Saturday, July 9, 2011

Gratitude found . Week number two. And boy has it been an interesting one ...

Despite a difficult week,I managed to sit down each day this week and pen my 3 things of gratitude.Some days were easier than others.And on the difficult days,I dug a little deeper and somehow I was able to pull that gratitude as I navigated moments and in some case days, of sadness, discouragement and utter disbelief.

1. A selfless best friend who has always walked alongside me to help others.Most especially during their time of need.

2.Mark,Mark enters his 49th year.


3.Weddings."Momma Lindsay" marries the handsome Chris and dances to "My Wish" with Miss Z,just as she would do in the NICU.I love her beyond measure for loving my girl when I could not be there.


4. Freedom



5.Wedding cake mishaps = understanding,comforting friends and knowing our gift of perspective allowed us to laugh through our tears.


6.My older girls. My sounding boards.My right hand ladies.My friends.

7.Sunny California skies that helped push away some of the sorrow of the day.Fly high sweet Cecilia.

8.Another birthday celebration.Happy 25th Matt.


9.Hallelujah cake..Enough said.

10.Friends and comrades that take up the cause.

11.Lazy jammie days.

12.Fans in absence of air conditioning ... oh-vey!

13.Wheelchairs and words like "fish".

Signing "sit".



14.The inherent goodness of mankind will shine through despite dark clouds.I will say that and repeat and repeat again and again.

15.A  beautiful,amazing,exceptional, 21 year old young lady,who happens to be sporting an extra chromosome,who reminds me of the magic that lies within that triplication.

16.Baby powder.The magic sand remover.Go ahead.Try it next time you are at the beach before you pile into he car or have a toddler with a face full of it.Then come back and thank me,or rather thank my friend Seana.


17.Glorious baby news from a sweet and brave friend from across the pond.We are full of faith.We are full of hope.

18.Crushcakes cupcakes,followed by a Coffee Bean chaser.The quick fix for what ails you.

19.Beautiful soon to be 2 year olds.


20. Renee's coleslaw.I am so not steering you wrong.

21. A husband who worked till 3 am so he could avoid working the weekend


Reagan Leigh said...

I loved this post! You are such an amazing woman!!! I'm so glad that Zoey finally has her chair!! It looks like she loves it!!! And Happy Birthday to Mark! Aren't you two just the cutest (matching) couple?!?!? I hope you have a great weekend!!!

Karol said...

Grateful for much to be grateful for :D

Finding Normal said...

Love the perspective in this post. Inspires me to focus on gratitude, as well. I'm grateful for finding new friends. Your family is beautiful!

blogzilly said...

That was nice to read about. I too have a lot that I am grateful for this week, as exhausted though I am from it.

You know, one of the best parts of the entire thing was how many different people I was able to speak with this week that I never would have been able to before, or just hadn't before, and that was something special.

It was one small part of something very...trans-formative that is going on.

'They've got a name for the winners in the world.
I want a name when I lose.
They call Alabama the Crimson Tide.
Call me Deacon Blues.'

Wonder if you'll be hearing that song tonight.

Devon said...

LOVE this post. LOVE it.

Stephanie said...

OH.MY.GOOODNESS!!!! Love you guys! Zoey looks soooooo grown up all of the sudden! He new wheels look great - very fitting for her. :)

Much love!

Steph and Christopher

Elizabeth said...

I'm loving this post -- you are a beautiful woman for whom a lot of us are grateful!

And Zoey's wheelchair is outrageous!

Lacey said...

Interesting indeed! Sheesh! Are those curls in sweets Chars hair? How cute is that. So bummed that i missed a Zoey squeeze, but we'll be back in mer weeks, hopefully moving daddy into a house!

Becca said...

She looks GREAT in her chair! You'll notice such a difference in how people interact with her now that she isn't in a stroller any more - WAY more age appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Heather - love,love love each and everyone one of these photos! This is added to my "favorite" list of postings.

Such a busy week with so many birthdays on the West Coast. to my handsome,very special nephew Mark (49 -how in the world has that happened - makes me sit back & realize how old I am)! to the ever smiling Matt - Happy 25th and last but by no means least, a very huge Happy Birthday to beautiful Charlotte who is 2 years today!

And one more sure fact: Heather & Mark you are one good lookin' couple! I will be printing that photo and putting in a frame.

Hope you all will have a quieter week.

Love & hugs to everyone
Aunt Bluebelle/Loraine

PS Jessica - it was wonderful to hear your voice last weekend out at Otisco Lake - hope the "sleep over" with the boys was great. I just bet they had an awesome time with big sister Jess (& Matt)

Anna said...

Love this post Heather. So many many blessings.....

Cole said...

Oh your pictures of Zoey always make me grin- but that first one- in her new chair is precious! The cake mishap made me laugh- we had something similar but less dramatic when we got married. Folks tried to cover it up multiple times- my favorite was when I noticed they had propped up one side of the table to make it all appear like it hadn't caved in. Sigh...cakes are meant to be eaten not stared at right?!

Happy week!

Anonymous said...

Forgive me - I forgot to mention Miss Z's wheelchair - Roll on sweet Zoey, roll on

Aunt Bluebelle

Victoria Strong said...

So many good things in this post. And I feel ya on that Crushcakes cupcake with a Coffee Bean chaser :) Miss you guys and hope we can meet up soon.

Scrappy quilter said...

Beautiful!! I loved reading this. The pictures are so precious. Finally settled into our new place and so enjoying it. Glad to be back visiting my blog friends. Hugs

Becca said...

Oh, how did I miss this beautiful, beautiful post, full of so many beautiful thoughts and photos?? I love Zoey's chair - that little beauty can rock just about anything and make it fashionable, I suspect...

Sorry 'bout the cake. Ugh.