Sunday, July 19, 2009

My hand is being forced ....

Well, perhaps it was only a matter of time. Another comment awaited me in my in-box this morning. A Sunday, and if I am not mistaken, the Lord's day but trust me, there was nothing Godly about this comment, but this person wanted to hide behind their Christianity as reason to find it necessary to stand in judgement of me and my family. Attacking our faith and once again attacking our parenting skills, or lack thereof. This was not anonymous,they left their name, Crelle, but did not have a site or a way for me to contact them back. Might as well have been anonymous but must have made them feel better because they put down some name, probably fictitious anyhow. This new commenter tried to surmise the reason the previous anonymous poster might have felt the need to voice their opinion. Let me make this PERFECTLY clear: The first posters comments, there were two, on Monday, were mean spirited, ugly, nasty, vile and just down right sick. There was not even a touch of religion or faith, much less God. Today, however, I was given an ear full by a "Christian." Really? Christian you say? Who placed you in the position to pass judgement on my family and my children? Where and when were you given the power to stand and recite the "way" we are to live our lives in the eyes of God and the teaching of the Bible? YOU are the exact reason why people shy away from organized religion.How dare,once again,does someone come here and impose their ignorant views on how one of my children are living their so called "sinful"lives. I went to church today and I stood before God...and that my friend is the ONLY thing that matters. As for "exposing your children" to the things on my blog. Seriously? Do your CHILDREN read my blog? If so, that is kinda weird don't you think? And last time I checked, no one forced you to come anyway. Don't like something here then keep moving, by all means keep moving. Now, unfortunately this latest has led to me having to do some reevaluating as to what direction this blog is going. Caitlin and Danny have voiced their uneasiness as to having their child's picture and various other bits of information scattered here about them. In hindsight, did I make a mistake over a year ago divulging too much information about myself and my family? Probably. So now I believe I am going to have no choice but to go private. This is no longer about me. These are my children and my grandchildren. The sad thing is though, one of the most beautiful things about this site is that it allowed me to meet the most amazing people and families. Families, who in the end, without hopefully sounding too presumptuous, have garnered strength and inspiration from a very real, very honest and very humble family, just trying to make their way in this very complicated world. I am talking about families who have found us after finding out they were having a child with Down syndrome. Families with children with congenital heart defects. Families with babies who have had strokes in-utero,which is an uncommon occurrence but is a devastating blow for new parents. Families who just received the news that their precious child is suffering, and trust me it is suffering, from Infantile Spasms. Still more, are the families who's child was diagnosed with TMD at birth and are facing the prospects of that rare blood disease turning into full blown leukemia, just has it had Zoey. I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. This blog and the gift of Zoey and her incredible will to survive, has been just that, a gift. I have shared her life and our journey with her, openly and honestly. Along the way I have shared with you the beauty of the rest of my children. And they are truly beautiful. Bright and yes, highly educated, unlike the rude assumptions of strangers. They are magnificent reminders of all that is good, and to defile them in any way, shape or form, is nothing short of cruel. So the decision is this: we may go private. Along with that, it is my understanding that I will only be able to let this site be viewed by a select 100. I select, and therefore I will know absolutely for certain who sees what. Sad really as this site averages an upward number of 1000 hits a day. I will keep you posted if things go private. I have to look into how that works. Fairly simple I believe. I am sad today. Really and truly sad. I leave you with these quotes, of which I could certainly learn from as well in my day to day living:

We evaluate others with a Godlike justice, but we want them to evaluate us with a Godlike compassion."
~ Sydney J. Harris

"When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."
~ Wayne Dyer (Psychotherapist, Author and Speaker)

“Remember that I’m Human. Before you judge me or decide how you’ll deal with me, walk awhile in my shoes. If you do, I think you’ll find with more understanding we can meet in the middle and walk the rest of the way together.”
~Eric Harvey and Steve Ventura: Walk Awhile in My Shoes

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."
~ Mother Teresa

"Judge not, that ye be not judged."
--The Bible

Caitlin felt compelled to write a comment after I wrote this post.I was once again blown away by her eloquence and decided to copy and paste it here.We continue to be so proud of her and her beautiful little family.

"As that I am am one corner of the triangle that forms the centerpiece of this issue (that triangle being my newly formed family), I thought it appropriate to raise my voice not in anger, embarrassment, shame, or defensiveness, but in honesty, candor, and pride for my family, both immediate and extended.

I am 20 years old. Daniel, my fiance, is also 20. Our daughter is 8 days old.

My pregnancy and her birth into our lives was unexpected, not ideally timed (whatever 'ideal' means), and with challenges due to mine and Danny's age and our 'experience' and 'capability' to be parents (at least from an outside perspective). Though only twenty, I have been a mini-mother in raising my two brothers of elementary school age and of Zoey, the true heart and reason for this blog, a child with vast special needs and atypical development.

I am a high school graduate. I was accepted into every university I applied to for a college education. I chose the route of community college and continued to pursue studies even after learning of my pregnancy.

I have worked since the age of 14, in high school part time, and, over the past year, full time in order to support my budding family. At my most recent job, I was promoted to a supervisor for a company that aided in the independent care of disabled adults living with a wide range of disabilities. This supervisor position had previously only been given to employees with a bachelors degree, a strict prerequisite for the position, though I secured it at 19 years old with only partial college experience.

I have paid for my own medical bills throughout pregnancy with only limited help from my father for some unexpected bloodwork in early pregnancy.

I am financially independent. Danny and I pay our own rent, utilities, food expenses, car payment, and school expenses. Danny is paying his way through his undergraduate education independently, without the financial assistance of family members. Danny works full time during the summer. During the academic year, he will work 25 to 30 hours while also taking 18 units for this fall quarter and still maintaining a full-time student standing throughout the school year. Also, he is currently taking two summer school classes and will begin another in August. While working full time. While caring for a new baby, born just 8 days ago, and adjusting to life as a father.

He is doing so without complaint, and in fact, is excelling in all areas he has extended himself into. He is a natural caregiver. He juggles his many responsibilities with more grace and seamlessness than men years his senior.

We will be legally married when it is more financially feasible for us to do so. We find it more responsible and appropriate to care for our current expenses and the needs of our child rather than plan a wedding, a celebration of two people coming together as one; yes, an undoubtedly significant and sacred event for a couple, but, ultimately, just one day in the journey of a couple as man and wife.

The true definition of marriage is a spiritual union, a commitment to God first and foremost, an unending devotion to fidelity, a continued decision to sacrifice each day for the needs of a spouse, an inseparable bond of friendship and accountability to each other in faith and action, and a constant striving to further the work of God here for our short visit here on earth in a partnership with our spouse.

