Monday, December 7, 2009

Well the weather outside is frightful ..

Okay.We are in Southern California so how frightening can it be?For us,cold and rainy.Cold equates to high 40's today and as I type this I think it's in the mid 40's with it dipping to high 30's tonight.So yeah,frightening for us thin skinned Californians.And before I get any backlash from my East Coast,Mid-West,Utah friends .. I do know cold.24 years in Upstate NY gives me all the knowledge I need.Don't miss the cold.Do miss teaching my children about snow forts and sledding and skiing.Yes,we can go to the mountains for that but honestly,we can't and never have been able to afford it.Holiday in Mammoth or Big Bear has never been in the budget.One day maybe.

Anyway,I ventured out this afternoon and bought fixings for smores and hot chocolate.The boys readily exchanged their after school healthy snacks for a good old sugar high.I quite enjoyed it myself, as did Matt and Jess.Zoey looked on,taking in the action and I tried to entice her with some chocolate,anything,to get her to eat something but she would have no part of it.My very favorite line of the day:Jake saw the picture of his marshmallow on fire and he said something along the line of:"Cool,my hands look like they have been cut off by a light saber like in Star Wars."Joe thought that was hysterical.Oh,my cute boys.

I really am not a fan of the rain and cold but I made the most of it.Zoey got showered this morning and I put her right back into some fresh jammies.I felt like having the boys play hooky from school but opted out seeing Christmas break is just around the corner.My cards are out,the house is decorated and the only thing left is shopping.A few things done here and there.I am not stressed in the least bit because I figure if
I managed to pull off Christmas last year,with Zoey in the midst of round 2,then this year should be a piece of cake.

Nothing too exciting to report here.Joe and Zoey are still nursing colds that just won't let go.Jess had a stomach thing this past weekend ... SO hoping that one passes the rest of us by and so hoping we can all make it to and through the holidays relatively unscathed.

One last thing.If you are looking for a little something to do for others this holiday season,here is a perfect opportunity.Many of you here,know of our little buddy Gavin that just passed away.His mom has begun a fabulous holiday drive for Du Pont Hospital where Gavin was treated all of his little life.Gavin wore Babylegs all the time.They are the perfect thing for tiny legs of little ones, whose precious bodies need to be hooked up to lots of tubes and lines.In fact,Gavin's infamous skeleton Babylegs were the first I saw,the summer before Zoey was diagnosed and I immediately bought a bunch.Zoey literally lived in Babylegs her entire 9 months of treatment.Anyway,click here and learn about Karen's campaign and hear how we can all honor her tiny but might fighter Gavin.Babylegs has a 2 for 1 deal going on right now too.If you do decide to participate here is the address to ship them to:

Karen Owens
PO Box 985
Boyertown PA 19512


3saints said...

I love the babylegs campaign and just ordered mine, what a great tribute to that sweet boy.
I love the pictures! Being from Maine we drink alot of hot chocolate! ;)
I also offer Kyle chocolate all the time...I did get him to lick some last night! :)

The VW's said...

Looks like a fun way to spend a cold and rainy day! I love the quote by your son! That is totally something one of our boys would have said! Too Funny!

Stay warm! Love and Hugs!!!

Lacey said...

How cool is that little marshmellow cooker? My boys would go crazy. Yeah I woke up this morning to about a foot of snow, Ugh, I know what I'll be doing after I get the boys to school. Oh how I miss California.

Lacey said...

Oh and I was going to say, I can't believe how lucky you have been with her button. I can't believe she still wears the same size. I think we said 12 french when we were out there, right? that seems huge for a seven week old baby.

Melani said...

yes the weather in Cam has been somewhat cold but the sun is out today! :) Great pics of the kids roasting marshmellows!

Anna said...

Love Zoeys leg on the table! You will never believe that after you left a coment on my blog I thought Id hop over and comment on yours asking if you knew of where I could send these "babylegs" I knit off a pattern called "legwarmies" I made them for "little G" but knew that someone out there would appreciate them instead of them waiting, and possibly being outgrown..... ;) YAY!

Michelle said...

I will certainly have to check the baby legs thing out! :) Yummy yummy guys do far more fun things when it's cold then we do...I sit on the couch in my sweats, with a blanket, shivering, whining about the snow and getting lost in a movie or 2 or 5! :) But that is pretty cold for Cali. Unfortunately the snow arrived here a couple days ago and I think, this time, it is here to stay. I am just not ready for it this year. Kurt is off to AZ on Sunday for a week long training...wooohooo, it's all coming together! :) xo love you

Anonymous said...

Just a whee reminder of what you left behind on the East Coast. But just think, you only have to deal with a little cool (notice the East Coaster said cool) weather and out comes that California sun and whips away the rain, warms everything up.. and.... you're off to the beach! (lucky you)

Love how Zoey is relaxing with her bros with her leg up on the table. Just "chilling out" ( ahem...another attempt at humor here)

Aunt Bluebelle

PS have my sweats, thick socks on - Gotta go and get some hot chocolate Yum!

sheree said...

I hear ya on this weather...but that's coming from one California girl to another ;) I just can't handle this cold!

Smores sound so good!! What fun!

datri said...

Mmmmmm, looks yummy!

almcl said...

After these past few days of cold weather I am dreading going back to CT!!! I don't think I own warm enough clothes anymore! haha. Love the pics, as always!

Tina said...

Thats a cool picture, really looks like his hand is on fire!! The kids look like they are having such fun, and so sweet how Miss Zoey has the feet up on the table watching all the fun going on. When you say she doesn't eat anything, is she just on liquids or a tube? Saira is just on pureed foods and I can't get her to try anything thats even a little lumpy!

Jeana said...

I love the smores set up, Where did you get that? hey 40 may not be freezing, but I would agree that its cold. I love jammie days!

Tish said...

I just took another look at your photos and Jake's right... It does like EXACTLY like he said!! :)

I loved, loved, loved your 2009 Christmas cards!! And the photos that you posted yesterday reveal a house full of love and cheer. I'm remembering last year when you came to the 6th floor of CHLA to deliver a plate of goodies - you've still got that holiday spirit, my friend!! ALL your darlings are so fortunate to have you and Mark in their lives!

Merry Christmas to ALL the Needhams (especially my Zoey....just had to say that!!) :)

scrappy quilter said...

Oh Zoey if you would only taste Smores once, you'd never say no again. Come on girl, do it!!!

Looks like a wonderful day Heather. Loved seeing the pictures.