Thursday, January 15, 2009

Not much of a post but I just could NOT leave yesterdays rantings up for another day .How about a nice quote instead?

"Each day, well-lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness and each tomorrow a vision of hope. Look, therefore, to this one day, for it and it alone .. is life."~Sanskrit Poem

Much more pleasant don't you think?
I think somewhere in the recesses of this blog,I've used this one before.I must like it because it spoke to me again."This one day" was a good one.Never very exciting as we cannot really actually go anywhere.No park,no Target,no Starbucks.Just the car.In and out of the car to take Joe to and from school.And actually ... Zoey gets pretty excited each time I put her in her car seat.At least it's a change of scenery for her.We pull curbside when we get there though and it's a mad dash to sign him in and out.Poor guy.He said to me today,"Can I do play dates again when Zoey is all better?" and to Taylor tonight he said,'Maybe when Zoey is all better we can go to the pool again because there is too many germs there now."And as I was getting him in his car seat today he said,"What day is it mom?"I said "Thursday"He proceeded to say the remainder of the days,got to Monday and said,"Oh no,Oh no,three more days and then you and Zoey go back."See,even when I think he's not thinking about it ...he's thinking about it.We all are.But until Monday we continue to embrace each day,live it well(except yesterday;yesterday doesn't count)and we do our thing.Today,Zoey's thing was rolling.Everywhere.Since she mastered sitting during Round 1,a whole world has opened up to her.And I really think she loves her new view of the world.But she often tires,not necessarily physically,but she tires of the monotony of it so she moves.And boy does she move.Fast.She sits there,tucks her right shoulder downward and ever so gently drops herself to the ground and goes.Mostly to the cold hard tile.Our living space downstairs is very limited so besides a small, say 9x9 piece of rug,her only other choice is tile.So tile it is.There's the picture explanation and like I said,not much of a post.(P.S.I think my grout needs some major cleaning!)Another sincere and humble thank you to all of you that emailed,called(even if I didn't call you back) and commented on yesterdays post.Especially all of you that have never commented before ... those meant the world to me.I feel incredibly blessed knowing my, or rather our, support system is so very strong and mighty.It's a beautiful thing ... and I thank you for it.Each and everyone of you.Thank you.


Kristy said...

Hi Heather!-I've been away for the past week and just caught up on your posts. Zoey looks amazing! And even though you had a tough day you always seem to bounce back. You are so strong and amaze me too. Have a wonderful time with your family over the weekend..I'll be thinking of you and of course praying for a quick round 3 for the Princess. Hugs xoxoxo

Shelli said...

My little Ty who is 21/2 years old said, "She so pretty", as he was pointing to Zoey's picture. I agreed with him and told him yes she is so pretty!


Anonymous said...

I just love looking at your blog, you are so inspiring and positive! I pray for many blessings in your family!

The VW's said...

Love all the sweet pictures of Miss Zoey!

I'm always concerned about how our life has had to change (since having our precious Gavin), is affecting our other children's lives. They take things so well, but there is so much that they probably miss out on. It worries me, but I know that having Gavin in their lives will only make them more appreciative of what is really important!

Praying for you and your family!

Michelle said...

Ok so I'll address a few things...let zoey have wonderful, crazy, long-in-her-eyes hair as long as she's beautiful! Second, we are "Lost" lovers too...isn't it funny how those random shows take us away for just a while and allow us to let go if only for a moment...and finally, you are wonderful...never forget that. God knew that before anyone else...that is why Zoey is yours to keep! And touched my heart to see 'Preslie' listed under 'Zoey's friends'....thank you...thank you ...thank you...:)

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the pictures, It's like time lapse photography and I keep scrolling down and looking at them, and with, I need to add, a big smile on my face. Zoey, Zoey, so precious as are all the Needhams. It's ok to have tantrums and pity parties because it is so good to come out of them! :) Thinking of you all, healing prayers. I vote for a barrette to keep hair out of eyes.... Just my thing, love, Christi Harman

Michelle said...

and finally...this needs to stand alone (Ihave it taped to my computer screen and read it often)
"Lord, grant me the courage to walk on...when adversity is around the corner.
Lord, grant me the faith to walk on...when the way is dark and I am lost.
Lord, grant me the strength to walk on...when my legs falter and my body fails.
Grant me these things, Lord, and I will fear nothing.
-Thomas D. Willhite

The Boyds said...

This is my first post! WooHooo... Our little family resides here at Village at the Park.. and if you ever need anything.. and I mean ANYTHING! You let me know- I'm usually home all day with my little one! Zoey is amazing, and we think about you guys all the time. Your family is amazing... and such an inspiration.
Kara Kelley Boyd

Jeanette said...

Glad to see some sun shining through the clouds. I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see pictures of Zoey. Her beautiful smile brightens my day. Enjoy your weekend together at home.

Mrs. Hefelfinger said...

Zoey amazes me, continually, yo.

Googsmom said...