No, we are not legally married, no, our child is not "legitimate", but we are legitimately committed to God, each other, and the needs of our child.
We do not need a piece of paper to assure us that God has given us Charlotte as a blessing, as a mark of His grace, and as a reminder of the beauty of Christ's promise in such a dark world.

We know that we are capable of raising a healthy child in every sense of the word. We know that we must now set our own needs aside for the sake of our child. We know that we are more qualified than some married adults to enter into parenthood. We know that we have much to learn. We know that we will only raise our child and grow together as a family with our eyes on Christ, acknowledging our faults, but rejoicing in the assurance that we are loved by Him.

To look at my child, her aunts and uncles, her grandparents, and her numerous friends and other family and to see sinfulness, parental irresponsibility, illegitimate birth status, or an embodiment of debauchery or immorality is a disgusting perspective to possess on such an innocent child.

My words are not for myself, but rather, for my daughter, who I am honored to be the mother of. I would be doing her a disservice to passively acquiesce to the ignorance or the brash, unfounded assumptions of complete strangers.

I speak out now because I love my child, my fiance, and my family. I speak out in humility to assert my utmost resoluteness that I am a capable, loving mother and that Danny is a capable, loving father.
I speak out because I have self-worth, a self worth that I hope I can one day teach my daughter."

"For You created my innermost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139 13-14


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I'm very sorry this has happened to you and your precious family. I understand your need to go private. Just know that you will be missed in the blog world. I wish you and your family, especially sweet Zoey, all the richest blessings God holds...

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog and kept Zoey in my prayers for some time now.I have never commented before. I'm sorry that I will no longer be able to follow her progress or that of your growing family, but for sure you will all be in my thoughts.


Caitlin, a mother said...
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Caitlin, a mother, continued said...
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Tina said...

STupid people ruin so much for us nice people. Please let me besomeone who gets to read. I love reading your words and seeing your beautiful pics!

I wish you strength in getting through this obstacle. I also wish the vile poeple who feel the need to spread their filth around the internet strength to get over themselves and move on to healthier things so their lives can be better enriched and not brought down with their vindictive acts.
Sincerely, Tina Michelle

Reagan Leigh said...

I'm so sorry Heather. This will be a huge loss for many of your readers. Zoey inspires so many.

Krissy said...

I'm saddened to hear that you and your family have been subjected to this. Your family is such an inspiration and I always look forward to the new posts, visiting this blog all the time. I'm sorry to hear that you're going private but completely understand your reasons and feeling the need to. This blog has been a blessing to me and I've always come away with a smile, after all, even the worst day can be cured by the incredible smile of your sweet Zoey.

Also, thank you Caitlin for that entrance into your new and budding life. I know that Charolette will have a copious amount of love surrounding her as she grows up.

Dria said...

I absolutely love your blog & beautiful little Zoey & your amazing family. I live in LA & have a 3yr old daughter with Down syndrome & your story & posts have touched my heart & I became 'hooked' (& also became hooked, through your blog, on sweet Pablo's as well)& check several times a day. Zoey is in my thoughts and prayers often & I feel like we know her. My 3 yr old and I were watching the wonderful video of her signing 'baby' this morning! I would hate to see your blog go, but understand if you decide to go private. Determining how much personal information to share online is a tough decision. Regarding the negative comments, I want to tell you to just shrug it off, who cares what such ignorant people have to say. But I'm sure that's much easier said than done. I'm so sorry you experienced that & that it is frustrating you. Please try not to let it, if you can. You have so much more wonderful, important things to spend your time and emotions on - especially that beautiful little girl who now has the blessed opportunity to fully experience & enjoy life. I LOVE seeing those pictures of her playing, smiling, enjoying the outdoors & riding her cute little car. She is an amazing & tough little princess and you are an incredible family!

blogzilly said...

Wow...I don't even know what to say. Sorry that you had to take a heaping pile from anybody sitting in judgment. Just isn't right. Not at all...

Kristy said...

Caitlin-Your words have tears running down my face. I have known you since you were just a little beautful, so sweet and always a child who was wiser than her number of years in age. Your writing is eloquent and beautiful. As you know I have a young child too, however, at the age of 45 her father could not be man enough to be a part of her life. This just proves what a loving caring man you have in Danny as your love and your daughter's father. No explanation needed darling Caitlin on who you are and who Danny is. All that matters is that you have the gift of a beautiful daughter, the start of a true family and the love and support of your families and friends as well. Charlotte is a beautiful gift just as you and all of your siblings are gifts to your parents.

Heather- I'm so sorry that cruel people continue to feel the need to disturb the beautiful blog you have created. I have become a better person in faith because of your writing. You are an amazing mother, friend and Mimi. One of my highlights for today was to see the new pictures of Charlotte and Zoey. They are are you.

My family loves your family always.

Lacey said...

Oh Heather, I am so angry, but instead of waste my time rambling about someone who is not worth our time, I will just say how inspirational your family is to me. I hope my kids can grow up to be as smart, beautiful, and kind as your children. And hopefully we'll be moving within the next year. We'll be down in August and you know we are planning a visit to the park for a BBQ. We love you!!

The Boyds said...

You guys are the bomb... nuff said..

And Caitlin... you go girl!!

kara.. Oh and Devan who I had sinfully :)

Junior said...

Oh Heather I am so sorry you are going through this. No one has any right to judge you or your family. If they don't approve then why do they feel the need to read your blog.

Your blog has been such and inspiration to us over the past months and I hate that you may have to go private with it. Your family is always in our prayers.

Mary said...

I'm so sorry to read about this situation. Although I do not leave comments regularly, I check your blog often. I will certainly miss reading about your beautiful family but completely understand why you would go private. Please tell Caitlin how beautiful and true her message is.

Hope said...

I am so sorry. This breaks my heart knowing I can't read about sweet Zoey and her family (but I do support your decision - that's what friends do!) I will pray for Zoey regardless of whether I can read your blog or not.

I also wanted to point out that Caitlin and Daniel are doing an amazing job. God knows what's in their hearts and nobody but Him should judge them. I believe they are two amazingly responsible young adults who have obviously been raised in a wonderul, loving way.

I believe part of a parent's job is to train their children to be the best people they can possibly be, and you've done that.


Cammie Heflin said...

Please send me an invite so I can continue reading your blog! I need my Zoey fixes!!!

The VW's said...

I was just thinking today about something that a friend of mine said many years ago. She said that people who pass judgement, make fun of other people or try to put other people down, are people who are feeling quite lowly about themselves. These people wish that they had what the people they are judging have in their lives. They do this to uplift themselves, but I doubt doing this actually does anything for them! Those who are miserable and angry want everyone else to feel miserable as well. This is so sad!

