Saturday, May 31, 2008

" And now, let the wild rumpus start!" (Maurice Sendak)

It's going to be a wild 24 hours or so for the Needham family. We begin our day frantically getting ready for two drastically different events that are equally  amazing in their own right. We are so excited for both and although it will take patience and preparation, the end result will be well worth it. The day begins with the usual around here. Throw in a bunch of extra errands and whatever else will be thrown our way and it's sure to make for an interesting day. Team work is the name of the game today. Only way it will work. The picture posted is of my parents taken 50 years ago today. Wow, what an incredible milestone, to say the least. What an inspiration. What an example they are of two people who love each other more then anything else in this world. Talking to my mom this morning was like talking to a giddy bride to be. She recalled the day as if it were yesterday. Such joy in her voice. Such pride. Such love. She repeated how incredibly happy she was. How incredibly in love she was. My parents have always put each other first. As a young child you may not understand that concept but to be an adult now, I understand it perfectly. I am one of five. Smack dab in the middle. Life was chaotic but wonderful growing up. My parents raised us with faith and solid family values. Loyalty, kindness, unselfishness, moral responsibility. They did the absolute best they could and the rest was up to us. We would be going on to live our lives and that would leave them. Just the two of them. They made sure that each other was the center of their lives. Each others best friend. 50 years later they still remain each others best friend . Don't get me wrong. They love us all too. Just differently. Which I completely understand. Which I completely am in awe of. They are the very proud parents of 5 children. They are the very proud grandparents of 19 grandchildren. They are the very proud life partners of each other. This evening we will all come together at St. Monica's in Santa Monica. We will gather all together and celebrate mass at the very same church they were married in 50 years ago today. Pretty amazing. Afterwards we are heading to Malibu for dinner over looking the ocean and then the Needhams will pile into our car and head out for a 2 1/2 hour drive south to San Diego. There we will be part of another amazing accomplishment. Jessica will be running in the Rock 'n Roll Marathon. Participants are in the upwards of 30,ooo runners/walkers.  She is part of  Team in Training and she has raised $4,375 for the leukemia/lymphoma society. She runs in honor of her baby sister. Writing those words are difficult for me. Harder then I thought they would be. I could never express how proud of her we are. We can't wait to meet her at that finish line. It's going to be an exciting, emotional, amazing weekend around here. Keep us all in your prayers. Especially my parents, Margaret and Phillip Billings. May they feel how very much they are loved today. And for Jessica. Strength for her body. Strength for her mind. We ask for your  continued prayers for all of us, as we continue this wild, wonderful journey. 

* I have been meaning to post about an incredible young man, who just happens to have Down syndrome, that we watched on "So You Think You Can Dance", the other night. He brought us to tears and once again hit home the message we all so badly want to get out into this world. Check him out under my Learn more and Be Inspired links. His name is Brett Banford and he is nothing short of amazing!  

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Mary said...

Way to go Jessica! Raising $4375 is quite an accomplishment!