Saturday, November 29, 2008

"These Are Days ......

..... you'll remember. Never again and never since, I promise, will the whole world be warm like this. And as you feel it, you'll know it's true, that you are blessed and lucky." These are a few lines from one of my all time favorite songs by Natalie Merchant and the 10,oo0 Maniacs. The past few days, the last week actually, has been nothing short of amazing. Surrounded by my entire family and to have Zoey home, if only for a short time, has been a blessing. Monday we head back to Children's and don't hold me to it but ..... I think we actually may have until Wednesday before she is an inpatient again. Why do I think maybe that is the scenario? Well, here is a phone conversation I had the other day. Verbatim. "Hi, is this a parent of Zoey Needham? Yes it is. This is Children's Hospital of LA confirming your reservation for chemo on Wednesday December the 3rd." SAY WHAT!!!!!! RESERVATION???? Now appointment, I get... but reservation? PLEASE. My response was ..... "I was looking for perhaps maybe a reservation on a plane to Hawaii. Not really chemo." I thought it was a classic line that I won't soon let go of. Much to the dismay of my children. They are completely sick of hearing me repeat the story. But Wednesday it is. Now the question is ..... do I pack swimsuits or dress for cooler weather? Kidding. Monday they will re-access her line, draw blood and see where we are at.If all is well, Round 2 will commence on Wednesday. I actually am anxious to get the next round underway. It is like, hurry up and let's get this thing over with and get on with life. I know the next round may not be as kind on our precious Zoey. I hope it is. Let's pray it is. As for Zoey. Amazing. Strong. Happy. Seemingly healthy. And that is the hard part. She looks and acts so healthy. To think that this nasty disease is anyplace in her body is unfathomable sometimes. We have truly made the most of our time at home. A few more days left. Caitlin headed back today. Jess and Matt tomorrow. Then life begins a new normal on Monday. The ever changing world of new normals. Please continue the abundance of prayers that I know are being sent on Zoey's behalf. What a lucky little girl she is. Yes ...lucky. We all are ...... blessed and lucky.

Zoey and her new hat !!! This darling hat was a gift from Zoey's friend Hannah in Atlanta. Isn't it so cute? Thank you Foy family for the hat and the gift cards ..... we love you guys!

And Zoey hamming it up in her mirror, which she loves to do!


Tammy and Parker said...

Prayers continuing.

You have a beautiful family. You are truly blessed.

Is there anything you need for this next hospital stay?

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, love the family picture, what a treasure. Glad you all have made the most of every moment. Zoey hamming up in the mirror pleases her vision specialist and friend.... It seems as though these days with all of you at home together have been rejuvenating and soul replenishing. Did you find the cake on your patio table? Prayers abundant, with love, Christi Harman

Karen said...

What a smile, your little girls face, just made my night. Thanks for sharing

Carey said...

Great update, and what a beautiful family you have. Are the boys wearing shorts? Isn't it almost December, ... oh yeah, you're in California!!! 35 degrees and snow here today!

Good luck on round 2, we'll continue to pray all goes smoothly. Any hair thinning yet? We didn't notice that much til round two ... not to make you nervous, just FYI ... it kind of freaked me out even though I was expecting it. I finally got my girl, with lots of hair, then bam, it's gone ... and still waiting.

Good night! Enjoy the next few nights at home!

Anonymous said...

Awesome picture of the family and I love Zoey's expression wearing her new hat.

Reservation IS a strange word to call a chemo treatment but maybe you can dream you and Zoey are on the beach instead of in the hospital..Will be a stretch, I know



Shari said...

I continue in prayer for your precious family and Zoey. She is a fighter and so smiley! Hope this finds you being blessed beyond measure and have a wonderful week!

Kele said...

Oh my, I sooo love the pics of Zoey! I am with ya H, looking at her it sure is hard to imagine that anything so ugly is inside of her...BUT NOT FOR MUCH LONGER!!
LOVE the pic of the family, soooo unbelievably beautiful!

kristyc said...

What a fantastic family picture!! Your family is so beautiful Heather!! I am so happy that you were all together for the holiday weekend!! Cheers to you!!

Christina said...

Heather, I hope this next round goes as gently as possible on little Zoey.

Maybe Hawaii NEXT December, eh? ^_^

Your family is just beautiful!!! :)

Pam said...

You guys are all beautiful. Love the Zoey picts. She is such an amazing little girl.

We love you guys, and continue to pray daily.


Reagan Leigh said...

Great pictures! You have such a beautiful's nice to see all of you back together again! Hopefully everything will work out perfectly once more and you'll be able to spend Christmas together as well! Hang in there and give me a call when you get a chance!

Mary said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Rachel said...

You have one of the most beautiful Families I've ever seen. You are all such beautiful people.

I'm glad Zoey is doing well. She always looks so happy!

Praying everyday for Zoey!