Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Reality check

Tonight I hugged Zoey just a little bit tighter and a little bit longer before I laid her down to sleep. Tonight I kissed my boys goodnight and cherished the fact that I am able to watch them grow and thrive right before my eyes. Tonight I gazed upon the faces of my beautiful girls and marveled at how blessed I am to have seen them evolve into these kind, loving, selfless, human beings. Tonight I was given a reality check. Again. A lesson not to ever take this life we have with our children for granted. For one moment. The lesson came at the expense of a precious family who had to say goodbye to their far too young, baby girl. An innocent child who came into and out of this world fighting but all the while touching the lives of so many. Her time far too short but her gifts to those she left behind, ones to last a lifetime. Her name ..... Ava. Her mommy Amy, daddy Nate and brother Kaden will forever miss her. So I ask all of you who read this , even though you may not know their story, to say a prayer for this family who should not have to endure this kind of pain. Courage to travel this new road God has laid before them. A prayer for Angel Ava who now looks down upon all that loved her. Our connection came through this crazy world of blogging. Bonded by a desire to reach out and find comfort and strength with other families that are part of a club that we would just as soon not be in. I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to follow their journey. To exchange a word or two during moments of trials and triumphs. They unselfishly allowed people like myself into their lives , at the most trying and often painful moments. I thank them for that, as their daughter touched my heart with her determination and resiliency. May the Lord bring peace to their weary bodies tonight and may time begin to heal their broken hearts.

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