Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day and MRSA ... nice combination,don't you think?

I'll start with the good and then jump to the ugly and trust me, it has been ugly around here!

"God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." ~Jewish Proverb

I am so very blessed to be doing the only thing I truly ever aspired to do and that is to be a mother.I will never understand how Someone thought I was worthy enough to be entrusted with these six simply amazing human beings.And now we have the precious Charlotte to add to this extraordinary mix.Blessed and beyond lucky am I,that is for sure.

The beautiful Caitlin and Charlotte on Mother's Day at the San Diego Zoo.Boy do I miss them.

My Mother's Day was perfect.No frills.No fuss.Just perfect.Well,would have surpassed perfect if Caitlin,Danny and Charlotte had been here but they stayed in La Jolla and spent time with Danny's mom.I was spoiled with some gift cards to a few of my favorite places, a pair of new flip-flops,seeing I live in them practically year round,and even have a few surprise presents arriving this week.Nothing like spreading Mother's Day out over 7 days!

I always adore the homemade gifts the little ones make in school and this year,I almost cried when I opened my special gift from Miss Zoey.Zoey was absent from school on Friday because she had a dental appointment at Children's.So yesterday,on Mother's Day,her incredible teacher Miss Peggy,shows up at my door,to deliver my gift.She said,"I just HAD to get this to you for Mother's Day."Now that literally made me cry.So make sure you click on Zoey's little gift picture and really study that face and what that gift represents:that picture is the literal blood,sweat and tears of three long years.ZOEY'S blood,sweat and tears.That picture is the face of resiliency and courage and Zoey's personal proclamation to the world that she is cannot and will not be held back,pushed down or stopped by ... ANYTHING!That is the face of my tiny pre-schooler.Can you believe it?

Are we not a motley crew or what?First,the big couch is our go to picture taking place,as if you hadn't noticed.It is the only place in the house that can fit a large crowd and add Matt,at 6ft 7in to the mix and he decided to literally squeeze in at the top.Once again we waited until the end of the day to take pictures and thus the boys are in their usual picture taking attire ... their jammies!And,could you please look at my casper legs.Hard to miss I would say and I claim to be a California girl! Matt represents my 7th child and number 8 is the beautiful Amanda ... she definitely feels like one of my own!And both were sure to sweetly acknowledge me as their stand in mom.Honored to be so.

I spent a great deal of time yesterday thinking of all my mommy friends who didn't have their angel babies with them this year.I spent time praying that God would bring peace to their breaking but healing hearts and that the precious spirits of their beautiful children, would carry them through the day.Yesterday,I did not take for granted,one single moment,the place I find myself dwelling in today. "Tears are God’s gift to us.Our holy water.They heal us as they flow." ~Rita Schiano

And now to Miss Zoey and her cute little bottom.Which is not looking too cute as of late.Today it was confirmed that it is indeed MRSA.Staph would have been bad enough but MRSA!We spent nearly 8 straight months last year, in a hospital.A virtual breeding ground for MRSA and ... nothing.How does this happen?How DID this happen?I have done everything humanly possible,everything in my power, to shield and protect this child of mine,all of her little life and HOW did this happen?You cannot believe how bad her bottom got and how quickly it got bad.Scary.Super scary.You cannot believe how terribly guilty I feel.Questioning anything and everything.I won't give you a blow by blow commentary,way too involved but tonight I am thankful for my mommies instinct,my incredible pediatrician and Zoey's ever present angels that continue to watch faithfully over her.We have dropped the penicillin from the med regiment, as penicillin is rendered completely ineffective on MRSA.We will continue Bactrim for 2 more days and stick with bleach baths and yes I said BLEACH baths,for my little love.After that,we will pray like crazy that we have knocked this thing out of the park.The question remains:Where did this come from?We in fact will never know.However,let's just say,again far too complicated to address but we,in conjunction with her school staff and the county nurse,will be revamping her potty training at school.I am even second guessing myself as to whether she is even ready to be at school.Which is so difficult for me to say seeing I just mentioned how very hard she has worked to get there in the first place.She will for sure be out of school for the next week.And after that,hard to say.Poor girl ... add MRSA to Miss Zoey's list ... unbelievable.Really unbelievable.

And,to round out the weekend,Joe has Strep ... again.3rd time this year.Something tells me those tonsils of his will be coming out.Antibiotic has kicked in and he is back to his usual rambunctious little self.


stephanie said...

That totally stinks!! MRSA, for crying out loud! Poor Zoey!
And Heather you are completely beating yourself up here. It's only because of you and how careful you are that Miss Z never had anything like this. Since she was born you've been making sure she was safe you've been on germ patrol forever.

and that clothespin butterfly!! I got one of those one year too. I love the handmade presents. And Zoey's is the best!

What a teacher she has!

3saints said...

I'm so glad you had a good Mother's so deserved that! :)
As for sweet Zoey, grrrr. MRSA is the pits...we havve also avoided it for now but I know it's always a risk. Poor little bug, don't blame yourself....I know, I do all the time, but I'm telling you NOT to...we can't be everywhere...
Love ya bunches.

Lacey said...

Definitely time to take Zoey's personal potty to school! The other kids will be so jealous that she gets he own potty, but MRSA,sheesh!
Kisses to everyone!

Googsmom said...

What a great bunch of cards. Zoey's made tears come to my eyes. She is just the best!!!!!

libby @ ninesandquines said...

UGH!!! poor little zoey!!!! so glad you had a wonderful mother's day :-) and a word to the wise for someone who has been there....for joe's sake, have his tonsils taken out now if you can. my husband's parents never would and this past january, at 47, he finally had to have them taken out because five times in 10 months he had gotten tonsilitis - and they were abcessing and not respondent to antibiotics anymore....his recovery, because he was an adult, was BRUTAL.....if you do it now, joe will be down maybe four days. my dear husband was down four WEEKS....