I'm so sorry that there are people out there trying to rain on your parade! These people are probably jealous of you and your family and they are so miserable that they want to get at you some way. And, being the Momma Bear that you are to your family, of course it gets to you! I pray that this person/people will not take away your family's sweet spirit!

Your family is an inspiration to so many! I can't believe that people stoop so low, especially on this blog that brings comfort to so many!

There is only one true Judge in this world and I believe that He is using your family and sweet Zoey for His glory and purpose. Rest in this knowledge sweet friend!

And, as for sinning...I believe that all sins are created equal and that all of us sin. I'm sure that God is not looking at this commenter with joy right now, especially since they obviously did this with the knowledge that it would hurt your family deeply! That in my eyes, is a sin!

Hang in there! Keep your head held high! Love, Hugs and Prayers!

Kele said...

To think that, had it not been for your blog, I would of never met you, this completely and utterly, breaks my heart. Seriously, I can't even write much because I am crying and so devasted by this. Recently I reread Pres' blog, I haven't done so in a while, and I was sobbing! And one of the main steadfasts throughout is YOU, you and your family, Caitlin was so kind to me during that time and left the sweetest comments with the words to a song that helped me so much! I wouldn't know you guys if it weren't for this venue! A huge part of me wants to tell you to just say 'THE HELL WITH THEM!' But I realize this is a personal decision and I respect that, but I am saddened beyond words!

kerry Gordon said...

To Heather and your terrific family.
I am so saddened to not be able to "keep track" of you and your family. I rarely leave comments, but check the blog almost daily. Although I do often see you, Marc or Shannon out and about, I know you are busy and don't have time to talk at length about the milestones and other great stuff that is going on with your family.
Much love, Kerry

Catilin, your words are that NOT of an inexperienced child who has no concept on the tremendous responsibilities, but of a woman mature beyond her years. A dedicated mother, daughter, sister. You are going to do great things! Your mom rocks and so do you!

Anonymous said...

I am just heartsick over this whole debacle. Caitlyn and Danny - you are terrific people and awesome parents. I am proud of the responsibilities that you have undertaken with little or no help. Caitlyn, I have watched you grow from a baby yourself to an amazing young woman. You do not owe an explanation to anyone. Heather and Mark - you have raised a beautiful family and this blog has been an inspiration to me and a way for friends near and far to stay in touch with you. I have cried and laughed as I read each post. It has renewed our friendship of over 20 years. I have spent hours praying and praising the young Princess Zoey as she conquers yet another feat. I am sorry that something that is so beautiful and that is shared so honestly has become so bitter. I truly respect your decisions about your family - you have always made decisions which placed your family first. Love you lots - so proud of your family - Christy,Carla, Erik and Jake

Angi said...

Heather I think most of us understand your need to go are raising an amazing family, Caitlin is wise beyond her years, a wonderful and powerful gift, I wish her and her wonderful fiance and baby a beautiful life..I will miss your posts on the unstoppable Zoey..I grew up in a large family... with two brothers...adopted...and born with Downs..they also amazed me and made me smile on a daily basis, the way I do when I read about Zoey...I wish you the best of luck...Angi

Stephanie said...

I am so sorry that people feel the need to spout that trash. Obviously this is somebody who feels so badly about themselves they have to bring others lower.

We will miss you, please stop by our blog and keep in touch. Your family is beautiful. Zoey is such an inspiration, as are your entire family.

By the way, Chirstopher's Dad and I aren't married either. We have both been through a divorce before meeting and having Christopher. I must say that our relationship is much better than EITHER of our marriages put together. The best I have ever had. God knows your intent.

Besides, what did they do back in Jesus time without a courthouse - was EVERYBODY sinning? LOL!


Rhea said...

To the Needham family,

You amaze me - I am in tears as I write this. Caitlyn - you didn't have to tell anyone your life story, but you did. You are an amazing responsible mom and child of God. My brother and his wife had to get married at the age of 20 and they have the best marriage and four beautiful daughters. You and Danny can do anything when God is by your side. I am saddened that you will go private and I hope that maybe you will chose me to follow this journey that has blessed my life. My sixth Anna has different issues than Zoey, but I feel that your family has blessed my life richly and encouraged me to fight for her. Christians are supposed to pray for eachother, not judge them. Too sad for that person who has upset too many people. Heather and Mark - you are truly remarkable people!!! You are role models for my husband and I!

katie said...

I'm sorry that people are so mean and want to do insensitive things like this. I'm going to miss reading about Zoey and her progress, but your reasons to go private are understandable. Hopefully you can give us a small update every once in a while (maybe).
Caitlin, wow. well said. Miss Charlotte is blessed to have you as her mom. :)

Peter Olson said...

I doubt that I will ever fully comprehend the depth of human depravity. And I wouldn’t want to either.
If someone claims to be a Christian and yet does not have love for his/her brother, they are obviously a liar.
Remember it was the self-righteous religious leaders of the time that put our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to death.
You have been such a huge blessing and source of encouragement, it only makes sense that Satan would want to silence you.
I pray that God would continue to give you wisdom and direction in your decisions.
May God Bless you and your family!
We, your real friends, really love you very much and would miss you tremendously.

Peter J. Olson

connie said...

I was so sad to read this post. It's the creepy part of having a blog, that people who have no joy feel the need to judge. Often anonymously, leaving you feeling really unsafe.

I will miss being able to see how Zoey is doing. She looks (to me) a lot like my little one, and there are parallels that drew me to your blog, besides her sweet face, like the in utero strokes.

I love how wonderfully siblings of babies such as our turn out. Zoey has been blessed, and now Charlotte has also been blessed by who your daughter is. I know you are so proud of her and of her new family. No such thing as poor timing. God creates life, and Charlotte is right on time. :)

FinlaysonFamily said...

This is just awful that Caitlin feels she has to justify anything to people she doesn't even know! How heartbreaking...I have enjoyed praying for and getting to know Zoey. My Katie has a mild CP and we deal with atypical development too - not in the same ways as sweet Zoey, for sure, but it has been so nice to see her progress and be a witness to the power of prayer. If you decide to go private, please post some public feeds, every so often (without comments even) so that I can know how to specifically pray for your family. Thanks, Angie

Tanya Carter said...

As a close family friend most of your life, I must admit that when I was told you were pregnant I was very worried about you. However, as I watched you & Danny together and felt the love between you, and saw your commitment to one another I began to let go of what could have been and emerse myself in what an incredible young woman you are. I realized then what a lucky baby you would have to be in such a big wonderful supportive family and extended family. You are an amazing young woman Cait, you always have been. You have an amazing mind, you are sensitive, beautiful, responsible, and caring. You will be an amazing Mother. Like I said what a lucky baby! I love you!
Tanya Carter & Family

My name is Sarah said...

