Sunday, April 6, 2008

A love, hate relationship

Monday starts with a lovely road trip to downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact. For all of you out of staters , trust me, it has nothing to do with glitz and glamour. Oh no. Zoey and I will be heading to our home away from home, Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. Sorry to disappoint. However, it is right near the big Church of Scientology. Maybe we'll catch a glimpse of Tom Cruise. No seriously . I SERIOUSLY HATE going down there. And in a really weird way love it. The morning always begins the same way. Me, in a foul mood, wondering how it is I came to be able to practically drive the drive with my eyes closed. How I came to know the parking attendants by name and that the front desk badge people recognize me. How is it that Zoey is known from Radiology to oncology and every where in between. Neurology,cardiology,hematology. Have I missed a "ology"? We have stayed in the NICU and CTICU and pray we do not ever have to go to the PICU. Suffice it to say we know our way around the joint! From Chaplains to cafeteria workers and countless others , we have come to know so many of the CHLA staff. They have become our family. Many ,we consider our friends.Thats where the love comes in. How can we not love the people who have literally saved our daughters life. The nurses who, became her second mommies when I couldn't be there. The doctors who have cared for her as if she were their own. Their faces light up when we return. You can see how pleased they are to see her growing and thriving despite set back after set back. You see the pain in their face when she struggles to over come yet another lousy hand dealt her. They encourage us each step of the way and remind us of what a fighter she is. How can we not in some strange way love this place? Now , don't get me wrong. I cannot wait till a day comes when we will not have to come back as often, if ever. But the people, the people I will miss. And as sad as it can be sometimes , I will miss the faces of the awe inspiring children that I see each and every time. They give us such strength. So , tomorrow I will make the trek,like I always do because I have to. On friday I will do it again. And unfortunately , and also fortunately, I will continue it for some time to come. Pray for Zoey tomorrow. We need a good report from her echocardiogram. Her heart needs to look just as healthy as it did  almost 2 weeks ago so she can continue on her ACTH treatment. We are not asking for much, just status quo. Keep those prayers coming .

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Carey said...

I hope you trip into the city went well today! I can hardly stand going into KC, I'd never survive in LA! Thinking and praying for Zoey!