Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Forgot to mention

I added a couple of new links under Learn more and Be Inspired. The one I really want to bring to your attention is The National Donor Marrow Registry. Please consider checking it out. For a few weeks in May they offer FREE kits to those wanting to get on the registry. It is a simple first step of a cheek swab that could potentially lead to you being a match for someone fighting for their life. If you have  ever considered being a donor maybe now is the time to act. There are thousands and thousands of men, women and children waiting for their life saving gift. This program hits home to us for numerous reasons. One , plan and simple it is a beautiful unselfish way to reach out to others suffering and searching for their miracle. Two, because Zoey has Down syndrome and was born with a rare blood disorder, she is at an increased risk of the possibility that some time in her lifetime we will need to reach out to such a program in our hour of need. Three, we were privileged as a family to be part of another families journey with leukemia, that were given renewed hope due to an unselfish act such as this,  from a complete stranger. Their journey became a life changing experience for us, one I will share  with you all at a later, more appropriate time. Thank you to Carey, Chelsea's mom, who brought this great cause to my attention. And thank you to all of you for taking the time to listen once again to my ramblings, this time I hope it was worth it.

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