Heather, this is Joyce. Sarah was so excited this afternoon as she was looking at the beautiful pictures of sweet Zoey and new little Charlie. I did not have the heart to tell her what you were writing about as I know she will so miss seeing sweet Zoey as will I.

It is so sad the world we live in where anonymous cowards think they have the right to interfere with our lives, when they are just not wanted and definately not invited.

I see that your Caitlin has not only your outward beauty but also your rich inner soul. I cried reading her words as I truly felt the pain this has caused your dear family. I am so sorry and wish only the best for all of you.

Mama Mason-Mann said...

I will be truly saddened if you do go private as I like many have fallen in love with your family and have found daily inspiration in your story. I think you know how many people appreciate your sharing your lives with us. Congratulations on the newest member of your family. My love and thoughts will always be with you!

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

So here's my 3 cents on the subject... first, my husband and I had our first baby when I was 20. Yes, we were married, but we were VERY immature. We didn't have things figured out AT ALL. After reading about Caitlin and Danny, I can tell you they are much more responsible than we were at the time. I see two young people who have stepped up to be responsible, respectable grown ups and who are already shaping up to be fabulous parents. I see a baby who is loved beyond measure and parents who love each other beyond measure. What a lucky, lucky baby!!!

For those of you bashing Heather's parenting, shame on you. I would like to see ONE of you who is the perfect parent. Really. I am sure that Caitlin and Danny knew exactly the risks they were taking, I'm sure they know where the Bible stands on the issue. No one's perfect. No parent. No child.

What I see is a family who could have chosen abortion to hide their "shame" and didn't and that's wonderful. I only hope that if my children are ever in the same position that they choose LIFE and that they are proud of the beautiful child they create, even if it's not under the most "ideal" circumstances. I only hope that if we are ever in this situation that our brothers and sisters in Christ will embrace us and hold us up and love on us like Christ would instead of condemning us, because NO ONE is perfect.

God knew from day one that Charlie would be here at this time in this circumstance in all her warm cuddly cuteness. He has a plan for her life and for Caitlin and Danny. And I hope I get to see her grow up... if only in pictures... as a wonderful niece and friend to Zoey and daughter and granddaughter. I hope all of you that choose to be mean think about your words.

And Heather, this is a quote I've posted before on my blog... It's gotten me through when my "haters" surface.

"People are like fun house mirrors, they reflect a distorted image back at you. Sometimes they are flattering, other times they are not. But ultimately, their observations have more to do with their own insecurities than you. We all tend to take other peoples perceptions of us way too seriously. There are always going to be people who think you could be doing a better job parenting, dressing better, doing something to change your body image, following a different career path etc etc. Maybe they are right, maybe they are wrong. Who cares? You have to decide that while you'll listen to what others have to say, you'll focus on what God wants and who He wants you to be. That is, after all, what's most important."

Angie said...

I am truly in a state of shock over what people have done to your family over the past few weeks!! I stand in awe of the strength of your family and yourself!!! Since I have found Zoey(over a year ago) I have gone on the emotional roller coaster day in and day out with your family. I have commented off and on, but have prayed and prayed like crazy. Watched tears roll down my face for Zoey and tears of joy for your new little bundle. Watching the cycle of life with your family has been a true blessing. I hope that if/when you choose to go private I may have the opportunity to follow your family!! You will be greatly missed!!!

Courtney said...

Thank you for sharing your precious family with us. I am sorry that some people hide behind the term of being a Christian and then have hateful things to say. Zoey (and your precious new grandbaby) are definately blessings from the Lord. My family will continue to pray for yours!!

Kristen's mom said...

Caitlin and Danny should not have to defend themselves! What a sick world.

I gained much strength from you and your family as Zoey and Kristen were just 6 weeks apart from being diagnosed with AML, I have leaned on your strength and your wise words for many months. There were days I didn't think I could go a step further and then there was Heather with her wise words of inspiration. Thank You

Anonymous said...

Don't let the jerks stop you from all of the good you do and all of the inspiration you bring. I know this blog will continue on and benefit those it is meant to reach. Much appreciation to Caitlin for sharing her story. You and Mark are such positive role models. This is reinforced by all of the positive comments that have been posted for months and months. Love you all. Stay tough, and protect your own as needed. Christi Harman

Bea Braun said...

What is wrong with people? Nothing better to do with their time than judge people they don't even know. Certainly not the definition of a Christian or a loving human being. I'm just sorry Caitlin and your family had to deal with this during such a joyous and blessed time.

Heather and Mark you have raised 3 very responsible young women and one has become a loving and responsible mother. She has also been blessed to find a wonderful responsible finace and father in Danny. God has entrusted you to raise 6 fantastic human beings and they are the lucky ones. You do what you have to do to protect your family.

P.S. The video below is so amazing. Little Miss Zoey has come a very long way! We will continue to keep her in our daily prayers.

Anonymous said...

Oh my I am so saddend by this! It is now midnight here on East Coast, I have just arrived from a concert and thought I would snatch a quick view of my California family. I am the aunt, great aunt, great great aunt to this family (I hesitate to mention last name anymore). I am dismayed by this whole situation. Shame on those that pass judgement. Caitlin your reponse was beautiful but, my dear you do not have to defend yourself, Danny or your daughter to anyone! Those of us (family and friends are totally behind you and your mom and dad's decisions in life. I'm thinking I will not sleep well tonite over this.

All I can say is I'm sorry the wonderful story of Zoey, her brothers and sisters, niece, mom & Dad will not be shared by many of us in blogland. And shame, shame on you who have cast these stones! I am not lecturing you, but feel sorry for you and pray you will not enter this blog again.

Aunt Bluebelle/Loraine from Syracuse New York

Denise said... opinion...DON'T GO PRIVATE!!! If anything, maybe you reduce the amount of specific, personal info and if Caitlin and Danny prefer, maybe not post about their baby....but I believe (and this is just my opinion) that your blog is TOO IMPORTANT TO STOP!!! By the sheer number of comments with I am sure many more that have read but not commented, you have touched and will continue to touch many, many lives. This is your calling, part of the reason for Zoey's life...I truly believe this with all my heart!! If you were private, I never would have found you and you are the only person I have come acrossed whose child had TMD at birth. My life would be less rich without having found your blog and I know this to be true of so many others!! I pray that you will be able to find a solution that works for you. Don't let these rude people win. Nobody is perfect, we all commit's how we deal with the mistakes we make that show what kind of person we really are.

Googsmom said...

I'm so very sorry for this. This is just awful. I love reading your blog. I love watching Zoey grow. I hope I can be one of the lucky 100 who gets to continue reading.
Bless your family and {{{HUGS}}} for Zoey.

Judy said...

