Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shine On ....

A year ago we said a most reluctant goodbye to the very amazing Mr.Pablo.Hard to imagine the world has still spun and done it's thing, without the force and presence of this little guy.But it has, because it and we,have had no other choice.So we pause and send our prayers of strength to his mommy and papa and Grady and all those that miss him dearly and we do what we are called to do and we continue on, spreading his love and light as we go.

To all my Facebook friends:Please take a moment to head over to Chase Community Giving and vote for The Pablove Foundation.Cast your vote and ensure we do our small part to put an end to this disease so that all the Pablo's of this world have a chance to live long,joy filled lives overflowing with hope and possibilities.Simple gesture yielding extraordinary results.


Penny said...


If you have an extra slot or two Heather I would love to follow along to your new blog. If not no worries I will just continue to follow the Amazing Zoey!

Elizabeth said...

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since little Pablo's death. It's not hard to believe what a profound impact his short life had on the world. Thank you for this post --