Bea Braun said...

Oh Heather how scary for you! Poor little Zoey. Is it crazy to think you can go to the preschool when she needs a diaper change? Look at all the love you have in those beautiful Mother's Day cards. Best "job" in the world! Truly gorgeous picture of Caitlin and Charlie.

heidi marie said...

ugh. poor zoey. and on the tush- ouch! but i agree with everyone else...sometimes kids just get stuff no matter how careful you are. kids have ways are finding all kinds of germs. you are a great mom.

the link you had said that people usually get it from skin to skin contact. did anyone at her school have it????

Kristin said...

MRSA - No fun.
Love those Mother's day cards!

Rochelle said...

Love that Zoey's teacher delivered your present. SWEET!
So sorry on the MRSA, praying it clears up asap!

Anonymous said...

Tea tree oil is also supposed to kill MRSA. Just make sure you use a strong enough dose to kill it and not cause resistance (over 4%). MRSA is a nasty bug, and unfortunately it's hard to avoid. It's not your fault - thank goodness you were diligent and aware and got it taken care of.

Chris, Molly, and Baby said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Thank you so much for the comment on my blog and the prayers on Mother's Day. It didn't really bother me as I miss sweet June so much every day that Mother's Day was no different. :( I know they will probably get harder as Virginia gets older and starts making me presents and I realize that my June won't be making me any.
Hope you can find the humor in my next story in regards to MRSA. Baby June contracted MRSA while in the NICU, she was on the ventilator and no one knows who she contracted it from. BUT the NICU staff had us terrified and I was so worried that we would bring it home to Virginia or my parents. As you saw from the pictures we had to robe up and wear gloves and they even wanted us to wear masks. I mean we knew her time was limited and to have to make a barrier between us was horrible. Anyway, Chris and I were so scared of MRSA that when we got home that night we STRIPPED NAKED in the garage and put our clothes straight in the washing machine. We did this like 2 days and then had June's Care Team Meeting and I mentioned what we were doing and one of the doctor's laughed and said, "Yeh you'll do all that and then catch MRSA at Wal-Mart!" It sort of put into perspective that MRSA is out there and so many people are carriers.
Not diminishing that it's scary and I HATE that little Zoey has it BUT know that YOU didn't do anything to cause this. It's out there and like someone said kids can find those germs better than anyone.
I would want to be hunting down everyone you came into contact with to see if they have it and throttle them for passing it on! Praying her little bottom clears up quickly and she can get back to school!!
Big Hugs while you are dealing with this.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. oh my gosh. just one more rotten thing to add to the list. so good that you were on top of it. Like you, I spent a great deal of time on Sunday thinking about all the mom's I know who have empty arms this year. Just doesn't seem fair. Then look at your beautiful Caitlin and Charlotte. You can just tell she is a wonderful momma just like you.

Anna said...

I smiled at the photo. your girls have your smile and even tilt of the head. Love the cards and update. MRSA not so much.....

Cammie Heflin said...

Miss Zoey and Miss Addy are definitely soul sisters! Addy's poor bum has been bleeding since having C-Diff, it's been awful! We are finally seeing some improvement, using no wipes, using a hair dryer and changing the second she is wet! Hugs Zoey, we love you!

almcl said...

1) Matt, myself, and our families across the country are very lucky that you are our "step-in" mom :)

2) Poooor Zoey!!! I hope it clears up soon. Give her an extra big hug from me.

Anonymous said...

Great family photo - yes the couch is the photo spot in your house.

Unbelievable about Zoey. One more challenge that hopefully she will over come soon. I'm sure you have questioned the school if someone else has this nastiness. Little Miss Z loves going there..

Love all your Mother Day's cards! Awesome. So sweet of Miss Peggy to deliver Zoey's gift! As usual, the smiling Miss Z!

Love, love the photo of Caitlin & Charlotte on her first Mother's Day.

Hugs to everyone


Mama Mason-Mann said...

Hugs for sweet Zoey. I hope the MRSA clears up sooon!!!! I'm thinking of her and you (because I know how stressful this is!)

tish said...

Catching up with your posts my friend. I will ask Lauren to post Ella Grace's blog for added prayers. I hope my Zoey and Joey are back to their routines again soon.

Thank you for the phone message and the email; it meant so much... still have those raw feelings, and friends such as you are the perfect remedy.

I look forward to doing an Alex's Lemonade Stand with you this summer! More details to follow..

Love you!

Skye is the limit said...

I am sorry to hear the bad news, MRSA is not a fun time. But is any of this?
Skye is in the hospital, which is where I am writing from right now. She is in for MRSA, which is colonized so its not going anywhere, sadly. But we are trying to reduce the nonsense that it tries to do on her already bad lungs. She has cystic fibrosis amoungst many other medical issues.
My aunt has down syndrome. So I can relate in some ways to your struggle right now, AMAZING children they are. So loving and perfect.
I hope we can talk, and feel free to contact me if youd like!
or facebook me :) kayla messineo
<3 Prays

Tina said...

You must really be baffled about this MRSA and how she got it, but don't beat yourself up about it, I know kids can get just about anything from anywhere. I would say school i.e. if she's using their potty, so yes perhaps she deserves her very own one.

Looks like such a wonderful mother's day, you deserve it and how lovely to have such a big family around you, I'm quite envious.

I think that was such am amazing mother's day present from Zoey it really does signify so very much more.

Mary said...

Yuck! I hate to hear about the MRSA. I loved hearing about the home visit! Awesome!