Heather, I am so saddened to hear that you are being attacked :( People can be so cruel and ignorant. I just simply do not understand how anyone could read your blog and not see FAITH, HOPE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION and above all GOD'S LOVE.
Jesus was condemned, Heather and he was without fault. You are truly an inspiration to so many of us. Whatever you decide you must do, I will totally respect. You have to protect yourself and your family from sick jerks.

Caitlin~ Girl, you do NOT need to explain yourself. God has blessed you with a beautiful family. You are going to be an awesome mama! Keep your head up high. You have a great example before you (your mother). Your little one is precious and I am truly inspired by each one of you!

(sidenote: Heather, could you just turn off comments on your blog and maybe give your family members "nick names"? I'm not sure if that would help but then you can give out your email only to people you trust).

Jeana said...

Heather, this just breaks my heart that you have had to deal with this. I just have to tell you how grateful I am for you and your blog and the love you've shown me at such a different/scary time in my life. I can't believe how much having Kaelyns blog has helped us through these early days and will continue to help us. You have linked us to some amazing people, and it has helped so much knowing there are so many out there cheering her on and praying for her. I just wish these people would stop leaving comments like this. I just hate it.

Anonymous said...

I too follow your blog regularly and keep your sweet family in my prayers. Please do not let a few idiots cause you to make your blog private. You are doing the right thing by allowing Zoey's story to be heard and encourage others. Some people are just so cruel and judgmental. If we were all sin free, then Jesus would not have had to die on the cross. We ALL sin, daily. All that follow your blog regularly know your intentions. Caitlyn and Danny are going to be great parents. From reading her post, she is a very classy and respectable woman. I pray that the evil, hurtful words will stop. Please continue to share Zoey's story. Dont let the devil defeat your purpose for this blog and the opportunity to minister to others through Zoey's life. We enjoy reading and getting to "know" Zoey and your family as you endure this journey. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.

julie said...

Heather I'm so sorry for what you have been going through. You do so much good for so many people and for someone to ruin it makes me mad. If have done so much for me and don't even know where to begin.Even though I don't post I read your blog everyday.You have been such an inspiration for me my secret outlet where I can go and all of a sudden tears just roll down my face. And it's not like a sad cry I think to release everything I keep inside because nobody seems to understand this stupid roller coaster ride that doesn't stop,even when you want to get off. To see what miss Zoey and your family go through on this journey is amazeing.When I heard about Pablo I cried like I've never done since this journey began. All these emoitions came out of no where I guess I've been holding them in for so long.To have seen him just a few months ago I would of never imagine and to think Madison has her transplant comming it's so scary. I'm so scared! Thank you for always being there and for having the stength that you have eveyday.

Tinie said...

Wow, that is awesome! Your daughter did an amazing job of writing that! Very well written. Hopefully you don't have to become private- I have enjoyed reading everything, it gives me a new perspective of what the parent of my patients are feeling- I am going to be a nurse in either pediatric oncology or labor and delivery so it really does help for the pediatric oncology. Infact ready the blogs I do sparked my mind into pediatric oncology and then my clincials helped me make my decision. Thank you for that! I know I will be happy with my decision for my career and because of a lot I ready on this blog I will ALWAYS remember to keep my ming on my job- caring for the children AND their families because its never just the child going through the situation.

Heather said...

I am so very sorry that some people feel the need to judge you and your beautiful family. You have graciously opened up your lives to us and I can personally say that by doing so, seeing you Heather as a wonderful, inspirational women, I have become a better person. Through your faith in God, and your purposful walk in life, you have shown to us in this blogging world what it means to have faith and show true love to one another. I look forward to checking in on the Needham family everyday and getting my little dose of Zoey's angelic smile. Please know that the horrible, rude, and down right awful opinion of others is very unfortunate and a very UnChristian act! I continue to pray for you all and also those that feel the need to judge, for what are they missing in their own lives that gives them time to dwell on the unfounded faults of others? I send my love and blessings now and always!

tonia said...

Hello from Dunedin New Zealand
I am really going to miss your blog, your family and especially little Zoey.Hope all goes well for you.


Alison said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and never commented before, but wanted to say I'm sorry someone has turned something so encouraging into something stressful. I love reading about Zoey's progress and will 'miss' her if you go private!

Anonymous said...

It's Aunt Bluebelle again - I was so shook up last nite by your comments along with Caitlin's response I never mentioned that I love those pics of Miss Zoey. She is getting sooo grown up!

I can't even imagine not getting my "California famiy fix".I look every day and even though you skip days here and there, I always knew an update would be coming soon!

Just so unfair...

Love & hugs to everyone


sgilgan said...

I am one of the thousand people who check on beautiful sweet Zoey every day and really enjoy hearing about your wonderful family. I oohed over Charlotte's photo and thought how proud you must be of your wonderful daughter and her partner. After reading Caitlin's comment I have to say I am proud of them too, proud of their courage hard work and commitment to making their wonderful new family work. I will be very sorry not to be able to watch Zoe and Charlie grow up - but wish you and your marvellous family the very best.


ABandCsMom said...

Wow. I can not beleive that you are again dealing with ignorant people. A virtual attack on you and your family. That's sick.

I'm so sorry that you are all having to deal with this. Again. It's just plain wrong. I'm so sorry to read that you may be going private. That stinks. I always look forward to reading your blog. Checking up on Zoey. Reading about the newest addition, Charlie. I for one, think you have a fabulous family. I also think you have done a fabulous job raising your family. You have a loving, caring, giving family. If other people dont see that, well, they must be blind. That, or stupid!

Sometimes, I feel that christains are the most judgemental. Sad, but I've too witnessed that. Way back when our oldest, Ashleigh was born. Ashleigh is 22 1/2 yrs old. I'm 42(43 in Aug). I'm sure you can do the math. I was a young mom too. We did marry. We were 20 and 21. Yes, I was pregnant when we married. We were frowned upon by so many. 1 because we were pregnant before being married. 2 because we were too young to be married....We thought we were doing the right thing by getting married before our baby were born.

Things went well for about 4 years. By then, we had had our son. Then, it fell apart. We divorced and stayed divorced for 7 years. We did manage to find our way back to each other. After 5 years. We did live together for 2years before we got married a second time.

2 years later, along came Carly. Looking back at things. We see that maybe we should have not gotten married just because we thought we were suppose to. No one forced us to marry, but we thought "it was the right thing to do". It probably was not the right thing to do. However, we will not say we regret being married young. We have our two oldest as a result. We will never say we regret. We learned tough lessons, but look where we are now.

We do know that we were lucky to find our way back to each other. After all those years.

Not sure why I just shared all that. Maybe it's because I can related to Caitlyn and Danny.

Just know that I'm thinking of you and your family. Of Caitlyn and Danny and Charlie too. I feel so badly that you guys have had to deal with nastiness. You have a story to be told and are loved by many of us out here in bloggy land.

