Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Looks like I have a trend happening here...

As in I find myself with a half dozen blog post ideas, to which I fully intend to come here and jot down my thought on say a single topic and then, well, life happens.   One day passes into another and one idea morphs into a few and then zap, as my mind operates as of late, I forget each and every one of the aforementioned ideas.  And when I finally carve out a bit of time,  I sit down and find there has been so much going on and friends and family are mostly looking for everyday life updates,  that I end up doing a free for all random post.  Which is all good but perhaps a tad bit boring and not at all what I had planned.  But here I am and here it goes.  Another disjointed, random post:

I find myself doing a lot of the "steadily" and perhaps not as much of the "abundantly" but given the state of my life and the tempo of the days, I think I should be a bit more forgiving of myself and be proud that I am moving sanely at all.  And on some days, the sanely goes out the window and I just am moving.  Which works.

Our weekly Sunday dinners continue.  Sometimes we are minus a few due to work schedules.  Mainly Jess and Matt who are out there saving lives cuz lifesaving doesn't halt for Sunday dinners.  I suppose, now that I think of it, the presence of these beautiful human beings should be classified under  "abundantly" because when I see them all together, broken into small little groups, discussing life and loving on little ones, that my friends, is abundant joy for sure.

Zoey continues to like to "walk" holding someones hand.  This little snippet I caught on the 4th of July as she made her way down to the cul de sac to see the neighborhood kids doing their thing  And this little thing makes my heart happy.

I seldom have time to myself other then before say 6 am and after 10 pm that is.  With Zoey deciding a few times a week that 4am-ish is a grand time to start the day, I end up hopping out of bed, leaving her with Mark and heading out for a bike ride and a run.  Due to some ongoing, pesky chronic health issues, I am having to bring my athletic endeavors down a notch.  Trying to instead do a bit of cross training that involves the running and biking and some light weightlifting to give my somewhat flabby and nearly fifty arms some love.  When school starts back I will resume Yoga.  I HAVE got to get back to yoga.  My summer schedule just doesn't allow it unfortunately.  But I really need to get back to it.  As much for my mind as my body.  Probably more for my mind if the truth be told.

Speaking of running.  I received these wings in the mail the other day from a long time friend.  A friendship that began in mid February of 2008.  A friendship that is actually responsible for the beginning of this blog.  My friend Rae has a son Sam, who is much like Zoey.  A few years older.  Mischievious and warrior like.

 The evening I received the results of Zoey's EEG that confirmed Infantile Spasms, I began pouring over the internet.  That was, pouring over the internet after I picked myself up from the laundry room floor.  Because as our pediatrician read me the results and my otherwise fairly optimistic pediatrician voiced his concern about being able to control these seizures, I literally did one of those signature moves you see in the movies, and gasped, covered my mouth and slid my body down the wall to rest my devasted body on the floor.  Sound dramatic?  For a diagnosis of Infantile Spasms, not so much.  Nothing particularly positive can be found when you google that diagnosis.  In fact, down right depressing and yeah, horrible.  But that night Rae and her blog that I found during my internet search and the story of her journey with Sam, were my beacon of hope and they were, truly the wind beneath my otherwise weary and broken wings.  I will always, always be indebted to them for that.  Always.

I leave you with this.

 Could think of no better way to end this than with a picture of this sweet 12 week old little cutie pie. Simply adorable our little messenger of hope and healing. Simply adorable.


Meg said...

Love your random posts. Always a good way to start my day. And so wonderful to see Zoey walking. Hope you continue to have abundance this summer and beyond.

colleen said...

Love your trend, love your posts, love that baby who looks like she could be one of yours! Genes are funny that way. Such love and the Zoey walking beyond amazing - take care of yourself. Don't know how you do it all but so glad you do!

krlr said...

You & me both, sister. But love hearing from you here & seeing your gorgeous family. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

hi Heather

So sad, video not working but I can just imagine Zoey "walking on down" to see the neighborhood kids.

That little one is beyond beautiful - love her awesome smile.

Keep the posts coming when you can Heather -

PS Zoey holding her youngest niece is beyond words!! love love it!!!