Sunday, November 25, 2012

The stocking's were hung ...

The Christmas trunk was opened ...

The stockings were hung. Well, some of them at least. As the older ones begin to move out and start families of their own, the stockings go with them. Just as it was meant to be.

A few of my trees.

Several years back, my aunt in Canada sent me old Christmas cards that my mom had sent her over the years. Recently I opened the album they were in and pulled them out to look at them. I flipped them over and saw that each of them had personal messages on the back. My mom's handwriting. My mom's words from days gone by. A true gift in these days.

My Santa's.

My first Christmas. Actually, my first Christmas card picture. I spent Christmas that year in the hospital with pneumonia. The Nativity set was purchased in the gift shop in the hospital lobby by my grandmother. I treasure that set. And, yes, yes I do know Jesus is missing. In our house we don't place him in the creche till Christmas Eve.

And so it begins.

Joy. Peace. Hope. Promise.

Christmas 2012


Reagan Leigh said...

Ahhhh...I LOVE Christmas!! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!! Wishing you and your family a beautiful Christmas this difficult year!!!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful decorations! I myself don't have the energy to contemplate Christmas decorating this early -- we generally get started during the second week of December! The only homage to the holidays I've given is to change my profile photo on my Facebook page!

blogzilly said...

What is it about vintage photos that draws us in like moths to flame? Something about the flavor of them...gotta figure that out. The deco is very nice too.

Your blog is always the litmus test for my vision. When I cannot read the CAPTCHA stuff I know it is time to schedule an appointment.

krlr said...

It came as a rude surprise when my dad sent me my stocking after I got married. (It also came as a rude surprise to Matt, whose own stocking was half the size - endless teasing there).

I can't believe I'm a month behind on my reading but this was a nice message to read after recent events: Peace, Joy, Hope, Promise indeed. We cling to what we can. xoxo.