Karen Bowerman said...

WOW Caitlin is very wise beyond her years! That was beautiful what she wrote! I came upon your blog through a carepage and I have so enjoyed following it and your beautiful family and I feel I have become a better person because of it. You have all handled this journey with such determination and grace and I have been in awe of it all. You are a wonderful family and the blog world is lucky to have been blessed by your presence and your writings. I can understand your decision to go private as sad as it is to so many...but as I like to say you can't fix stupid and those people will always be there trying to ruin it for others ~ another trial to our lives making us stronger people. Go forth with grace and love and keep your heads held high!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that your blog has to go private as this means that I will no longer get to follow the progress of precious Zoey. In addition, while I personally feel that marriage is sacred and it is important to "wait" until marriage, little Charlie is in no way illegitimate. She is a blessing from God and was created with a purpose. She will no doubt bring Caitlin and Danny closer to each other and closer to God. She will cause them to think about their choices and decisions even more carefully, not because they are unqualified as parents, but because they love her so much. I have no doubt that she is in good hands, and Caitlin you're very correct - there are many "married" parents that are vastly underqualified to be parents. You will do wonderful with little Charlie and all the children you choose to have.

Anonymous said...

I hae been reading here for a long time...I came over from Larkin's Place when Amy asked for prayers for Zoey. I am sorry someone felt the need to attack you and your family here and agree that you need to do whatever you feel is best for your family but please know that I will miss all of you!

Ami G.

Amanda said...

I've been a silent follower of your blog for quite a while now, and I thank you for allowing me to get to know you and your beautiful family. I'm so proud of all of you, the milestones you have reached in these past few months and the milestones to come; the unconditional love you have for each other, your faith and perseverance even in the darkest of times, it's truly inspiring. Your strength never ceases to amaze me.

Though miles and miles apart, I will continue to carry you in my heart.

With love,

Atlanta, GA

Sophia said...

I'm sorry this happend. We will all miss you. I'm keeping you and your wonderful family in my biggest prayers.

SammyJo said...

I had goose bumps all over after reading Caitlins statement! I doubt very much that I would have been capable of something that mature when I was 20...

Sad, that she felt the urge to do so. Sad, that one or two mean persons spoil it all for the rest of us 998 daily hitters, who went with all of you guys through the good and the bad times?

Please give at least my congrats to Caitlin and Danny. Charlie is a lovely baby! My children enjoyed so much looking at the pics.

Lots of love from Germany - Alex

Lisa said...

Good grief! Have you read the book of Job lately? I think you could relate! It is so terrible that you have had to deal with this crap. I have been blessed and inspired not only by the strength and faith of Zoey, you and Mark, but by seeing your WHOLE FAMILY weather the storm. Thank you for sharing so openly. To Danny and Caitlin - for the last 4 years my husband has gone to school full time and worked about 25 hours a week. (now we're off to grad school!) It's hard but it's temporary. You'll do great. God bless your family!

And thank you Heather for your recent comment on my blog. Your words ministered to me and brought comfort and strength. What you said is helping me look past the surgery, ahead to a vibrant baby girl. And when I think of all that you and your family has endured, I think "okay, we can do this."

Tracey said...

I am so sorry that this is happening to you and your family. It saddens me that people can be so cruel about other people's lives. I understand your need to go private but am sad because I love to read your blog and hear how well Zoey is doing. I think Caitlin and Danny are so responsible and there baby is so beautiful. You will be missed!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been so inspired by your family and Zoey. You have a truly beautiful family and don't let mean people ruin your spirit. I have a son with Down syndrome as well and get great pleasure from reading your blog and getting updates on little Zoey. Thank you for sharing your story, as difficult as it may have been sometimes. YOu will forever be in my prayers.

Colleen Hanafin

Anonymous said...

So sad that rude individuals have to ruin things for people that are caring people. I checked on Zoey progress daily & find her just a amazing little girl. Your entire family is truly wonderful. You have been great parents & have tought your children well. Danny & Catlin you have a beautiful little girl & I will surely miss your updates. Heather you are truly a remarkable person.

Proud Grandma said...

Heather - I am so sorry that there are mean spirited people in this world who judge other people - I am a believer that you need to walk a mile in someone's shoes before you can know what is happening in their lives and even then you do not have the right to judge what they do and how they do it. Caitlyn's post was incredible - she and Danny are definitely there for their Charlotte and there are lots of people who are "married" that are not there for their children - we are foster parents in Victoria, B.C., Canada and see lots of children whose parents are married but do not care about their children. I hope you do not go private as I really look forward to reading your blog -- I check it every day. Take care.

Monica said...

This is heartbreaking! I cannot understand why this person won't just mind their own business!

There are so many people (myself included) who care about you and your family and come here everyday to be uplifted by precious Zoey. God put Zoey on this earth to be an inspiration to others...I believe that with all of my heart! Her sweet little face always makes me smile.
Heather if you feel that it is best to go private I totally understand...but please don't allow this idiot to force you to do it.

You know...we probably should pray for this person..whoever they may be. Anyone who can judge your family so harshly..yet remain anonymous must be a very lonely person. If they are so perfect... I would think they would want the whole world to know who they are...

I am so sad that this is happening.This is a time for joy...a new grandbaby...Zoey is doing well...Heather, No matter what you thoughts and prayers are with you always!

Gracesmommy said...


I've never commented, but have been following your blog and little Zoey for quite some time now. The thought that anyone would attack you and your beautiful family is unimaginable to me. It's sad to think that people feel the need to hurt other people, and to me it says that they are unhappy with their own lives. Although, I wish I could say pay them no attention I know that I would be wounded by attacks on my family... the very most sacred people in our lives. I wish there was another way to go without going private because I love seeing sweet Zoey and reading about her amazing progress. I completely understand if you do though. Your just protecting your family, and who can fault you for that. If you do all I can say is thank you for sharing Zoey and your family with us so openly and honestly. She is a beautiful little girl, as is your whole family, and you should be proud! You all will be missed in the blog world, but I will continue to pray for you.

Michelle said...

Oh my sweet, your blog, your family, Zoey, your friendship has given me more strength then you will ever know. You helped me find courage, faith, strength and hope when I was scared, and the unknown was staring me in the face. Your family is more dear to me then some of my family. I hope and pray that those individuals that are breaking the hearts of many that read your blog daily will have their hearts softened and realize they need to move on and that they are not worth anyone's time...they will be judged, they will have to find peace in their own sins and judgements. You are truly a remarkable woman, a remarkable family, with 6 remarkable children. I can only hope and pray my children turn out half as decent and amazing as yours! Love you mydear friend!

Cheri said...

