Sunday, November 8, 2009

Godspeed ....

Gavin Owens,a tiny but mighty fighter earned his wings at 10:43 pm this evening.My family and I fell hopelessly in love with this little guy in July of 2008,after his beautiful momma left a comment on Zoey's blog.The picture you see above was one of the first I ever saw of Gavin.I was mesmerized and captivated by his vibrant blue eyes and his most determined,fighting spirit.I rarely missed a day checking on Gavin.Even when Zoey was in treatment this last year and I would barely be able to get off a post,I still needed to check in on my little East Coast boyfriend before I headed to bed.My older girls loved him as well.They often would call and say,"Oh Mom,did you see the post today about Gavin.?"How is it that you can love someone that you have never even met?That question was asked of me the other day.I didn't have the answer then.I still don't but I did love him.I will miss him.He fought valiantly.Harder then a 3 year old should have to fight.No more fight little guy.

I heard this song for the very first time at my friend Laura's son Luke's,memorial service.Beautiful and so absolutely heartbreaking.Today I thought of Baby Luke and then of Thomas, as he also had it played at his service and now Gavin ...

Dragon tales and the "water is wide"
Pirate's sail and lost boys fly
Fish bite moonbeams every night
And I love you

Godspeed, little man
Sweet dreams, little man
Oh my love will fly to you each night on angels wings
Sweet dreams

Remember,pause my blog music if you want to listen.


Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

I play this song for my boys.
Do you just want to jump on a plane and meet me there? This is so hard to watch someone I consider a friend take this next step. I want to hug Karen. Somehow in these trying times I feel more comfort from you and Karen...and some of the others...who know our family from the inside out - even if it is from a friendship kindle by a computer. Our kids made us find one another. We all find support from one another. I have this urge to run to Karen
Your Friend +


stephanie said...

I never meet Gavin until you posted about him the other day. what a gem! What a spirit! I'm blessed to have meet him and to have a memory of him. it's never too late to "meet" someone or lend a caring word to heart broken parents. Some people may think (very wrongly) why bother, it's too late to get to know him. But just a second is long enough sometimes. Just one word to someone may help, you just don't know. And the incredible strength I felt from Gavin's mom, will stay with me forever.

Tina said...

Sweet dreams little man....Gavin is home safe, at last totally healthy and free of pain, I understand it but my heart still bleeds, my heart aches oh so much reading about another innocent baby receiving his angel wings. My prayers go to his family to give them strength and may the Lord stand by their side and hold their hand and help them through this very very sad time.

Reagan Leigh said...

I love that pic of Gavin. Such a sweetie...he and his entire family have touched so many lives. They are an inspiration. Continued prayers for them as they try to find their way without their little angel.

Devon said...

Ah, sweet boy. I'm so sorry to hear of his passing.

Lacey said...

Even for just the few days I followed him I was also mesmorized by those eyes. And although we are all hurting for him, his family probably unbearable, he is pain free and playing in heaven!

Mo said...

I like to think that Gavin is unrolling the whole roll of TP, climbing on the kitchen counters to sneak a cookie, bringing bugs and lizards into the house and otherwise being a perfect little rascal in his new digs. And his benevolent Father just smiles :)

Peace, little Gavin. But also, shenanigans.

Anonymous said...

How is it that you can love someone you never met? Through the power of your blog and others like it I love so many children I've never met. I pray for them, worry about them, and my heart breaks for them and their families. I love to see their accomplishments and am saddened when they hurt. And although it saddens me, it does not depress me, but instead inspires me to strive to be a better person. Thank you and others for sharing. And God bless you little Gavin, we know you are safe in His arms.

Tish said...


Thank you for sharing your many stories on this site, as we continue to learn about and pray for the countless "Little Wonders" in this world. God Bless the Owen's family; our hearts and prayers are with them.

Sweet Dreams, Little Man, Gavin... Sweet Dreams.


P.S. Kisses and prayers to my Zoey and the Needham family.

scrappy quilter said...

Sweet dreams little man, sweet dreams. Safe in the arms of Jesus with no more pain. What sadness when we read these blogs and yet these little ones and their parents are my HEROES. They all give us gifts...that of strength and courage. I pray for his family to find healing.

Heather sending you hugs because so many of these little ones you know personally. It can't be easy for you. Love Carol

Cjengo said...

I know it's just so sad, but he is no longer in pain. I know his parents are in pain tho, and they are in my prayers. I wish I could hug their hearts.

tonia said...

I can understand how you can love someone you have never meet as your little Zoey has stolen a place in my heart xx

Michelle said...

Yes, Godspeed sweet boy! What a precious angel, yet another you have grown to love, taken us, your friends, along for the journey, and yet another you have had to say goodbye to! I hope one day all of this will makes sense and peace will find his family tonight and every night and peace will find your heart my friend for all the goodbyes and tears you have shared this last year! Love you, and LOVE that song...I used to play it for my boys all the time!