Friday, May 14, 2010

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." ~Confucius

After the ugliness of the previous post, I just had to quickly follow with the absolute,magnificent beauty of Miss Zoey.She embodies beauty and we, that love and adore her so,see it with unobstructed crystal clarity.

MRSA seems to be on it's way out.I still cannot believe how quickly things went south with that nasty bug and almost at the same rate,it is making a turn around in the opposite direction.We need to continue to give Zoey bleach baths,once a week,for the next several months.This to hopefully ensure there is no recurrence.As for school,she will be returning next week with new protocols in place.I continue to be a bit apprehensive in sending her back.I know I will never,and can never, be completely sure where she came in contact with this very yucky bacteria but relinquishing something like potty training and diaper changing,back into the hands of others,is something that is not coming without some reservations.But come next week,she will go once more because school is where Zoey needs to be after she worked so tirelessly to get there.She will be fine.I know she will,but MRSA is not a tiny, minor blip.MRSA is and was,extremely scary and God willing, just another "been there, conquered that",for Miss Z.

Our weekend holds volleyball for Jake, a graduation party,haircuts for the boys,miscellaneous stuff mingled amongst that and last but certainly not least,a visit down to see Sweet Ella Grace .... which I am super excited about.Well,except for the part of where I am visiting her and the reason she is even there.Not so exciting.Down right unfair actually.From the sounds of things, she has turned a corner and for that,we are all extremely grateful.We are bringing down Zoey's pink car that she cruised 4 East when she was busy kicking cancer's butt last year ... we think it will be a good luck charm for the newest warrior girl.

Have an amazing weekend everyone ...revel in the beauty that surrounds you.Soak it in and bask in it ... aren't we all so lucky that we see it?


Judy said...

Soooo glad Ms. Zoey is kicking the MRSA's butt!!! She is amazing. I find myself thinking that every time I see her face in one of your posts. She has an amazing story and there is something positively miraculous about her. It's not just her story and how she's fought so hard to get here.....there's more. She is destined for great things, Heather. I see it in her future! Love you, friend!

Anonymous said...

Heather - Your latest post sounds so upbeat. Glad of that. And.... that the latest Zoey health issue is on its way out! (her list is so long)but....she conquers each one with GUSTO!

I know Zoey will be so excited to see her "classmates" and teachers! Awesome photo - The ever beautiful smile of little Miss Z.

Hugs go to Ella - she will love Zoey's pick car! Great idea.

Huge hugs to everyone


stephanie said...

Kiss and hug the lovely Miss Ella for me??

Glad Zoey is better. MRSA is scary, good thing she kicked it's butt away!!
Have a great weekend.

Rochelle said...

SO glad the MRSA is going away. Prayers that it will stay away!!

She is beautiful.

Sounds like a super busy weekend for you guys. Enjoy and give Denise & Ella hugs from us.

Skye is the limit said...

So lucky! Congrats! Skyes is colonized and won't be going away. It is very scary as it is slowly taking her life along with everything felt the need to speed up the process. I hate MRSA, amoungst everything else that she is going through.
BUT so glad you guys made through the battle!! Skyes mucus won't let us fight it :( BOO to CF!

Anonymous said...

MRSA is a nasty scary bug for anyone, and even sure more so for little Zoey. Hopefully, it will be gone for good and none of your others will catch it. Will keep praying for it to clear up completely.

Kristen's mom said...

Read something today and I thought of cute little Ella and your little miss butterfly. 'The struggle to break out of the cocoon develops the butterfly so it can fly. Without that adversity, the butterfly would never have the strength to achieve its destiny. It would never develop the strength to become something extraordinary.' this would apply to all of our extraordinary children.

Googsmom said...


Give Ella a {{{{BIG HUG}}}}} when you get there!!

Jamie said...

CAN I JUST TELL YOU! how many stinkin colds my madie has gotten since beginning school! AHHH!! And with her seizures and her meds its tough to ADD more to the mix with simple tylenol! I know its tougher with Miss Zoey! Gosh! maybe teachers can incorporate washing hands afer activities and outside time etc etc.. (they sell anti-bacterial wipes too)..what kid doesnt like playing in sink?? lol Zoey is doing amazing..your blog makes me laugh and cry!

Island Baby said...

MRSA is way scary especially for Zoey after she went through such a journey with her cancer treatments. I can totally understand your reluctance to sending her back to school now and also why its important to have her attend school.
What changes will you make with the school routine? Can you send lysol wipes for them to disinfect the potty between children? And hopefully the staff is already washing hands between diaper changes and assisting children on the potty.
I was curious about the bleach baths. Isn't bleach harmful to skin? Do you actually soak her in bleach? I have never heard of it thats why im asking.
And, yes Zoey IS beautiful! Love love her smile!! Such a happy girl!

Tina said...

Hope you're having a great happy that this MRSA seems to being on it way out, it's crazy what kids pick up and half the time we don't even know how.

I love that picture of Zoey, she is soooo beautiful, so perfect, I am sure everyday when you look in her eyes it's a reminder of how blessed and lucky you are. I feel blessed that Zoey entered my life, even if it's from thousands of miles away :)

tish said...

BEAUTY indeed!! Big hugs from Autie Tish!! :)