What in the world???? I am sitting here reading this just nauseous and so sad that either you or Caitlin had to write about this....sick to my stomach that a christian has stirred this up. You are right it is people like this who turn others from organized religion...though they feel they are being "christian" are actually being self righteous and actually do more harm than good.

I am sick to my stomach that your blog which has brought so much hope, inspiration, and a window into God's goodness...especially for those who might not know Him, will become private. I cannot tell you how many people have been touched by your fact I had dinner with a girlfriend last Wednesday who I had not seen in over a year who spent the last year in the fight of her life with cancer. She told me she had been reading my blog...I had not known she was and was also not aware how much hope she found in your blog and Zoey's own fight with cancer. My mother-in-law checks in on Zoey and just raves about what an amazing writer you are, what a beautiful family you have, and what a fighter Zoey is. My dad who lives in Alabama and had no idea what a blog was a year ago follows your blog. In April as I was about to have my "year review for work" the first thing my administrator said to me as we were about to begin the review is ..."wait, first tell me how Zoey is?" She found your blog when she was following Reid's progress through heart surgery last December.

Heather you are amazing...Caitlin you are amazing... and you both have amazing stories to tell of God's love and provision! I hope more than 100 people get to share in it.

Love to you both!

orange1986 said...

I'm sorry that this has happened to you yet again.It is disgusting and saddening. I personally love your blog. Whenever I am having a downday or just need some sunshine , I know I can come to your blog and instantly be unlifted by little Zoey. I understand your need to go private, but I will truly miss getting to see Zoey and her progress.

Maryann said...

Dear Heather & Mark-

I have been following your blog for many months and never posted any comments. But today I had to. I found your blog from reading someone else's blog. I was drawn into reading it by beautiful little Zoey! I saw her face and had to read about her. And once I started I couldn't stop. It was shortly before she began her fight against leukemia. My family prayed for her and your family. And we prayed for all the little warriors doing battle. And we still do.

Thank you for sharing your family with us. You have beautiful children and are amazing parents. I have four children and I'll be honest - sometimes reading your posts, I feel like the worst parent on the planet. You seem so perfect!! The truth is, none of us are. But you are doing an incredible job at navigating through the obstacles placed in your path and coming out stronger.

Your family is strong and the love you have for each other is a testament to your faith and commitment to God. A very wise priest once told me "those are man-made rules, not God-made rules. God wouldn't turn anyone away."

Right now, even though there is so much more I would like to tell you, I find my self wanting to shout "pick me, pick me" to be one of the 100! I can't imagine not being able to check your blog every day to find out if you posted a new message. But I completely understand if you decide to go private. Family is sacred.

Thank you again for sharing your family with me. I am forever grateful. Through your blog and a few others, we are starting the process of adopting a baby with down syndrome. I'm scared to death, but also filled with such joy and excitement! Stay strong!! Please give Zoey a big hug and an extra kiss for me.

sheree said...

wow. I am so sorry someone felt the need to email you and write rude, un-needed and un-warranted comments.

I very much look up to your family and it baffles me that anyone would ever look down upon anything that you all do.

I can EASILY see that Caitlin and Danny are already amazing parents. I am saddened that ignorant people have reflected thir idiotic thoughts onto them and made them question, even for a second, their parenting or religion.

I am sorry you have to make this difficult choice to go private with your blog. I am saddened that these "readers" have ruined it for the rest of us who have felt so much comfort, reassurance, information, and love found in your words.


Marsmile said...

I have been following your blog for several months and had been praying for Zoey as she went through her chemo treatments. I still pray for her continued well-being into the future. I am glad to see her doing so well and she is darn adorable.

I found your blog through other blogs and will miss being able to follow upon Zoey's progress as well as your growing, extended family. Your granddaughter is so cute! :-) Caitlin's commentary is so terrific and inspiring. It sure sounds like lil Charlie has two Godly wonderful parents, thanks to God as well as you both, who are great parents, too. :-)

Again, along with others, I am so sorry that someone made hurtful comments that has prompted you to deciding to make your blog private soon. I definitely will understand if I won't be to follow your blog (and will miss reading your blog) but I will continue to pray for your family.

You all rock!

Marissa :-)

The Lane Family said...

I am sorry this happened because I was given this blog sight by another mom who follows your blog and Zoey and your family have been a true inspiration to our family, especially as we fight some rare, genetic condition with our daughter. I will think of you often and will miss sweet Zoey's face.

Congrats!! on your beautiful grandbaby and I think your daughter and her financee are doing an incredible job!!

Wendi :)

scrappy quilter said...

Dear friend, I hope you don't go private. I've read your blog for a number of months now and all I can say is the people who leave comments such as the one you mentioned or the other one are a dime a dozen. You and your family are one in a million.

I can only say having 3 kids with special needs, that you've encouraged me when you haven't even known, your little Zoey has touched me in ways she will never understand and I pray that you will continue to be able to blog without going private.


datri said...

Oh, I just don't understand why people have to be that way. Big Hugs. I hope you don't feel the need to go private. Zoey and her journey has been such an inspiration. said...

I have a 2 yr old little boy with Down SYndrome and have followed your Blog for quite awhile.. I have been amazed at your strength insight and candor and have been imspired many times by you and your beautiful family. I have drawn great comfort from your many quotes even pposted many on my refrigerator!
I am so sorry that some mean, unjustified comments have ruined your ability to share your journey, you will definitely be missed.

Jodey said...

I have been following your blog for several months now. I have a 10 yo with multiple disabilities and have working with people with disabilities for many years. I am saddened that someone would ruin it for the rest of us. I do believe that you can invite people to the blog, and then delete them if they chose to leave a rotten comment. Or, you can make your comments have to be approved before they are posted.

If you do go private, please let us know how we can follow you!

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog after stumbling across it several months ago. I cannot tell you enough how much YOU inspire me and hundreds of others! You, Zoey and your family are truly a testament to Faith, Family and LOVE! You cannot let someone stop you from posting your really do so much for so many people both sick and healthy. You have grit and determination...please don't give in to the vicious haters who have no life beyond their own. There are more people that care for you than not. Not all of us are known...but we are here for you!


Lori said...

I have been following your blog for some time now and have fallen in love with your little love Zoey. Her smile is contagious and always brings a smile to my face. I enjoy your quotes and hearing the progress that Miss Zoey has made. I am so sorry we will no longer get the updates - but we will continue to keep Zoey in our prayers. God bless Zoey and your entire family.

Tara - Mom to Aidan (IS board) said...

Sorry to hear that your blog will longer be available to read. I've followed Zoey's journey from the beginning. This is the first time I ever posted, but I want you to know that your stories will be missed.

Caitlin - very well written and Charli is very lucky to have both you and Danny as parents.

Dawson said...

UGGGG not again!!

Very saddened to hear what is going on.

