Saturday, May 3, 2008

In Thanks and Gratitude

Today felt like the perfect day to say a few long, over due things. I know we have expressed some of it in the past. Most of you will say it needs not be repeated but we feel strongly about reiterating it anyway. Mostly because we love you all so much and never, ever want you to feel that we have taken any of you for granted, for one moment. Being that this is Zoey"s one year "anniversary" since coming home, the timing seemed appropriate. I truly know that mere words could never, ever adequately convey my thoughts and inner most feelings right now. Any words would surely fall short of what I want so many people to know. With that said, if some things are lost in translation, I do apologize. I hope those of you who know me best will know what is in my heart. There is a saying out there, it's origin is somewhat debated, but nonetheless, a beautiful and fitting quote for my purpose. It goes something like this, "It takes a village to raise up a child". I could never have felt this more to be the truth then in the last year and a half. If not for this incredible "village" that surrounds us, Zoey, we would never have made it this far. Truly. It begins with babysitting, to cooking , to cleaning, to gas cards, gift cards and groceries, to our favorite Coffee Bean, to presents and lavish, unnecessary gifts,to massages and pedicures, to phone call after phone call that were sometimes ignored , only because of the place we were emotionally in, to emails with great inspirational links, to every other little and big thing in between. It has been in being there for the other children when Mark and I could not. Physically, emotionally and spiritually. These things more then humbled us and were appreciated beyond words. But it will be the love you so freely gave to us that will remain with us for a lifetime. The pure,unconditional love bestowed upon everyone of us. It came from our friends and families. It also came from strangers. You all took time and energy away from your own lives to give to us in our hour of need. You reached out and reached directly into our hearts and touched us in ways that will leave us forever different people. You continue to reach. You let us be ourselves and allowed yourselves, at the same time, to bear the brunt of our difficult moments. You took our bad days upon yourselves and forgave us for our transgressions. Knowing it was the horrible moment speaking, not the true us. You forgave us. You prayed for us. When we could no longer pray, you did it for us. You even enlisted those unknown to us, to pray also. You continue to pray for us. It is the greatest unselfish deed you can do for us, even now. You all have had a part in seeing Zoey accomplish miracles and God willing you will, along with us, watch Zoey continue the path that God has set before her. You have shed tears of sadness right along with us and rejoiced in the unimaginable. Zoey belongs to all of us. A gift given. One we all received with open arms and open hearts. One who came having to endure more then we felt was fair, but continues to teach us daily with her endurance, perseverance and strength. So on this day the Needham family extends a very humble thank you to you all. We look forward to continuing this journey with all of you and are rallied in hope that one day Zoey herself will be able to reach out to each and everyone of you, embrace you and thank you for herself, in her own very precious way.
Above are two pictures. One is the last picture we took of Zoey before she left the hospital. The other was taken today. It doesn't capture how she has been feeling these days, but we know it reflects the good things to come. (I bet Caitlin five bucks she couldn't get her to smile. Looks like I'll have to pay up.)


Pam said...

Isn't it amazing how even when these little tykes are not at their best they are still able to smile through it?

We too owe many thanks to many people.

That was a beautiful post, and reading about Zoey makes me feel not so alone, and boy have I felt alone lately.

I am always thinking of you and keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.


Pam and Rhett said...

Wow. You guys are really in the midst of it. But just one look at that beautiful little face makes everything oh, so worth it, doesn't it?