Monday, June 18, 2012

This thing is kicking my a@# ...

That would be vertigo folks. This nasty little disorder that I have has kicked up a notch thanks to what we fondly refer to here in Southern California as, June gloom. Our close proximity to the ocean, makes my June gloom days last nearly all day long. Which means I stay in an almost constant vertigo state, accompanied by headache, ear pressure, hearing loss and finally nausea as a chaser. Weather plays a huge role in how I manage this thing and the barometric pressure is not my friend lately. I am made of hearty stock. I really am. I barely give a passing glance to my asthma. 3 meds a day and I am good to go. Lupus and my new Sjogrens' diagnosis, again, medication, gamma globulin shots and no worries. But this, this is the pits. Meniere's is a fairly rare disorder, .2% of the population, so I have yet to find a trusty cohort that I can complain to and who really understands and gets how absolutely awful and frustrating it can be. Even within my family. They try. They really do but unless you live in my head, or one similar, there is no way to explain this thing to anyone.

So what else can I do but suck it up and keep going. Which I do. I move about in a fog, most all day long. That is the way it has been for the last almost 2 weeks. Concentration is shot and talk about tongue tied. If I am out in public, and run into someone, I am certain that after they walk away from our conversation, they will have most certainly concluded that I have taken to drinking during the daylight hours. Occasionally, I am rendered completely incapacitated and am left crawling on hands and knees to the bathroom, puking till the episode passes. Luckily, those episodes have made themselves scarce this time around. So yeah, that is what's happening with me. Fun times.

However, despite it all, we have manged to string along some fun things this first week or so of summer break. Like the beginning of our much anticipated weekly beach days.

A trip to the California Science Center to see an amazing exhibit of artifacts found beneath the depths of the Mediterranean Sea from the reign of Cleopatra in ancient Egypt. Very few know this about me but, given another chance in this life, I might just want to be an archaeologist. No joke. Of course while still being a mother, traipsing about the globe and all. But in all honesty, the History Channel. National Geographic and archaeological finds, that stuff seriously excites me. Who would have thought, uh?

 Jake rode this cool high wire bike while we were there but unfortunately, Joe didn't make the height requirement. And much to my pleasant surprise, Joe handled the rejection well. Could go either way with Joe. You just never know.

Next up, the boys and their fun loving and I must say brave, future brother in-law Matt, went to the Kings Parade in LA honoring our hometown champs. My resident Kings fanatics, were beside themselves with excitement.

And finally, there was  Father's Day at Dodger Stadium, with a 'Play Catch with your Dad', after the game, down on the field. The boys and Mark had a blast and are looking forward to many more Dodger games in the upcoming season. I think that is a quintessential thing to do just with your dad, so that is why I am happy to have them go bond all by their lonesomes. Well, that and the fact that I do not dig baseball. This says a self proclaimed tomboy, so I must really not like baseball, uh?. Does that make me Un-American?

Well, a few other things to share but have to bring this to a close. Another oh so lovely aspect of my life, effected by Meniere's, is my ability or rather inability, to engage in reading or things having to do with the computer.

Like I said. Fun times.


blogzilly said...

And all this time I just thought you had a medical marihuana card. Hope the situation improves.

LA has a hockey team? Who knew? :)

Becca said...

Ohhh, Heather, I can't even imagine... How on earth are you functioning?? That picture at the very top gives me anxiety, just looking at it. I only get very, very, very occasional bouts of vertigo that last under a minute, but they're scary enough just like that! When were you diagnosed with the condition? Is it something you'd always had, or did it come on later?

About archaeology - I just got a serious thrill reading that. I also wanted to be an archaeologist soooo badly. I wound up doing art history at school instead, but my heart was always with the artifacts. When I realized that I'd need a gazillion years of school and would likely not make enough $$ to put food on the table, I moved on. But I did volunteer at the National Museum of the American Indian for a couple of years, building storage mounts for artifacts. It was the most exciting thing I ever did!!

Stephanie said...

praying that you feel better soon!!! This sounds like a stroll through hell.
Love you!!

Lisa Lilienthal said...

UGH! Hopefully you will get some sunshine soon -- or come to my house! We're just 10 miles inland from Laguna but it usually clears by 10 a.m. most days.

Rochelle said...

Praying for you girl. Can't imagine I got dizzy just looking at that top picture.
You continue to amaze me in being able to keep up with your busy life in spite of all. Hmmm guessing that is where Zoey gets her drive!
Love you friend.

Lacey said...

I love love love to watch Carter play baseball. But to go to a major league thanks. Way too long and boring!!
We bought a boogie board and a skim board, so one of these weeks we are going to join you for beach Friday!

Kristin said...

Cool museum - even cooler parade ;)

Anonymous said...

great photos! Love Zoey's braid!

Feel better


Anna said...

I've been wondering where you were. I am so so sorry. Glad your little ones can still have summer adventures. I can't believe how long n thick zoeys braid is!

Mary R from Turlock said...

I wish I could share our sunshine with you - but then the high heat would probably make things worse as well -- up close to 100's this week. You always share so honestly that I - and all your other readers - can really TRY to see it.
I love the pix of all the kids.

Bea Braun said...

Oh Heather I am so sorry! I so wished your meds would help you more. The barometric pressure is interesting. Maybe you could spend June in Big Bear or Mammoth:) Your attitude is amazing. Truly amazing. So wish there was something out there for you....I am praying that it gets better.

Fun for Mark and the boys! Zoey looks like she's in her element :)

Elizabeth said...

How in the world did I miss this post? Except for the vertigo, it was so wonderful to read about your boys -- and I loved the photos.

I am sorry to hear of this trial that you're enduring. I'm so sorry.

Melissa said...

Praying that you feel better soon. You are such a tough girl, I just hate that you are feeling so poorly. :(

Ahlea Armstrong said...

Hi Heather-
A friend that follows your blog just told me about you. I too suffer horribly from Meniere's Disease. I live here here in Long Beach with 3 children.
I have been incredibly lucky to find another mom here in Long Beach that teaches Kinder. She suffers from MD as well. She has been my rock for the past 2 years. I could not have survived without her support. Between the two of us, we have had every procedure/med done known to man that can try to battle MD and make our lives have some quality.
We have seen ENT after ENT and otologist after otologist.
As you know, unless you have suffered from MD, you cannot possibly fully even begin to grasp it's atrociousness.
Melina and I started a Facebook webpage that offers support specifically for Moms with Meniere's.
Please join our community.
You can also contact me personally through my email address.
Ahlea Armstrong

krlr said...

Oh jeez - my sympathies. I had a teensy tiny passing case of vertigo and, well, it sucked. (don't you hate it when people compare their minor problems to your life altering ones? I have pneumonia!/I have a cold! My kid has an IEP/mine got a B on a math test! :)

Wishing it passes soon for you.

the nafarrates said...

Hello! I'm the friend that Ahlea wrote so kindly about. She told me about your blog and I can't stop reading. We know exactly what you are going through with Meniere's and being a mom at the same time. I teach a full inclusion kindergarten class and I'm so touched by Zoey and her story. What an amazing family you have. Please contact me and Ahlea at any time. We are here!