Saturday, October 4, 2008

Do You Believe?

Get It Down; 31 for 21 I was blessed to have been born into and raised by a family where tolerance for others was a cornerstone of it's foundation. Racism, bigotry and discrimination were and continue to be, absolutely foreign to me. Instilling tolerance in my very own children,has been equally important to me. We certainly have all tried to live our lives with total acceptance of others, regardless of their differences and even more so, because of them.This was life long before Zoey. Zoey has now just broadened that base a bit. Created in us the desire to speak up and out for all who are deemed, "different". Society often views those that do not meet it's unrealistic standard of perfection, as lacking. But, when it comes to people with Down syndrome,who just happened to come into this world with something extra, like an added 21st chromosome, when we really look at it, aren't we the ones actually missing something? Their "extra,"it seems to me, has instead given them the beauty of unconditional love, the inability to hate and judge and the gift of seeing the good in all that surrounds them. We should all be so lucky. On the days that life thrusts upon us the heaviness of world events, financial hardships and personal crisis, isn't their "extra,"an absolute blessing. Just something to think about. For those of you that want to take the time, this is a great video with great quotes, which you know I love and more importantly a beautiful message to match the equally beautiful faces. As always scroll down and pause my blog music first.


Mia hat eins mehr said...

Heather, this is sooooo lovely. Thanks for posting that. The changed picture in the header is also beautiful!

Kele said...
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Kele said...

I Love it! I love the "I am..."

So often I think about my Pres believing inside herself and saying to others, "I AM... perfect, just as I am, perhaps it is just your perception that is imperfect"