, God knows what they are, and I can pray.
Take care of yourself!
Love and kisses to everyone!

Googsmom said...

Beautiful family Heather :) WOW, look at all those wonderful blankies. Great job!!

I want some jammies like Zoey has :) Those are adorable!!


Lacey said...

Missin ya. I was looking at houses again in Cali and it looks like prices may be down a little again. I told Ray he needs to find a security job or something just so we can get down there. Because of the economy, police forces just aren't hiring. So we are looking for jobs. I need to call you. Maybe tonight when I have a second. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photos - everyone looking great in all that California sunshine. Looks like quite a number of blankets for CHLA
I'm sure they are in the hands of all those special children who are just loving them



Cammie Heflin said...

What fun! I know those blankets are so comforting to families at the hospital, what a blessing!

scrappy quilter said...

What a beautiful family Heather. What a great bunch of blankies. Continued prayers for Zoey..

Michelle said...

So good to hear life moving along, even if some days it just feels to 'fast'...at least its moving forward, you have Zoey home, either on a bike ride or in a pouch attached to you (too cute)..my days are made when I see my dearest friends happy, and living life! So glad you made that first blanket delivery...what fleece blessings and a blessing to all of us that had a part in it. Such a fullfilling feeling to know we can do but a good little part in this world of chaos. Always here to help you along my friend...always!

Tina said...

Love all the photos, and the one of you under the umbrella with Zoey is really a great one. Have missed your blog, but do understand how busy life gets. But happy to hear Zoey is doing well, continue to keep her in my prayers.
Congratulations on the great job with the blankies!! Wish I could help but wouldn't know how from so far away :)