Sunday, August 7, 2011

Gratitude : Week number ???

I am not actually sure what week this is. I was on such a roll and then just like that, one crap week and it threw my whole rhythm off. Which is exactly the opposite of what this little exercise in gratitude is suppose to accomplish. The point is, even and most especially, during those days, where you are grasping at straws to find what you are grateful for, you need to come up with something. Anything. Even if it means being grateful for finding a parking spot in an over crowded parking garage. But me, a few weeks back, I folded on a Wednesday and called the week done. But I am back and I am determined, that when another week comes like the last one, and you know it will come, I will push through it and get to my 21. Just gotta do it.

1. Long lunch dates with old an old friend. Picking up just where we left off.

2. Saturday morning hikes.



3. Crossing off things on the boys summer bucket list. Griffith Observatory.



Another cool place, situated atop a hill over looking Los Angeles. Joe once deemed it," Better than Disneyland"

4. Reconciliations

5.Listening to Joe play the piano.

6. Perspective

7. Another thing crossed of the bucket list. Getty Museum.


The boys love the Getty Museum. Totally into the museum thing. Not that they don't also love typical boy stuff: the expansive lawn there was beckoning them to roll down it's hill. Over and over.

8. Zoey's chair


Although we continue to get some interesting looks, semi pitiful/feel sorry for us/her looks, my favorite comment came from a little girl, who I over heard as we wheeled passed, exclaim to her daddy, "I want one of those!"

9. The power of forgiveness.

10. Gwendolyn


August is SMA Awareness Month. Please join me by swinging by Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and see how you can help spread the word. Together we can end SMA.

11. Platelet donation

12. Team In Training

13. County Fair



Jake is my daredevil. Which, if you knew my boys, it would seem that Joe would be the risk taker, but not true. Joe is whimpy, compared to Jake. This picture was Jake's sarcastic look of his fear of the ride before it began, but by a few minutes in, he was ghostly white. Even too much for him.

Would you look at the kid next to him? Cool as a cucumber and how, I have no idea.This ride went up and down and forwards and backwards. Insane.

14. Older daughters who not only shop for dinner, but prepare and serve, as well.

15. Yummy caramel apples, DeBrito Chocolate Factory. To die for delicious.

16. Friday Beach days. Have only missed one all summer long.



Jake was in the ocean for 3 hours straight. Never left it until it was time to go home. The boy loves the water.

17. Backyard camp outs. Again. 

18. Fundraisers for courageous little fighting buddies. Keep strong and fight hard Mikey.


19. My aging body. Yep, even though it becomes abundantly clear, with each mile I run, that I am not as young as I use to be, as I train for these 2 half marathons, I am rallied by the causes for which I am running for: Leukemia/ Lymphoma and SMA. These diseases and the goal of cure are all the motivation I need.

20. Errands with my sidekick

21. Concerts in the Park.


Anonymous said...

Hey I came across your blog on And God Laughs a few months ago and ever since then I've always wanted to tell you that I think you're a GREAT mom I should know becaause I have Cerebral Palsy and a great mom too :)

Cammie Heflin said...

I've been thinking about you so much lately! Really hoping you are able to take a break and make it to dull, boring little ole Missouri!! I was really down on Friday, so sad that I wasn't able to come back to Cali this summer, thinking of the beach and trying to enjoy your fun through memories of you and the beach :) Praying you are well and things are good, looks like you are having fun! We're still on house arrest pretty much due to the heat but this week looks MUCH better!!! My phone is messing up during calls, texts are working, so connect with me this week if you get a chance! Love you my dear friend!!!

Becca said...

I love this - so many amazing things to be grateful for, so many amazing things done this summer!! I'm coming to move in with you, btw...LOL

Zoey is more and more beautiful every time I see her pics. Hope to meet her one day! :-)

Lacey said...

You are just reminding me my friend, that I haven't done near the stuff I wanted to this summer with the kids! I'm glad to hear the Gwendolyn isn't horribly sick, just getting checked out. I was super worried about her! My Carter would have spent all that time with Jake in the ocean. He will stay in a swimming pool for hours, totally skipping dinner. He keeps asking me for a boogy board too. Jake will have to show him how to use it!

The Annessa Family said...

Beautiful photos, and so much to be thankful for.

Good luck on your half-marathons! I have my first one coming up in October!


Elizabeth said...

O.K. Where in the world did you fit a crash into that week? Everyone looks like they were having so much fun -- what a good mama you are.

Thank YOU for sharing that with us!

Rochelle said...

Such a great gratitude post. I will definitely have to get back to my weekly thankful posts soon. Love your beach Fridays...

Anonymous said...

looks like an A plus week! Quite a difference in before & after photos of Jake's face (ride)


just hanging out in Syracuse until the "Needham" boys come to Otisco Lake in a couple of weeks!

Mark: I drove route from Thruway exit (Weedsport) to the lake on Saturday - piece of cake! will send you directions

Anna said...

so good to see your family in action!
The photos of Zoey. She is growing up Heather! Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Because I am barred from posting on the other blogs, due to a lack of identity, I will post this thought here. Has the iPossible team contacted Bill Gates and Apple directly? He is a very charitable man, and I can only imagine that $11,000 to him is less than taking your family out for a fast food meal for you. I'm sure you would get some sort of response. Your cause is very moving and your grassroot efforts are extremely admirable.

Reagan Leigh said...

You guys do SO much! It's like every day is a vacation for your family! Most families don't go to the beach every Friday...they go to the beach when they are on VACATION!!! (we live about 45min from the beach and have never taken Reagan) Always taking your kids out and doing fun things with them...I'm afraid sometimes they take that for granted because it's always go, go, go, do, do, do! You are an exceptional mom (don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise), you deserve a pat on the back!!!

Melissa said...

I love that you are getting so many things crossed off your summer bucket list. I love Zoey's chair too! And the slide picture. Those are what comes to mind when I think about summer fairs.

Victoria Strong said...

I'm just catching up on my favorite blogs, so i just saw this. Thank you. We love you!

Cole said...

Don't let the exercise get you down! You know even if you only did a couple days of the week- or even one thing once- then it is there for you to focus on- that thing you love. For me really it's a way to get my mind off of ruminating on things that have traditionally made me worry. My cousin sent me a quote the other day that worry is just a waste of perfectly good imagination. Hugs to you friend- time will pass and so will your funk and the sun will shine-xoxoox