Saturday, December 6, 2008

"It Takes a Village to Raise a Child"~ African Proverb

Tomorrow my family and I will find ourselves, once again, humbled by the outpouring of love and support by a community that has embraced us as their own. This community has, time after time, stepped up and given their time, talent and treasure to those finding themselves in places of financial and emotional bankruptcy due to circumstances that have quite frankly, taken them out at the knees. We have always tried to be a family that believed, "There but by the Grace of God goes I." But 21 months ago we became one of those other families. One of those families that found themselves in a surreal place, one that found another obstacle waiting for them around each upcoming corner. Zoey's birth brought such immense joy and at the same time, found us frantically treading deep water, trying, to no avail, to keep our heads above water. We would not be where we are today if not for the generosity of this amazing community that supported us in more ways than I could ever possibly tell you. They have come to love our littlest love. They have come to love us and we them. Tomorrow, the shop where all 8 of us get our hair done, is putting on a Cut-A-Thon in honor of Miss Zoey. The shop is opening their doors on a Sunday and these dedicated stylists are giving up their day off to cut hair from 11-4. They are selflessly giving up family time and their precious down time, for us. This community of ours has donated food and drink and products for raffle, all for us. Stylists are coming from other salons and people are volunteering hours of their day, all for us. People are giving, when I know it is a time, in all of our lives, across this country, when things are far from easy for anyone. I recently responded to a friend here in California, on a post she did on the state of our world. At a time when we are so very disheartened by the greed and disregard that so many in places of power have shown as they wielded their strength for personal gain. I am still rallied by mankind because so many have instead shown that the heart of life will not be broken. I am awestruck. I am proud. I am so very blessed. Pray tomorrow for this community of mine. That their kindness and love will be repaid tenfold. Continue to pray for Zoey. She has brought together strangers who will now be life long friends. She had bonded a family to a community, forever. She is the ultimate definition of Grace and I will never know what I did in my life to deserve such a perfect child. A child that radiates pure goodness. A child that came to show us the way. Tomorrow is sure to be another example of that. Tomorrow comes and with it lessons learned, blessings bestowed and the gift of one little girl's life shared by a community. A village, doing what it does best, raising up a child.


Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

It does take a village - an entire world to raise our children, in child in fact. We just got so lucky as to witness it in the flesh.
I spoke at a small group earlier this week in jest to remind them their 'gifts' at Christmas. Our gifts - in little packages, literally sent to us from God. HOw is it you and I, along with all of these other parents walking similar paths got so lucky? Oh it's tough, but God never promised for anything to be easy, but oh how we reap the rewards. OUr communities get those same experiences just by walking along side us all these days. They are blessed too.
You are in my heart right now. I love the quotes you always use. This one is one I have also used very often. So let me share one of my favorite with you.

Walk by Faith, not by sight. 2cor

Ivey has literally taught me that lesson the hard way. It rings even more true in those hard times. When it could be easy to doubt. She trusts in me so very much - even when she can't see me, I think she can feel my presence when I don't say a word. Thus in the harder times, I am reminded of that lesson and how He is in my life.
God bless your community.

just jean said...

My heart is warmed, touched, and strengthened by the these selfless acts of love and support. Your posts of support and caring from others move me to tears as no other posts do. We DO need each other so much. And this is what we are called to do.
I only wish I could be getting my hair cut today.


Anonymous said...

lovely, lovely

lovely, lovely


My name is Sarah said...

Hi Zoey, I love you with your Santa hat. You are just so cute. I hope this is a good week for you. My mom and me will be saying lots of prayers.

Kele said...

This post brought me to tears! I can't wait to hear how it went!!