Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Down and out ...

Okay,well not actually down and not actually out but definitely under the weather.Nearly each and everyone of us.And unfortunately,the littlest love seems to have been hit the hardest.If by Friday morning,she isn't better we'll be making a trip to our bestest buddy,Dr.Kundell.

(Becca,if you are reading this,please take note of my stellar photography skills I was talking about.Way to get her pj's in focus and not her face.Awesome,wouldn't you say?Geez.Perhaps reading my book would help.Ya think.)

We best all turn a corner quick like because come Friday,things are about to get crazy around here.Crazy good but nonetheless crazy.Caitlin's husband Danny will be attending USC graduate school in the fall and will be graduating from USCD with his structural engineering degree in June.With that in mind,they have decided,in order to save money for the move north,that Caitlin and Charlotte will move home here with us and Danny will room in with a buddy of his and take the train up here on weekends.It is going to be a huge temporary sacrifice for for them and although Caitlin has missed all of us and is anxious to get closer to family,this will not be an easy few months for the 3 of them.Danny has a super busy last quarter and will be occupied with school and work but he will sure be lonely without his girls Monday through Friday.But I have no doubt they will handle this like everything else they have over the last few years,with amazing maturity beyond their years.And look who Mimi gets to see everyday for the next few months.I can hardly stand the thought of it.


Please keep our sweet friend Emily in your thoughts and prayers tonight.We have followed Emily and her courageous journey for quite awhile now and just this past weekend we were lucky enough to meet her in the flesh at Ella's birthday party.I just feel in love with this child.There is just something about Emily.This indescribable aura that surrounds her.She has this infectious,impish smile and these to die for killer long eyelashes and to see her struggling right now,truly hurts my heart.So anything you can send their way,in the form of prayers and good vibes would be greatly appreciated I am sure.




Anonymous said...

Can see how much Zoey loves being around other "little people" especially her niece!

Feel better Needham family

PS Know you will be "over the moon" to have your grandchild with you everyday for a few months.
I expect awesome photos of the "girls"!

Lacey said...

How fun for Char to be in your home every day! But I definitely know how it is to be without a hubby, not fun already!
Arina wore her levi's yesterday, they are too cute. Which reminds me that I forgot to give some blanket material that I brought with me! I guess I'll have to pop it in the mail!

Kelly said...

I hope you are all feeling well soon!! And what a nice treat for you Heather.....I am sure it will not be easy for Caitlyn! But how much fun will Zoey and Char have??!! Keep your camera out:)

blogzilly said...

Hope you all start feeling better and real soon. It stinks when EVERYONE has to be ill all at once. Not fair 'tall.

Peter Olson said...

Praying that all of you get feeling better really soon.
My oncology doctor said that,"Once Spring gets here, everyone should be feeling a little bit better." :-)

Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are all feeling down and out -- I tell you what: the viruses going around this year have been relentless.

What wonderful photos of Emily and Sara -- I am praying for them daily. It's so damn difficult -- I hate how all of these beautiful children suffer.

Cammie Heflin said...

:( very sad post! I'm watching Addy closely since I heard what she was exposed to :( so far she is good, she's still tired though, the trip really kicked her in the hiney! She gets a lazy day tomorrow so hopefully that will help. Prayers that you guys feel better soon!

Personne said...

hoping she feels better...

Becca said...'s Friday - how's Miss Zoey today? I hope better!

I read Emily's blog, too...thinking of her and her family today.

Btw, I just laughed out loud reading that about your photo!! Zoey is gorgeous, even under the weather and blurry. And those perfectly captured jammies are adorable! LOL