Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another Goodbye ....

This morning was a 10 mile morning.Each and every moment was spent thinking of Pablo and his family.Each word I spoke, with each person that ran beside me, was spoken of Pablo and his family.I found it difficult to run.Not that I couldn't,I just didn't want to.Seemed too trivial a thing to be doing and when I knew all too well the journey being taken by the most joyful of boys and his most loving family.But I ran and then finally,mostly walked.And when I came home,the first thing I did was check in on the courageous fighter.And he was still fighting and Jeff,his dad was still unselfishly writing.My check in 15 minutes ago took my breath away,it read:"Dear friends, Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz passed from this life at 1:30 p.m.

He left this life in the same way he entered it: beautifully, gracefully and in the loving arms of his Mommy and Papa and dear big brother Grady.

He left this life in the middle of his parents' bed - the bed he's grown up in, from day one until today, his final day.

Our family is grateful for your love and light.

From our hearts,

Jo Ann, Jeff and Grady"

I am absolutely stunned at the pace at which this went.Not enough time but then again, is there ever enough time?So once again,I write to a child.Another child far too young to have left us but who, simultaneously, impacted my life in ways far numerous then the earthly years that they had been given.

Dearest little Pablo,You are a courageous,forgiving fighter who shouldered what was thrust upon you all the while barely flinching.Ever.You are the bravest of the brave.The gentlest of the gentlest and the greatest teacher of all.Pure joy and beautiful light you illuminate and in honor of you, we will all try our best to give a little of that back to the world, as we walk through our lives without you as our trusty guide.

"May the choirs of angels come to greet you.
May they speed you to paradise.
May the Lord enfold you in his mercy.
May you find eternal life."


Samantha said...

Beautifully written Heather... Beautiful.

I am just heartbroken that yet another child has gone home to soon. He seemed like the most amazing child. And boy, what a smile! He will be forever missed. His absence will forever be felt in this world... I am so sad...

Michelle said...

My dear friend...I weep tonight as I grew to love that little boy through you. Thank you so much for sharing his life with us. Please, when you speak to his family, remind them of how many people love them and their son...people they don't even know exist. I wrote a comment on his blog the other night...I hope he feels the love. I am so sorry you have seen the worst of this life...thankfully you have the best before you and all around you in all your children, in Zoey and in the next generation. My love to you tonight my friend, my love and wish that I could be closer to comfort you, let you cry on my shoulder and know that you will never be alone in any of your journeys!

Lacey said...

I'm sending hugs to you through the computer. What a beautiful boy and a beautiful family he has. I'm glad he didn't suffer to long, and that he was in mommy's bed. My heart goes out to them tonight.
I was also going to ask if you are selling Zoey bracelets?

Anonymous said...

We're lighting candles here tonight for Pablo and his mother, father, and Grady. With love meant to comfort when nothing is ever sufficient, Christi Harman

Judy said...

Heather, you always have just the right words. I have been thinking about Pablo all day. Continuously. I kept praying over and over that God would bring peace and light to Pablo.
Tonight I thought of you and your determination to make a difference through the marathon. You go, girl. You are running for Pablo's family, your family and all the other little peanuts out there that are fighting this battle against this monster. You are in my prayers daily, Heather.

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry. Prayers to Pablo's family and to the Needham fanily


Reagan Leigh said...

So sad. His family has been in my thoughts and prayers.

Monica said...


That was so beautifully written. What a gentle and kind heart you have.

I am so sorry to hear about Pablo...I had only recently heard his story. Such a precious little boy...and now...he is a precious angel.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family and his many friends.

The VW's said...

I'm so sorry Heather! What a difficult loss for you and this family! My heart aches just thinking of their pain! May God give them peace ans strength! HUGS!!!

Jen Berry said...

Dearest Pablo,

You remind me every minute to enjoy every bit of health and happiness I have.

You remind me to carry the strength for my husband every second of his fight against cancer.

Your family reminds to love love love everyone in mine.

Your courage, laughter, strength, peace, sweetness, power, character are all built into the beauty I see around me today. And everyday in the future.

Even though I never met you person, I know how much you gave to this world in your lifetime. Your loved ones are more than happy that you chose them.

I know you are without pain and with so much peace now.


ps - thank you so much to the whole family for sharing such a painful, heart wrenching journey so that others could not only be supportive, but also grow in life, love and cherishing everything.

Jeanette said...

Another angel in heaven

sturpin said...

My heart is breaking for this good family. Thank you for sharing him with us.

Michelle Riggs said...

Another precious child in heaven. My heart is heavy too from watching so many children leave this earth so young.

Thanks for letting us know about Pablo.

Paul said...

May God hold all of you in the palm of his hands during this difficult time. A donation has been made to Pablove Foundation in memory of your son. Jo Ann your father is a dear life long friend and we were sad to hear of your loss. Jo Ann, Jeff and Grady we are truly sorry for your loss. Your son's smile looks like bright sunshine and must have brighten your days. Our thoughts and Prayer are with you at this time. Paul and Gwen Southworth

Carey said...

I'm so sorry about Pablo. I can say, I know how awful it is. When I run (not ten miles ... but anyways) I think of those kiddos, our friends who fought until the end, who are still fighting, and then our girls and the other survivors. It makes it easier for me to finish. You have a purpose, you're running for them. Keep your focus and know what your doing is helping to find a cure so others won't lose their children to this awful disease.

Next year I hope to join you on that run, and we can fight side by side!