Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I've got nothing for you ...

Seriously.No interesting topic for discussion.(don't EVEN get me started on Tiger!)No exciting little tid bit to share.Nothing.And you know,I kind of like it.And I kind of hate it.Makes me feel a bit too,well, comfy and normal and with Zoey's first blood draw in 2 months, happening Monday,I really shouldn't be getting so cozy.I remember in October,at her last clinic visit,her doctor saying,"See you right before Christmas."And I ... almost choked.In my mind I was thinking ..."No not before Christmas,please."No sense in voicing the superstitious thoughts floating around in my head at that exact moment to her doctor,as he never would have understood.He is a black and white,highly intelligent guy, who would brush off the ill timing,at least ill timing from my vantage point,as his feeling would be and are,that things will be what things will be.And I know that.A t least in the logical portion of my brain I know that, but in my not so normal thinking portion, right before Christmas seemed like the absolute worst timing.But off we will go come Monday.Me,Miss Zoey and possibly a little dose of Xanax.Can't hurt and definitely,defintely might help.

Quick,funny Joe story:The boys have been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately.The other day they had finished watching "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".They were playing and Zoey was totally into rolling around and following them around the house.Joe decides that Zoey will be the baby left at the Kringle's door step and proceeds to read the "note" left for whoever finds the baby.It reads:"Here is your cute baby.She doesn't eat by mouth.She eats by G-Tube.Hope you know what a G-tube is."PS.PS."She doesn't like mashed chocolate" So funny my little Joe.

The pictures:Jess was studying for her Micro-Biology final.Matt was pouring over his Thomas Guide and learning the lay of the land in Ingelwood and surrounding areas,where he is an EMT and Zoey was pathetically going between the two,looking for love.Jessica finally picked her up and was reading to her in a cute,children's book reading type voice but the things coming out were words such as "parasites,fungus" etc. and a plethora of other terms that I could not even pronounce, let alone spell.Zoey thought it was a crack up.She could have cared less about the words,she was in heaven just listening and sitting there with her big sister.Side note would be how absolutely proud I am of Matt and Jess.They have not stopped since graduating from Pepperdine in May.Not skipped one beat since finishing a rigorous 4 year education ,only to jump right back into the fire.They are focused and determined and their work ethic is unparalleled.The nursing and firefighter professions will be lucky to get these two, that is for sure.


stephanie said...

There should be a ban on any appointments before Christmas.
But that will never be. Instead there are prayers and cyberspace hugs. And complete confidence in Zoey!
Love the post!!!!!

3saints said...

Somedays I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, that even though life isn't perfect we are still so lucky and so blessed. I'll be thinking of you Monday am....sending you lots of strength and love.
I love the pictures....beautiful!!

My youngest has only know Kyle with a g tube and not eating, the other day I was draining his tube and my littlest one came over and kissed Kyle on the check....somthing so simple yet meant alot to me.

Hugs sweetie

ABandCsMom said...

Zoey looks as if she is enjoying herself upon the lap of her sister. Cracks me up!

Carly wants to call her big sister ALL the time. But she only wants to listen to her sister talk. Heaven forbid if big sis has to hang the phone up. Too cute.

Sometimes it's nice to have nothing to 'report'. It means....dare I say it?? Normalcy!

We will be praying for Miss Zoey and for mama too, come Monday. I hear ya about those Xanax!! Although, I can only handle a 1/2 of pill. A whole one just kicks my butt!

Lacey said...

Little Joe, I can totally picture it. I only hope my boys can go to college and be half as smart and sweet as your girls!

Tish said...

Tell Joe that I WANT ZOEY LEFT AT MY DOORSTEP!! ...and I even know how to work a G-tube!! :)

Loved your post... now I need to get back to my Christmas cards. Thanks for the break. :)

heidi marie said...

i love coming to your blog and reading just everyday "boring 'ol" life stuff. ;) so wonderful. and i will be praying for everything to go okay on monday.

and i'm so glad zoey loves her blanket. that makes mem so happy!!!!

Anonymous said...

I soooo love the fact that the Needhams are having some "normalcy" in their lives - it is so heart warming after what you have been through. So, "I've got nothing for you..." is a wonderful post. What a blessing. Zoey looks like she is just growing and growing everytime I turn on the computer (which is daily). To go back just a few months - what a difference. And the boys too - by the time you all get out to the east coast for visit we won't recognize any of them!!! Keeping you in our prayers (especially for Monday)--

Robyn from Otisco Lake

stephanie said...

About your comment! You were right on. Those were my friends curlers and her girls do Irish step. So I guess you were right in a way!

Melani said...

what a nice post! will pray for Zoey on Monday.

Peter Olson said...

"Boring is Good!"
That is a phrase we have learned to really appreciate since dealing with leukemia, chemotherapy, and all that _ _ _ _!

I continue to pray for Zoey, you and your family.

May you all have a truly blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Stephanie said...

I have faith that everything will be fine with Zoey. I seem to have alot of renewed faith about certain things these days :)
Don't worry about the "nothing".. sometimes nothing can be a beautiful thing.
We love seeing the happy smiles that happen most often when there is "nothing to report".
Bless you sweetheart.

Kristen's mom said...

Nothing is good. I'll be thinking about you on Monday and praying that all the numbers are GREAT! This cancer mom club that we belong to is a tough one, always seems to be a knot in our stomachs even when there is no reason for it. No one can ever really understand until they have worn our shoes. (I refer to and share the poem you shared often). We have come to know too well that things will be what things will be, and we are better women for knowing it, like it or not.

Mama Mason-Mann said...

I'll be thinking of you and Zoey on Monday. Xanax is always good. ;) Hang in there and hopefully the news will give you even more reason to celebrate this Christmas. Thoughts and prayers headed your way, as always!

And I totally understand the quiet restlessness you can feel when everthing is calm and well, boring. It's a little scary feeling comfortable, because you worry that if you get too comfortable things will go wrong. Crazy that we learn to live that way. Hopefully after several good results you'll be able to trust in that cozy feeling that maybe things are finally okay. HUGS

scrappy quilter said...

I agree with Stephanie...a ban on any doctor appts before Christmas. Praying for good reports for Zoey. She is just adorable.

You have every right to be a proud mom. Well done!! Hugs

connie said...

I just stopped to whisper a prayer for all normal test results, and a long, long bunch of normal days for your family.

Googsmom said...


3saints said...

I know I already posted...Just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow....I'll be sending good thoughts!!!


sheree said...

oh I just love the story about the note the boys left about Zoey- sooo cute!!

Many prayers being sent for your family this Christmas!!


Dria said...

We're thinking of you and praying that Zoey sails through her tests today. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. The boys note was super cute and funny!