And very angry

Can't say I blame you for wanting to go private with your blog and hope that if you decide to go that route that you will somehow find a way to keep your "Bama Buddies" posted on whats going on with that precious girl. ( cant believe how big she has gotten by the way!!)

We have been inspired by her and your ENTIRE family.

We love you guys!!

Jeff, Allison, Dawson, Madison, Ashlyn & Katelin

ds.mama said...

Oh you would be so missed if you went underground. Couldn't you just change your comment settings to only allow commentors with Google accounts, or commentors who are members? Please?

Jackson's Blog said...

I cant' believe I just checked in to see what Miss Zoey was up to, and I find that you have experienced another insensitive, judgmental comment. Your family is beautiful! You have been a great support for so many.

Caitlin, very well said!

cheekyradish said...

I'm sorry this has happened to you again - there is nothing quite as nasty as a 'good christian' sometimes - eh? People are just so mean spirited and jealous, it is just sad. I'll miss following your blog if you go private, but totally understand your thoughts- your first priority must be your family. You are an inspiration to many- and your daughter Caitlin is certainly someone to be proud of- wow!

Dana said...

What a sad day. I'm going to miss my early morning, coffee in hand, updates on Zoey:). She is a precious gift from GOD, as is Charlie. Know that I continue to pray for your amazing family. You are an inspiration to me as a mother. So much grace and faith. Truly amazing. If this is the end of my world of following Zoey, I can only hope I run in to you at church, in the neighborhood or around town:).


P.S. I'll start praying for those that left such hateful things on your precious site. They need it.

Zsuzsi said...

I have silently read your wonderful, inspiring blog about Zoey and your family for months now! Your faith, strength, love, and devotion gives me courage to go on when I feel week and depressed about my daughter's (relatively minor) medical issue.
I think you are a great example of how a mother should be! Although I understand your reasons, I will be sad not to be able to follow Zoey's and your family's story any more. I will always keep you in my prayers though!

Victoria Strong said...

Oh Heather! Dumb stupid, insensitive people. I know these two comments have been difficult. I know that. I have been on the receiving end of ignorance. I know your inner Mother Bear has roared in defense of your children, your family, your values. BUT...take a step back, a deep breath, a look at what you and this blog have done!!! You have connected families in their deepest time of need. You have provided a knowing shoulder to lean on. You have empowered families with knowledge. You have given a name, a person, a personality to DS and to Leukemia -- pushing others to think outside of their own limited experiences and, perhaps, perspectives. And for so many people, you have given life to hope. Please, please, please do not let the ignorance of merely two people alter what you have and can give to hundreds, thousands of others.

I know you love quotes (and I do, too) and I thought these were fitting:

Albert Einstein:
"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe."

Martin Luther King, Jr.:
"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity."

Matthew 15:14:
"If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch."

Let those two stupid commenters lead each other into a ditch, while you walk the road less traveled -- with pride -- and a full posse of supporters!!!

Anonymous said...

Heather, How sad that ignorant people need to spread their irrational thoughts. Your children are an inspiration. They show such love and compassion for each other. You have so many reasons to be proud and the best part is that you know and cherish that. We continue to send prayers your way.
Dawn, Jim and Paul from Otisco Lake and now back home in Tennessee.

Stephanie said...

I just finished reading this latest post in defense of yourself and those that you love.
After carefully reading and taking the time to really absorb it all, I have only one thing to say to you Heather..
You did good Mom.

libby @ ninesandquines said...

You have a beautiful family and you should be (as I am SURE you are!) sooooo proud of your daughter and Daniel. I couldn't agree more with her statement that they are "more qualified than some married adults" to have and raise a child.

And that there are those people out there that would hide behind the guise of being a "Christian", but not treat others as we have been taught to, is shameful.

You and your family are an inspiration to me and I hope that all of your followers, including myself, can continue supporting you as we have until now.

Joella said...

My heart breaks for you and your precious family, and sweet Caitlin in a time of rejoice and gladness you have to feel sad and hurt. It is very sad to know that there is someone that cruel out there that would send hurtful words to you. This person isn't much of a christian, doesn't know much about the bible or GOD or they wouldn't of said what they said. IT say in the bible that he/she who without sin shall cast the first stone. And there is no one here on earth that is without sin. Only one person without sin and he died on a cross many many years ago. Also the saying watch out about pointing a finger at someone there is four more pointing back at you.
This person is from Satan and is wanting to get you and your family down, wants to shut you all up becasue you are winning the war over sickness and blessing are numerous from the words you and your faithful blogger have said, have reached many people, lives are being changed from the word from your blog and the many others. All the people out there praying for the poor sick children and their family, helping to face another day of heartache. You and you family lift up your heads high and know that GOD is watching over you all, you are a family of GOD, you are living your life to the best of your ability, you are teaching your children good morals and you are in GODS will. He is blessing his children, you with your precious Zoey, everything that she has gone through and overcame, don't tell me it not from GOD.

I say the best thing to do is get all your blog followers to pray that GOD will take care of this person and keep them and their harsh words from this blog, that GOD will shut their mouth and take care of this person. The bible say where two or more come to him in prayer in his name, he will here their cry and will answer their prayer.

I will say a prayer for you that you find peace in whatever your decision may be. I truly understand if you should choose to make you blog private. I just want to say I have grown to love your family and I thank you and thank GOD for you helping my friend Kele in the tough time that she went through and because of you she is where she is now, the better person she is as a loving mother of a special needs baby and the family is doing great becasue of you and your family. Thank you for that. Love and prayers to your new family of 10.

Jeanette said...

Heather, I have been out of town and so far behind on reading my blogs. I was shocked to read this post. Be comforted in knowing that YOU have made such a difference in so many lives. I for one am thankful that God put it in your heart to openly blog your experience. I am wiser having read this blog. I am blessed to have been praying for Zoey. I thank you for the privelege of being a part of your journey. I am so sorry that someone chose to come to your blog and judge you and your family for what in my mind is so silly. I am strong in my faith and I know from reading your blog that you are too. Christians that throw around their judgements like that must make Christ cringe! I understand if you go private, but I think it is a shame that people have forced your hand. Who of us have had everything go as planned in our lives. Your daughter has her head on straight and is clearly loving and responsible. blessings to you and your whole family. And congrats on the new grandbaby!!

Anonymous said...

caitlins words are so heartfelt and whoever said those words doesnt appreciate life itself! We love you guys and wish the best for your new family!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a new reader to your blog and I just feel in love with sweet zoey's face. I just can not understand why anyone would have any reason to make such strong judgements against your family. It sickens me that people have so much time on their hands and use that time to critize and judge another. Please don't feel the need to justify your decisions, or paths in life. To the person out there who is leaving the nasty comments, shame on you!