Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The wings of others

My motivation for this blog was born out of the journeys of others, the journeys of strangers who now, although we have never met face to face, their stories, their children, are my source of strength and I feel as though my life is made richer because of them, I know it is.  I wanted to take a moment to share  little bites of  a few of these amazing families and their inspiring children. We and our children , never set out to be inspirations , but if we do not find that all of what we have endured thus far, is not for a greater good, then it would trivialize the lives of these magical children that have graced our lives.So they, along with ourselves, become inspirations, whether we like it or not. One such child is a little guy named Sam. I hit on his mom Rae's blog a few days before Zoey had her second MRI that would confirm her seizure disorder. Now I, the often cynical Heather of late , could say that it was by coincidence that I happened upon Sam's story, OR I can believe that I was led to him for a far more divine reason, having nothing to do with chance. The choice continues to be mine. This little guy is the first Down syndrome child that I have "met" in the last year that just got nailed by everything under the sun like Zoey. A kindred spirit the two of them and by default , his inspiring mom and myself, my gain. Their story restores in me hope of the future and for that I am grateful beyond words." Slow and steady wins the race" and "Everything is possible....... the impossible just takes a little longer" I owe to Sam and his mom. Thank you Rae and Sam. Another little guy is Jude from the U.K. I was drawn to his dad Ian's post to a group I belong to . I could feel the pain in his words, the desperation  for answers, and the unconditional love for his son through his post. I continued on to his blog and saw first hand the strength of a father,when often it is mothers we hear from and feel for, Dad's, sometimes become the forgotten ones. In this case ,I will never forget the Marrey's from England and a father trying to take care of his family and a child loved for being the perfect boy he is. On to little Miss Chelsea. My connection to her is for obvious reasons . You will know why by just one click on her blog, Dream Big. An endearing Down syndrome child fighting AND winning the battle of leukemia. As most of you know, Zoey must have her blood checked often because of the increased risk of developing leukemia before she is five. A fear that can almost paralyze me at times but one made easier to even visit, by watching the grace and dignity and joy by which this incredible child and her family have taken on what has been placed before them. I continue to be awe struck by each and every entry of their blog. The last little angel is one no longer among us but has left behind gifts that cannot be measured by the length of her short life. Her name was Gabi and she blessed her family and those who loved her beyond any mere words. A visit to her blog makes you wish you had the opportunity to know this sweet child. But her family has allowed strangers, like myself, into their lives during the most joyful and most painful times. How absolutely unselfish. Zoey was born with the same heart defect as Gabi and was actually recovering from her surgery the week Gabi left this world this past August. Again a connection I cannot ignore. There is a quote on Gabi's site "If God brings it to you...... He will also get you through it". I am challenged each and every day  to believe that quote and I will, with the help of the lessons of one tiny little girl , try to have those words resonate daily in my own life. Thank you to all of these children and their families  for allowing me to share parts of their very private and personal journeys, for it is  on their wings that I am often carried . 


Beth said...

GREAT post!!!

rae said...

thank you so much for you kind words. And although I am sure you don't realize it, but your words so inspire others. Your love for Zoey is beautiful and touching and you put into words so clearly the struggles of a parent of a medically fragile child. Thank you for sharing your lives with the rest of us.