Sunday, November 15, 2009

"Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus."~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Joe seems to be finding his way through this virus/flu, thing.His nose is full.His ears are plugged and his cough sounds beyond gross,however,he is back to his mischievous,which is a kind and extremely understated description,self.Zoey is okay.We did take her in yesterday,just to be safe.Negative on her swabs, however I learned the other day that the swabbing for the flu's are great if they come back positive,as far as treatment goes but a negative can be a false negative upwards of 40% of the times.That's reassuring.Her disposition is better today and really,more then anything she is just a bit tired and not fighting going down for sleep.Hopefully she will just blow through this.As for me,mine has settle in my chest.Really no other symptoms,which is kind of weird.Yesterday I had a killer headache and unlike two of my daughters,headaches are not my norm, so I figure that was just part of the deal.No rest for me though,as Mark got called into work today and in being called in,that set the tempo of my mood for the day.Which in many moments,wasn't very pretty.I don't love Mark's profession but I do love that he of course has a job.Right now,his company is under the gun to finish a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show and they are coming down to the wire for completion, so they are pulling in all their editors to make sure it gets done in the time line it needs to.Meaning Sunday plans were blown out of the water.Which makes today really feel like a weekday.Same old same old.Laundry,cleaning and such.Next weekend will be a repeat performance with Mark working both Saturday and Sunday.The industry he is in can be extremely difficult on families and sometimes even marriages.I don't mean to sound over dramatic about that but after 22 years of being a spouse to someone who answers to television deadlines, I can more than attest to the truth in that statement.I of course, am so thankful that he has a job.Especially in today's economy.His work is nearly unfazed in many ways to the ongoing struggles that our country seems to be facing across the board.I am of course so thankful that I have always been able to stay home but sometimes,on days like today, I miss the regular 9-5.I suppose I can't say I miss it because I actually never had it.I'll instead rephrase it and say I just dream of the 9-5 husband.Okay,not husband but MY husband working 9-5.Won't ever happen though, so on days like today I just have to suck it up,get over myself and know it is what it is.We didn't find our way to church either today because with Mark gone,no one could be here with Zoey.Besides,our congregation would probably appreciate our absence in light of the germs we seem to be harboring.No real plan for the day.Windy here in Southern California.Sun-shining,a bit cool though but maybe after Zoey's nap, we will go out and do a little something.Maybe.

I continue to head back to last years posts daily.Today,on a day which found me disappointed that Mark was working and that life felt heavy on my shoulders,I could read with crystal clarity how absolutely NOT heavy things are.I read November the 15,2008 and I re-read November the 15,2008, and I was reminded how far we have come and how not so bad this Sunday really is.Although one similarity to last year is that I said I probably wouldn't be winning Mother of the Year for my behavior and lack of patience on that day and the same would hold true for today.Last year we were separated as well but for much different reasons and today on November the 15th 2009,I needed to be reminded of the gratitude that truly should be my guide.

*A few pictures:Miss Zoey sitting on her little stool.We are really working hard to strengthen her core.Which is,according to her new PT,very,very weak.Which,of course, I already knew.In looking back at last years posts I was also able to see,with amazement,that this time last year,Zoey had JUST mastered sitting independently.During chemo.So although her core is weak ... her strong,courageous spirit will more then help her find her way.I have no doubt of that.Zoey seems willing to stay on the stool for prolonged periods of time,as long as there is something to keep her attention and for Zoey,that means Raffi.Raffi was one of my big girls very favorites and I ordered a DVD for Zoey that she cannot get enough of.We have all his CD's as well.Very interactive and speaks to one of Zoey's greatest strengths and interests,which is music.She has learned the words and actions of stomping, stretching,hushing,clapping,brushing her teeth and host of other things from the beloved Raffi.

Brandon was home for a visit from Arizona.Zoey was so excited to see him and was content to be in his arms the majority of the evening.


stephanie said...

So relieved you're getting through this sickness. Tough when you have to fly solo with sick children, and not feeling well yourself.
We have the same stool for the same reason! Zoey looks great! Never get tired of looking at that face!
Hugs and kisses!

Dawson said...

My goodness that girl is a doll!! How in the world do you keep from just kissing on her all day long???

Hoping your family continues to mend from the junk floating around there. I love the way you are looking back at where you were a year ago and allowing those experiences to guide you even today. I think during the times we feel weak, and tried, and defeated' are the times we are truly at our best. God works in us when we are weak, and he sustained you through the darkest of days. He kept his promise just as he always will.

I just can't express with words what you family has meant to us. God bless you!!!

Love u guys!!

Lacey said...

Look at her sitting so straight on that stool. We have the same stool. I just sent you an email you'll just love!

Cheri said...

Okay so really we have no idea what the person reading our blog may be feeling as they pop over or what song might be playing...but I have to tell you as I popped over tonight the song Ordinary Miracle came on and though I have heard it so many times before, it has been a very long time and it gave me the chills as I heard the song, really listened to the words, and scanned over the new pictures of Zoey......really I had the chills and was getting a little choked up. You can probably see on your sitemeter I kept making the song play over and over again :) ...until finally I decided to add it to my playlist :). What a little miracle Zoey is....what a beauty she is!! She looks so beautiful, so grown up....and so strong in those pictures!!!

Tina said...

What happy pictures of Zoey, so expressive, so alive, I do so love that smile of hers. She's beautiful, bless her
Great to hear that everyone is slowly but steadily starting to feel better.

Bea Braun said...

Thanks for posting Heather. I've been thinking about Joe and Zoey alot today and I'm glad to hear they're on the turn-around side of this. Sounds like you need to take care of yourself though :) Everytime you post pictures and videos of Zoey I see huge developmental changes. Look at how straight she's sitting on her stool - very impressive! Raffi, so loved him. Everyone used to tell Dennis that he looked like him!

Denise said...

Remember to call me my friend on those days when you feel like a single mom as I too have a husband who works nights and weekends and quite often feel on my own. I hope you all begin to feel better real soon. What is your schedule on Thanksgiving week? We have the whole week off and I wondered if we might be able to somehow get together then. Let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

Amazing - look at little Miss Z sitting up straight on her stool. way to go Zoey!

Glad to hear Joe is feeling better. Take care of yourself Heather.



The VW's said...

Glad your family is on the mend!

I love that 2nd picture of cute!

Life is filled with so many moods and emotions! It's always good to look back on our life and other's lives to gain perspective! But, some days no matter how good we have it, we just feel yuck! Here's to hoping your days are filled with sunshine and happiness! Hope you feel better soon! HUGS!

Anna said...

I was at the store the other day and saw a little girl that looked just like Zoey! It made my heart smile SO BIG. I wished right then that I knew you, lived close to you, so we could be friends and I could help you on days that seemed larger than life. Wrap your arms around your self and give a tight sqeeze, go ahead, do it. There, now you have a hug from Florida. Chin up girl! BTW give one to Zoey and Joe too!

3saints said...

Gosh I so love the pictures.
My husband also works alot and it can make life you I'm so grateful that I can stay home with my little ones, but boy do I miss him on the weekends when he's not here.
Hang in there,

scrappy quilter said...

I too am so relieved to hear you are getting over this sickness. I pray that it's gone soon.

Love the pictures of your precious Zoey. Just too cute!!

Tish said...

Look at my big girl Zoey on her stool!! Give her some warm, long, squeezy hugs from me!! :)

Hope this note finds you and Joe on the mend, Heather!