Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Well gee thanks California Department of Education ...

A few months ago I signed a consent form at Zoey's school for an outside diagnostic center to do some educational observations.  I didn't hesitate in having her participate because I am a staunch advocate in participating in studies, especially since our journey through cancer.  Case studies and research are the reason my girl is here today.  Anyway, I did not inquire as to what type of study was being done and felt comfortable not pursuing other information and that was that.

Yesterday I opened my mail and found this:

A three page report with attached documents on their findings as they pertained to Zoey.  As I sat in the car waiting for Joe to finish his piano lessons, I think I laughed out loud.  Actually, I know I did.  Then I got a little bit bugged.  Given the current state of the California's economy and the cuts to services within and outside the school districts statewide, as well as the continued cuts to enrichment programs, not to mention, did you know that in our school district there are no longer librarians in the schools?  Yep, we did away with that paid position.  Teachers now need to work it into their weekly curriculum if they want the kids to be able to check out books.  I sat in my car and wondered just how much money and man power was wasted on this program.  And who's brain child was this?  Certainly not parents to a child like mine.  Because let me tell you, if I had been sitting at a table when this plan was being hatched, I would have most definitely not backed it.  I am not certain any of these findings fall under the umbrella of "education" either.  I could go on and on but let's cut to the chase, shall we?

It looks as if I have been wasting my time trying to get Zoet to oh, lets see, walk, eat independently, etc. Because in their opinion, Zoey might be well served participating in a good 'ole fashion game of "Horse".  I however disagree.  I say a game of "Pig" is much more within her reach.  Fewer letters to keep track of.  My favorite line is the first.  I cannot wait for her to become proficient in her shooting so I can shoo her outside to "independently" play some basketball.

And they were ever so kind to attach a diagram to help me with her form.

Does anyone else see the absolute hilarity of this? The two handed/arm throw about kills me.  Because of Zoey's stroke we know how effortlessly Zoey can use both arms.  In unison.  And, if anyone was not aware, Zoey attends a school for children with moderate to severe disabilities.  To send this out to parents such as myself is insulting and frankly, a tad bit hurtful.  But in their defense, they also had another quite helpful suggestion:

 Gee thanks California Department of Education.  I am so grateful for your continued guidance in making sure Zoey's educational needs are being met.  Okay.  Gotta run.  Need to strap on Zoey's basketball shoes and get out there and shoot some hoops.



Elizabeth said...

Holy crapola. I've seen some serious bullshit with the LAUSD, but that takes all. You should send that to Steve Lopez at the LA Times.

And I'm thrilled that you've posted twice in as many days!

Cath Young said...

Heather, and Elizabeth, too, I'd really be interested in what kind of assessments, what kind of program would be ideal for each of your children. What should be done with children who are those levels in order to make their time in school most productive.

Anna said...

Yes. Hurtful indeed. I have no words.

Heather said...

I am not sure as to the nature of your inquiry Cath. Could you clarify so I might answer you thoroughly? The "who are those levels" is what I am confused by.

blogzilly said...

Uh-oh...unleash the hounds!

This is gonna get interesting. I'm happy to see you post also. Understand how it made you feel I really do.

But I like the fact that at least some part of you laughed about this. Even if that laughter was because of the DARK aspects of the humor, I still think that's pretty fuckin healthy. And to me, I think laughing is as important as you running 90 miles a day.

No go rip 'em a new one!!! :D