Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Are you sick of hearing we're still sick ?"

Well,I am CERTAINLY sick of being sick.One positive,Joe seems to be on the upswing.Down side,Miss Z is DEFINITELY on the down side.We did go to the doctors yesterday.Clear lungs.Good.Snotty green nose.Not good.Her pediatrician said that since she is no longer as fragile as she use to be,he is going to hold off a bit on antibiotics.He is really cautious about over prescribing and running into drug resistant germ issues.He likes to wait 2 weeks for any upper respiratory thing to clear up before deeming it a sinus infection and I am on board with that.He said in Zoey's case,if Friday morning found her about the same,he'd call something in.No visit necessary.Thank you Lord.4 visits in one week and not only am I not liking it but our co-pay pocketbook isn't either.Suffice it to say,today was one of her worst days yet,disposition and all. So unless she does some magic turn around,I'll be calling bright and early Friday morning and having an antibiotic called in.While I was there I asked him if he thought that even with the negative swabs we could still be looking at the flu or H1N1 and he said he doubted it,to which my response was darn,really wanted to check something off on the list.From my vantage point,it looks as if this is going to be one loooong winter!

Cruel momma that I am,we still had 2 of 3 therapies today.I did cancel the 8:30 am feeding one,she was SO not going to be up for that.She hates food and I mean seriously hates food, so I saw the writing on the wall for the direction that would go,before it even happened.We stuck it out for vision and speech.All therapies are done in home so we didn't have to venture out and all of our therapists are really laid back when they need to be and totally follow Zoey's lead.Which today looked a bit like a typical 2 1/2 year old,that didn't feel good that wanted to wield her independence and wanted nothing to do with any of it!Both sessions ... kind of a bust.But she tried.Every once in a while she would give us that darling Zoey smile but for the most part she just felt crummy.Sweet little girl,I just want her to feel better.And me too,as this is the worst I have felt to date as well.I have got to get better and quick.I have a big date this Friday.But not with my husband.Friday, I and hopefully Zoey, will be going to a benefit for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and there,I will finally meet the beautiful Miss Gwendolyn and her amazing mommy and daddy.I am certain I have long passed the point of being contagious but still,I would like to at least feel better to enjoy what is sure to be a wonderful,wonderful evening.Which,by the way,I have a permanent button on my sidebar and have posted about it before but if you haven't already,please go and sign the Petition to Cure SMA and join the Strong's as they near their goal to have 100,000 signatures, as a step forward, towards the monumental task of curing this devastating disease.It takes but only a few minutes and your signature might very well mean you have had a part in saving a life.Or many.

That's all for tonight.Nothing earth shattering,which,as I wrote to someone tonight,is rather refreshing and feels like it's been a long time coming since life around here wasn't filled with earth shattering stuff.And,as I write that,I am thinking why Heather, did you just write that?You know,that comfortable/confident hang up I have.Should just zip my lip.Consider it zipped.

*In light of Zoey's demeanor and who could blame her,she wanted nothing to do with having her picture being taken. So instead, a few cute ones on my little grandbaby Charotte that Caitlin sent me.She is such a little doll and I can't wait to see her next week.


Emma said...

man that sucks that you guys are ill. it's over here as well and that's thousands of miles from where you are. praying you and Zoey will be feeling good again soon! i'm not feeling good either so it all sucks.

lots of love x

Anonymous said...

Hoping Zoey & you feel better soon. Glad to hear Joe's feeling much better.

Love baby photos - sooo cute!


stephanie said...

OH, that sweet Charlie! How many kisses a day does that little one get,LOL
Not glad to hear you are all hanging on to this invasion. Hope today finds you better.
Friday sounds great. I don't want you to feel blah for that.I remember when you first posted about Gwen and the petition. She is adorable.
Feel better!

Devon said...

Poor girl! Feel better, all of you!!!

Lacey said...

Charlotte's getting so big, and where's her hair?
I'm so sorry you guys are still sick. We'll be missin you guys tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you all aren't feeling well. We will be praying for you. One thing that I have always done for my children is load them up with probiotics. They take them everyday. You can get in in pills, liquid or just yogurt. It protects us big time. You can't go wrong with vitamins A,B,C, and D. Its gotten us through the rough seasons so far. Good luck to you all!!

scrappy quilter said...

Your granddaughter is just so cute. Sorry to hear you are all still sick. I hope you are all feeling better soon. Hugs

Sophia said...

THat's to bad. I hope you guys get better! (hugs to everyone)

3saints said...

I so hope you and Zoey feel better and that you can go on Friday, it sounds like an amazing event.

It's so hard to be sick and have sick little ones.....hang in there!


Anonymous said...

I need to come by with more blankets! When are you going to CHLA again? Hope you guys get well soon...we were sick for weeks it seemed like. Talk to you soon.

Michelle said...

So sorry you all were in the cross-fire! Miss P is suffering from some yucky upper respiratory junk too...Yuck, yuck yuck. Her and Miss Zoey could be miserable together! :(Hope you all get to feeling better and sunny, healthy, better days are just around the corner! Love you! xo

Bri said...

Heather!!! I was finally able to read your blog! What an amazing opportunity! I am so blessed! I can't wait to keep up with it all.

Jamie said...

OMG eeeveryone in my house is sick! GAH!
hoping for speedy recoverys!
OH miss Zoey you have some competition! ADORABLE bay-bee!! Love it Love it.

Googsmom said...

{{{{{{HUGS}}}}} Sorry your all still under the weather. Prayers for all to get better realllllly quickly!

Great pic's of Charlie!!!

The Lane Family said...

Your granddaughter is so sweet and getting so big. I hope little Miss starts feeling better ASAP!!!

Lucy and Ethel said...

Wow - angel intervention has struck again!

I was reading Gavin Owens' mom's blog when I saw your post and was curious (Zoey is a doll!). I then scrolled down and about fainted to see mention of the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation and the Petition.

Our third baby was diagnosed with SMA in 1997; he earned his wings at 5-1/2 months. The Strongs have worked diligently on Gwendolyn's behalf, and it's been a pleasure to 'meet' them!

Thank you for your support of their foundation, because it helps all of us in the SMA family.

Meanwhile, I have added your blog to the 'Special Assignments' list on the blog I'm doing with a good friend/fellow SMA mom and have signed us up to follow Zoey :)

Have a blessed Thanksgiving -