Monday, July 11, 2011

A message from one of my partners at Mission iPossible ...

 From Ken,over at Blogzilly,

 Got a note this morning, or maybe yesterday...days are a bit blurry right now, regarding the Mission: iPossible! project that we have started. It was from one of the participants in the contest who won an iPad. No need to inform you of who that is at this time, not unless this person wishes it.

Anyway, the gist of the message was that the winner had informed the original contest hosts that they no longer wanted to be in consideration for the iPad, and as a courtesy also wanted to inform me of the same. Although the winner was appreciative of what I announced and had some very nice things to say, the reason given was that one had already been purchased and so, therefore, no iPad was needed.

I haven't asked yet, but if I receive permission when I finally get the Mission: iPossible! blog up (which will act as our main website for the time being) and create the Winners Page so that I can have a checklist once winners receive their iPads, I'll list the winner there and have them as 'checked off'.

So, this got me to thinking...I made a, let's call it a somewhat arrogant presumption, that I need to apologize for. I presumed, wrongly, that the people on the winners list of the original contest would simply come on over, no muss no fuss, and be a willing participant in this project.

That was a fairly stupid conclusion to jump to, I wasn't really thinking. I'm sorry about that.

It is still, as you can see in various comments sections (not HERE of course, people don't leave 60 comments HERE) a fairly divisive issue.

I understand that, I really do, and I respect it completely.

So I need to 'put out the call' so to speak. If you were a winner of the original iPad contest, and you wish to be considered in this restoration project, please e-mail me at so that I can add your name to our list.

Please put Mission: iPossible! iPad Project into the Subject line, and include your Name and contact information in the e-mail, along with any other information you think I need to know. Any good jokes are also welcome. I love a good laugh.

This list will remain private until I receive clearance from the participants in written form to post it publicly. I am simply trying to get a 'head-count' so to speak, since it will help when trying to calculate an end-goal. Hopefully you all can understand how important that is to actually working out all the necessary details to achieve that goal. Need to raise some capital!

Does that clarify things a bit? Hope so. I'm looking at a couple of days before I get the basic site structure of M:iP! up and running. I doesn't take THAT long to create a blog from a template. But we do have other things to consider and some details to finalize.

And OH YEAH...I almost forgot...the tease part. Our little group has already secured its first iPad, via donation, and a couple other interesting things, and that means one recipient, as soon as we know who actually wants to BE a recipient, could be selected as early as tomorrow.

It is our intention to, hopefully, be able to announce that recipient, with photos and everything, as soon as the MiP! blog goes live in a couple of days!

How do ya like

You don't KNOW how long I've been waiting to say that. OK, just one day, but it felt like forever. :P



jocalyn said...

you make me laugh!

btw...your blog button was erased off my blog back in january when i lost everything.

this ipad, um, situation, has brought me back to your blog and i'm adding you back to my list! i've missed your wit and your beautiful family :)

hope you're doing well.

Finding Normal said...

Holy crap! Look! An iPad in a bag! With a serial number or whatever that is! I knew it wasn't that hard.
Thank you so much for embarking on this new journey. Addison thanks you (although she's upstairs, supposedly sleeping but I can hear her playing). I cannot tell you the difference you will ACTUALLY make for these children.
Again, let me know how I can help.
Sending my "in!" email right now!

Stephanie said...

Awesome!!!! Love you guys! Sending folks your way. Maybe my blog post will actually show up this time????? aARGH!

@Finding Normal - I know - right? Not rocket science. Hee! Hee!


Alaina and Kyle said...

I just got a list from my SLP about great apps you can purchase or get for free that are good speech apps. If you want some of those I can send get them for you.

Elizabeth said...

I'm not in for an iPad, but I'm still sitting here on the dock of the bay watching the tide roll away.

In all seriousness, let me know if you need any help because I'm happy to do so.

Melissa said...

Just got caught up on all the comments on this story I missed yesterday. Ugh! I will be helping when you all figure out the best way to go about it.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Such craziness this whole iPad fiasco is! I hopr you all really do get them.

Sherry C said...

Heather you and Ken are amazing!