Saturday, June 30, 2012

"We have no right to ask when sorrow comes, "Why did this happen to me?" unless we ask the same question for every moment of happiness that comes our way." ~Author Unknown

My life is truly overflowing with happiness. Yes, there certainly have been days and moments that I have had to look a little harder to see the happiness scattered amongst the sorrow. But the joy and happiness were there. I just needed to know where to look.

My week has held some truly sorrowful moments. However, my eyes did not have to travel far to glimpse the happiness that abounds and surrounds me, on a daily basis. And I often wonder how it is that I have come to be so blessed. Why me indeed. These faces and several more not pictured here, sustain me. They lend light through the darkness and allow me to see, that together, we will find our way.

Jess and Matt were in Chicago the day the beach pictures were taken. Felt so strange to post this without their faces represented, so here you go. Taken in Chicago on the Architecture boat tour.

Love you my beautiful family and to my friends, who are reading this, I love you as well.


Denise said...

Woo Hoo....great minds think alike!! I just finished a post at this horribly late hour too. Yes, I did say a post. My first one in 10 months!! I just needed to get back to my blog. I was missing my blog friends and had a huge desire to do some reconnecting so thought I better do a post. Miss you guys sooo much. How about a planned beach day if our schedules can somehow work out??? Love to you all, you are beautiful!!

krlr said...

Beautiful beaches, beautiful family.
Here's wishing you many sunny, sandy days.

Anonymous said...

Love these photos, each and every one! Nice to see that Mark was able to have some "beach time" also


Peter Olson said...

Yeah! Woo-Who! And who doesn't love those California Beach Babies? Ha! Ha!
Nice photos ~ I do miss all that swimming and fun on the beach stuff. Very glad that you can enjoy it as a family. But, please do not forget to use the Sun Block. You sure don't need a sun burn or skin issues.
Love and Hugs!

Rochelle said...

Love all your beach pics. Holding you up my friend, keep searching for those sprinkles of joy!
Love you

Elizabeth said...

Wow. Those are some babes and hunks on the beach! Your family is indeed beautiful -- in every way.

The VW's said...

Your family is beautiful for sure....and so are the pics! Love to you as well, Heather!

blogzilly said...

The beach is very...I dunno...soothing. I miss the ocean a ton. Great pics.

Victoria Strong said...

Just beautiful. All of it.