Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Conspiracy ...

December 1st.Most of us are saying over and over in our heads ..."Only 23 more days to get the shopping done."We are caught up,whether we admit it or not,in the chaotic buzz of the holidays and probably missing out on the true spirit of the season.Believe me,I'm right there with you.Trust me.

Last year I posted the 2008 version of this video,as well as some ideas that our family has done over the last few years.Year one of our spend less on ourselves mode,Jess chose Invisible Children.Year two Caitlin chose The Down Home Ranch,which, if you have never heard of this Ranch and you have a child with Down syndrome,you really need to click over and learn about this incredible ranch.Last year,Taylor chose Reece's Rainbow or more specifically,a few families that we chipped in to their funds, to bring their little loves home.Jake's turn this year ... will be interesting to see what he can come up with on his own.So, as the craziness begins,or actually as it continues,I thought I would share the new 2009 version.Both are pretty awesome.Check it out and pop over to the Advent Conspiracy and who knows,it might just inspire you.Don't forget to pause the blog music.


The VW's said...

Thanks for sharing this! I think that this is a wonderful idea!

Last year our family decided to do something similiar to this and it was the best Christmas ever! Most people we know are tremendously blessed and don't need anything. So we used our money to give to those who we thought could use a gift more than we or our friends and family did. It was a great way to teach our boys about giving and it sure did make the holiday season more enjoyable and allow us focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

We are doing the same thing this year as well. Our boys are actually very excited about it and don't seem to care that they won't be getting many gifts.

I can't wait to hear what your son picks for your family to give to this year! Great job! HUGS!

stephanie said...

AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!

Lacey said...

Mondo asked if we were going to do the angel tree this year. I said no, but I'm considering looking into the womens and childrens center again. I told you about it one time on the phone. I need to call you, I miss talking to you. We went for a while talking almost every day.

scrappy quilter said...

What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing all of this.

How is our little miss Zoey doing? Hugs..