Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive." ~Anäis Nin

The blessings of blogging.This sacred space of mine here,was born during a time laden with fear and frustration.And honestly,a tad bit of loneliness as well.I seriously thought I was surely the only mother of a child with Down syndrome who came packaged with more then an extra chromosome.I soon found,I was actually far from alone.In fact,there was a whole other world,outside my little corner here in California,waiting for me to discover.I had no idea back then, that my need to get things down and out would morph into what this site is today.Neither did I know that Miss Zoey would give me SO much material to work with!Enough already Zoey Grace,do you hear me?But seriously, the single most amazing thing about this venture I began 2 years ago,was and still is, the families and the children I would come to know and eventually .... come to love.

I have a few longtime friends from those early days.We have weathered time and distance and we still are keeping up with each other as we continue to find our way with our complicated little loves.When Zoey's birthday arrived,packages arrived in our mailbox as well.The gifts were beautiful but the love behind those gifts, are what mean the most to me...these friendships are what I cherish beyond words.And their children,well I love them.I hurt when they are hurting.I ache to help their scared and frightened momma's when life hands them yet another blow.I yearn to sit across from each of them, and just talk.Face to face.Hoping after the sit down that,the strange to some bond we forged so long ago through cyberspace, would be stronger and remain intact ... which is a crap shoot where I am concerned, as I am slightly,um, shall we say,emotionally intense.I sure hope they would still love me.Hard to say.Could go either way.

So to Miss Ivey courageous little fighter girl.Who,on that first day,I came on your blog,I heard Little Wonders, by Rob Thomas, playing on your site and that was weirdly the title of Zoey's new blog.As I listened,I watched through tears and in utter amazement, images of your decannulization day... it was beautiful and you my little friend, are simply beautiful.Thank you for Zoey's Seedling Braille birthday books.They are perfect.Much like you.She LOVES the braille ... her little hands just move over the pages,again and again.We will cherish your special gifts for always.

And Reagan Leigh .... what can I say?The bling shoes that your grandma just "whipped" up, are to die for.Wish we could tool around town together, with you in your black and Zoey in her pink and mommy and me well,we would find something to do.Maybe one day Zoey and I will head Houston way and make that happen.And to Tera,I hope you know what an incredible mom I think you are.Your days AND nights are trying, to say the least and really and truly,you never complain.Ever.You do what you need to do and you do it with such grace and such unwavering faith.I admire you in so many ways and are so grateful for your friendship.

And finally to Penny,my new friend.The hat is darling.Bright and cheerful and very fitting for our little Zoey.I thank you for your bravery and selflessness in sharing your story and I hope you don't mind,I want everyone to read your comment that you left.I am honored and privileged to be your window to what might have been.

"Birthday Blessing to Zoey!!!! and a huge Thanks to Mom for allowing me to tag along on your journey of grace and accomplishment! I have savored every post.... living a bit through your life I guess.
I adore your sweet girls smile and bright eyes. She gives me a glimpse of what might have been for us. Our daughter Mackenzie was blessed with Downs and plagued with severe heart dysplasia, many terms I still can't pronounce but in the end it kept her heart from pumping enough to adequately allow Mackenzie to grow to viability. At 21.6 weeks our hearts were broken and our baby took flight. Our life has not been the same, our path different. I was once told your path would have been different WITH Mackenzie,.... yes I suppose so but she would have blessed us so much. I love to see Zoey accomplish and grow, my little window to what might have been.

Blessings and prayers....."

The arrival of these friends and the countless others of you,that have passed our way,have enriched our world and we remain so grateful for your presence.

*Couldn't get a picture of Zoey in her snazzy Chuck Taylor shoes that did them justice, so I had to settle for a stand alone ... aren't they the greatest?One of the books Ivey sent was a Dr.Seuss book and the other was a birthday celebration one ... Zoey loves texture and the braille is really,really fascinating to her.And lastly, ... the hat came in that super cute hat box.Pop over and meet Penny ... her latest post tells a bit about how she got started making these hats and the direction she hopes to head... Zoey will proudly be wearing this thoughtful birthday gift.


Denise said...

What a great post!! I have spent the last hour (when I should be sleeping) enthralled in the blogs you posted about. I desperately want to get my hands on one of those hats...I left Penny a comment asking how I can purchase one. By the way, did I remember to tell you that I bought Ella a matching outfit for each of the ones we gave Zoey??? We will have to get them together and put them in matching outfits!!! (That is, if they fit her)

Anonymous said...

Lovely posts and lovely gifts from some special families. What a difference in these photos from last posting - smiles abound - Zoey looks like she is loving all her gifts Every pic is cuter than the one before.
Believe me, this Auntie Bluebelle will have her camera with the zoom lense zooming when I get there! So get ready Miss Zoey - Aunt Bluebelle will be filling her memory cards soon! Yah!


Mary said...

I want those shoes! So stinkin' cute!

blogzilly said...

It's your hopeful optimism, grace and faith that keeps me coming back. When one is as bitter and anger saturated as I have become, blogs like yours keep me away from darker places.

And of course the cool photos of Zoey help too! :)

Lacey said...

Those shoes are the greatest! Her mom is so talented!
Ray keeps asking me if I've heard from you that Zoey likes her Signing time video!

Penny said...


I am so glad that Zoey's gift arrived! Seeing her BIG beautiful smile just makes my day! Her little eyes just dance.... as I watch I think she may possibly be one of the happiest kids I have ever seen.

Talk about emotionally charged.... well I sit with a puffs box at my side to read my "friends" blogs. The tears flow, for joy, fear, pain... well let's just say I cry ALOT! lol

Seriously, it was my honor to make Zoey's hat, her own unique design. I think it suits her well..... and I couldn't pass up the little diva box.

You've been such a blessing to me ... in ways you can't fathom. The dark hole of what might have been has been filled with beautiful pictures and words...

Always in our thoughts and prayers... Penny

Angi said...

Such a beauty that girl of your is...that smile brightens any day, I just want to give her a hug...maybe one day!!

scrappy quilter said...

Loved this post too. That hat is priceless and so Zoey!!!