Friday, March 21, 2008

"Aim high enough"

Today is earmarked  as World Down Syndrome Day and the date of 3/21 signifies the triplication of the 21st chromosome. The theme is "Aim High enough" and it challenges each and everyone of us regardless if we have a Down child or even know one, it challenges us to bring awareness, ,dedication,acceptance and mostly love to these wonderful human beings who want nothing more than  to have the opportunity, like the rest of us, to live a rich and full life. "Aim high enough" can speak to us all on different levels and for me I immediately thought of a majestic mountain. I thought about how each one of these remarkable people start their lives out with a mountain of sorts to climb. Some come into this world and their journey up that mountain takes a little longer. It may be scattered with a few more challenges that make it  harder to reach that peak. But they persevere and they are sometimes placed on the backs of those who love them to help them climb a little higher. We don't mind, for it is our duty, our responsibility, to carry them and lighten their load. With the love and support of everyone that loves them, they will all reach that mountain top and the view  will be amazing. Our wish is to be standing right beside them gazing out at the beauty that awaits them,encouraging them that there is nothing that they cannot accomplish and with Gods help and with the help of all who love them they will soar from that mountain top and the journey to get there will be worth all the struggle and heartache. And for those that found the mountain too steep and the journey too difficult they are already soaring and their view is more beautiful then any of us could imagine. Please take a moment today to pray for all of these inspiring people and the people who care for them and love them unconditionally. Take a moment on this Holy Day of Good Friday, when Christ gave his life for us so we could even attempt mountains, pause and be reminded of a mountain long ago called Calvary, that has allowed us to even be taking in the grace and beauty of each new day. A very blessed Easter to everyone.

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Beth said...

I happened along your blog earlier this week and included Zoey in the post I wrote about today being WDS Day. I hope you don't mind that I included Zoey and a link to your blog. Click below for my post.
In Honor of World Down Syndrome Day